net impact issues in depth april 22 2009 n.
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Net Impact Issues in Depth April 22, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Net Impact Issues in Depth April 22, 2009

Net Impact Issues in Depth April 22, 2009

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Net Impact Issues in Depth April 22, 2009

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  1. Net Impact Issues in Depth April 22, 2009

  2. VisionSpring’s Mission, Market Three Distribution Channels Business Model Partner Snapshot Scaling Strategy, Challenges Photos Agenda

  3. VisionSpring’s Vision and Mission By June 2009, we will have 5,300 Vision Entrepreneurs trained. Since inception, Vision Entrepreneurs have sold nearly 250,000 pairs of glasses.

  4. VisionSpring’s Distribution Channels • Vision Entrepreneur Channel: • Program and network of Vision Entrepreneurs managed entirely by VisionSpring • Franchise Partner Channel: • Network of borrowers/health workers managed by partner organization, VisionSpring provides glasses, training, and technical assistance • Wholesale Channel: • VisionSpring supplies networks of pharmacies, health kiosks, or other retail outlets with affordable glasses

  5. VisionSpring’s Global Reach

  6. General Operations of a Partnership $2.50* $3.50 Partner Organization Vision Entrepreneur $5.00 Eye Screening and Price to Customer *Displayed prices are average global prices and depend on country-specific market situation

  7. VisionSpring’s Business Model *Through the micro-consignment model, the borrower repays their host organization on a pre-determined schedule (monthly, bi-weekly, etc).

  8. Average Entrepreneur Monthly Performance Monthly average entrepreneur income from the sale of glasses depends on how many products/micro-franchise opportunities our partner organizations provide to their borrowers/health workers Health workers manage multiple products Health workers primarily focus on glasses 10-100 sales per VE per month 3-10 sales per VE per month

  9. Partner Snapshot: Cause for Hope • Mission: To promote self reliance through providing education to micro-finance borrowers and creating income generating opportunities • Current Activities: Cause for Hope currently runs workshops for small business owners who have taken out loans with local lending institution. They also provide technical training for various skills such as jewelry making, baking, sewing and selling reading glasses. • Scale: Cause for Hope currently has 14 established Vision Entrepreneurs in two of their offices and recently began training 6 more in a third office. Each VE is expected to sell 20 pairs of reading glasses a month to remain a part of the program. • Next Steps in 2009: Cause for Hope will continue to grow throughout Nicaragua and in late 2009 or early 2010 will expand to their offices in Honduras, as well.

  10. Scaling Strategy Breadth • Looking for partners with whom we can access new markets and further our goal of increasing access to affordable glasses (wholesale channel, partner channel, new markets in our internal network) • Finding the right partners in the right regions Depth • Optimizing our performance in existing distribution channels: improving our product portfolio, inventory management, marketing strategies, and strategic partnerships with local clinics and hospitals. VisionSpring’s strategic challenge is to evolve from a current 20/80 cost coverage structure to an 80/20, and eventually a for-profit model in order to efficiently reach our target market of 400 million people at the Base of the Pyramid

  11. Supplier Visits - China

  12. Questions