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All Quilted Products are exclusive custom designs by Karolyn Howard. Each design is unique and created for color coordination with today’s top fashion trends. Many designs cross merchandise with complementary patterns and all designs offer numerous decorating options for the savvy consumer. All are constructed with high grade cotton blends to provide durability for years to come and are all machine washable and fade resistant.


Quilted Products: Total 52 Patterns

17 New Designs (0178-0194 series)

All Quilted Patterns Available In:

Throw, Placemat, Doll Quilt, Runner, Pillow, Candy Roll, Coaster, Hot Pad, Dish Cloth/ Towel Set, Napkin, Angel

Collections Include: All of the above products PLUS: Queen Size Quilt, Dust Ruffle, Pillow Shams, Valance. Available in 0120, 0122, 0123, 0129, 0132 designs only.


Flannel Throws & Pillow: All NEW 3 color options. 50x60 throw $29.00 / 16x16 pillow $7.75

Patchwork Quilts: 5 designs total, 2 new designs. (0505, 0506)



Awesome Aprons: ALL NEW

Available in adult & child sizes $6.50 / $5.50 in 10 fashion forward designs

Bottle Blankets: ALL NEW

Sold as 12 assorted designs $15.00 ($1.25 ea)

Casserole Carriers: ALL NEW

9x13 size $7.25

8x8 size $6.00

6 designs that coordinate with additional table top accessories

See Fabric Grid

Stitched Pillows: New Larger Size

Set of 9 designs $35.00 ($3.80 ea)

Baby Blankets: Embossed Stitching 36x42 $10.75 ea.

Embroidered Bags: Lingerie & Shoe


GREAT FINDS: Potted Floral’s

Wild Scilla Collection: ALL NEW potted arrangements 2.75” pots, 7” tall, $3.00 ea.

Potted Floral Collection: 48 total designs, 18 New Designs (F159-162 and FP525-555 series. 3.5” pot, 12” tall $5.50 ea (homecoming pumpkin $8.75)

Floral Basket Collection: 24 Total designs, 16 New Designs (FB151-162 and FB526-555). 12” $10.50 ea

Wild Scilla

Potted Floral

All Floral Products are exclusive custom designs by Karolyn Howard. Each is a labor of love from conception to finished good. There is a great deal of attention to detail on each individual flower, leaf, and stem, and the combining of designs and colors to insure maximum desirability for the consumer. The color and texture options are unparallel and the quality is top grade. The bushes make it extremely easy to create stunning arrangements for everyone from novice to master florist. Potted Florals and Baskets take the guess work out of the equation for the retailer and homemaker alike. All are priced to please and offer a high style look at a bargain basement prices.

Floral Basket


"Bella Fiori"

Recommended Order

Paper Roses: (36pcs) $72

Wild Roses: (36pcs) $81

Ruffled Roses: (36pcs) $72

Mini Roses: (36pcs) $72

Daisy: (36pcs) $54

Zinnia: (36pcs) $72

Mums: (36pcs) $72

Dianthus: (36pcs) $72

Sunflowers: $83.00 your choice.

Total: $650

Receive T006 Metal Display with Baskets FREE ($200 Retail Value)

OR Select your own assortment of Paper Flowers or Sm Floral Bush to total $650 and receive the T006 Display free

GREAT FINDS: Floral Merchandising Solutions

"Farmers Market"

Recommended Order

Wild Scilla Pots: Select 10 designs/6ea

Potted Florals: Select 14 designs/4ea

Floral Baskets: Select 20 designs/4ea

Total $1208.00

Receive Farmers Market White Metal Flower Cart FREE ($500 Retail Value)

Or select your own assortment of $1200 (Scilla Pot, Floral Basket, Potted Floral) and receive the Farmers Market White Metal Flower Cart FREE (Display # T042)

"Jardin de Fluers”

Recommended Order

Medium Floral Bush: Select 20 designs (120 pcs.)

Small Floral Bush: Select 10 designs (120 pcs.)

Total $660

Receive 24266 Iron & Basket Flower

Free with a $650 order ($280 retail value)


GREAT FINDS: Floral Varieties

Bushes:48 Designs 11 New (156-162 and 552-555) sizes: 10” – 32” prices: $1.50 -$10.50

Bouquets:3 Designs 1 new (FL902) $10.50 ea

Toppers: 5 Designs $6.00 ea

Grass Bundles:3 Designs $2.25 - $4.00 ea

Paper Flowers: 9 Designs 1 NEW (Dianthus)

$1.50 - $2.25 ea. Available in 11 color choices

Floral Collections: 26 Assorted Designs 13 NEW

(135, 533, 143, 151, 150, 528, 527, 529, 155, 152, 530, 526, 522, 525) Includes Various: Garland, Wreath Set, Lg. Bouquet, asst size bushes, Potted Floral, Candle rings, etc. asst. per design

Pics, Wreath, Gourds: See pg 37 ALL NEW (except twig leafs)

Holiday Collections: 9 Designs 3 NEW (550, 524, 534) Includes Various: Garland, Wreath Set, Lg. Bouquet, asst size bushes, Potted Floral, Swags, Candle rings, etc. asst. per design

Beaded Garland: 2 New available in Red/Green and Red only. 6ft strand only $3.00 ea

Poinsettias: Available in Red or White 20”-26” $1.50 - $3.00 ea and Swag: 12” $2.50



Trees: Available in 2 design Choices; Traditional and Primitive

Sizes from 9” to 7.5’ priced from $1.75 to $25.75

Trees are easily stored when not in use and larger sizes knock down. The bases provide a sturdy foundation for years of stability and a solid platform for merchandising ornaments, floral’s, lighting, and all your favorite holiday decorations.

