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Hello From The Engles

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Hello From The Engles. We’ve been busy this year!. Malnourished Children Helping to receive Surgeries School of Hope Artisans Project New Missionary New Kids New Volunteers Guest House. Surgeries and Malnourished Children.

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Hello From The Engles

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    1. Hello From The Engles

    2. We’ve been busy this year! • Malnourished Children • Helping to receive Surgeries • School of Hope • Artisans Project • New Missionary • New Kids • New Volunteers • Guest House

    3. Surgeries and Malnourished Children • This year we have helped over 100 Malnourished Children to reach their normal weight • This year we helped over 50 children to receive surgeries that were needed

    4. School of Hope “Escuela Casa Esperanza” has been in operation for 4 years now. Last year we were approved and accepted as an annex school for the local district. This year we have new teachers and more students.

    5. Artisans Project • Katrina has always loved local art and tried to help local artisans market souvenirs

    6. Jose is a paralyzed diver who came from Nicaragua with a skill for making jewelry

    7. We found a method of making colorful beads from rolled up wrapping paper and magazine pages

    8. Beads of Hope • Now the divers make beautiful jewelry from these paper beads and Katrina and others are helping to market them as Beads of Hope, providing a source of income for these paralyzed men.

    9. New Missionary • Kimberly is the oldest of a family of five orphans we inherited when their mother died

    10. Kimberly and her siblings were brought to live with us at House of Hope shortly after their mother died. Brayan Tirza Telma Yanira

    11. The Making of a Missionary • Kimberly and her siblings were originally taken in by their Aunt, who forced Kimberly to prostitute and sell drugs to pay for her siblings’ upkeep. The police brought them to us. • Slowly they began to fit in, but Kimberly displayed some signs of the abuse. • Two years ago, Kimberly was invited to a youth conference, where she gave her life to the Lord, Jesus. • Kimberly spent 4 months in Ahuas at an intensive YWAM training seminar that ended with a six week long trip through the country of Honduras where she and her team walked for miles from village to village sharing the gospel with those she had never met. They were instructed to accept hospitality where they found it and not to prepare in advance for their lodging and meals

    12. What’s Ahead for Kimberly • Kimberly plans to continue her pastoral education and one day pastor a church. • There are plans to possibly start a church strictly for children, locally. • She may be considered for that.

    13. Cheli • Was living all by himself in an abandoned building. • He was showing up at House of Hope at meal times and we noticed he was covered with mosquito bites • He ran away from home because he was abused by his father

    14. Kerin • Kerin was brought to us by the police after being found unconscious, naked and stuffed under a bed thought to be killed by her aunt. • She is waiting to be reunited with her real mother

    15. Sandra • Sandra was abused by her father. • She finally ran away from the abuse. • At age 17 she is just now beginning to get an education. • Her father and step mother, neither of whom had ever wanted her, had kept her like a slave in their house. • She is very intelligent and has an artist’s eye for beauty

    16. Tara GermaineOur Newest Volunteer • Tara is from British Columbia, Canada • She originally came here to work with another ministry in town • Eventually we invited her to share our home with us and she is fitting in just fine.

    17. The Guest House is Finished! • After a year of building, the guest house was finished this past year. • Teams and/or individual volunteers are able to rest comfortably after a long day’s work at House of Hope • House of Hope’s guest house sports sleeping space for fifteen people, three bathrooms and a large kitchen

    18. Thank You For Your Support!

    19. We Couldn’t Do It Without You

    20. Contact Us! rogerkatrina@gmail.com