These display beautifully in clusters or alone and are all exceptionally well priced. Create a year round forest and bring the outdoors in.


GREAT FINDS: Angels, Wreaths, Bead Collection

Floral Door Angels: One of our most popular items and a best selling category. Priced from $9.00 - $13.50. These Angels welcome and bless family and guests into home and are perfect for interior and exterior use.

Bead Collection: 28 designs; 9 New (BC, BR, DD, FC, GL, HT, SF, SP, SS) Available in Garland, Wreath Set, and 4 candle ring sizes (1”-6”) from $.075 to $9.00

Floral Wreath Collection: 4 New Designs (Glitter Wreaths) designed as a faux willow, fabulous alone or with added floral accessories. Lavender Heather Wreath is a day in day out best seller.


GREAT FINDS: Finishing Touches

Electric Candle Lights: Available in Star Design 4” high $3.50 ea and Heart 7.25” high $3.75.

Bee Brite Candle Collection: 18 Aromatic fragrances in 4 jar sizes

8oz Ridge: 38 hr burn time $ 4.75 ea

24oz Ridge: 160 hr burn time $ 9.50 ea

24oz Pineapple: 160 hr burn time $9.50

32oz Ridge: 225 hr burn time $12.50 ea

Bee Brite candles are made from 100% all natural beeswax and are non-toxic and lead free. They burn pure and clean and are Hypo-allergenic . Beeswax candles burn up to 5 times longer than other waxes or wax combinations. Therefore, they are an exceptional value. We use paper wick’s as synthetic and metal core wicks are toxic and emit smoke. We use balanced fragrance blends for hours of enjoyment. Includes tin topper with berry bead embellishments.

Stepping Stones: All New 10 designs. Made from concrete infused plaster, perfect for outdoor or indoor use 11” $5.00 ea.


GREAT FINDS: Bountiful Baskets

Color Series Collection:

All New Designs; 15 New Designs / 6 color options

Rectangle Napkin: (5 x 10) $ 3.50 ea

Square Napkin: (7 x 10) $2.50 ea

Oval Basket w/handle: (9.5 x 8.5) $7.75 ea

Tall Bottle Baskets: (13.5) $2.00 ea

Tall Sling Baskets w/handle: (9.75) $5.50 ea

Round Basket w/handle: (9.25 x 8.25) $10.00 ea

Basket Purse Db. Handle: (9 x 6.5 x 4.5) $5.00 ea

Oval Basket Set w/handle S/2: (12x6 & 10x6) $17.00

Rect. Wall Basket Set: (4.5x3 & 5.5x4.5) $4.75

Rect. Flat Basket Set/3: S, M, L $9.75

Rect. Basket w/ Handle S/2: (8x5 & 10.5x6.5) $10.75

Mini Assortment: 24 asst colors/shapes 3” $18.25

Mini Asst w/handles: 18 asst colors/ shapes 4” $20.75

Basket Weave:

Oval Deep Basket Trio w/handles: S M L $14.00

White Wicker: All New 3 styles

Round w/handle (12x6 )$ 5.75 ea

S/2 Oval w/handles (14x8 &18x9.5) $ 16.00

Laundry (4x9.5) $ 9.00 ea


GREAT FINDS: Bountiful Baskets

Weave Collections :

5 Designs 2 per set

Woven Cone (15 & 12) $5.50

Woven Tall (15x6 & 14x4.5) $ 6.25

Woven Rect. Flat Back (9.75x6.25 & 8.5x5) $5.00

Woven Oval Flat Back (9x6.75 & 7.25x4.75) $5.00

Woven Wide Flat Back (7x8.25 & 6.25x6.75) $5.00

Color Hue:

Nesting Quartet Round: Set of 4 (S, M, L, X) $26.00

Woven Bowl Quartet: Set of 4 (S, M, L, X) $14.50

Both Available in Red, Blue, Green, Natural

Metal Collection:

5 Designs / 4 New White Wire Designs

Cream Metal Wall: (10.25x6x4) $3.50 ea

Cream Metal Round: (3.75x7) $3.50 ea

Cream Metal Flat Set: (3x8 & 3x15) $5.75

Cream Metal Heart: (4x9.5) $ 6.00 ea

Leaf Metal Patina (11.75x17 & 9x14.75) $20.50

Bamboo Collection: All New 3 Designs

Round Trio: Set of 3 (S, M, L, ) $21.00

Oval Trio: Set of 3 (S, M, L) $21.00

Rectangle Trio: Set of 3 (S, M, L) $21.00


GREAT FINDS: Bountiful Baskets

Water Hyacinth Collection:

All New 5 styles in 2 color options

S/2 Oval Baskets w/handles: (S, M) $7.25

Sm. Round Planter Style: (6x7) $3.00

Sm. Square Planter Style (5.5) $2.75

Sm. Rectangle Style (7.5x4.5) $2.50

Available in Pink/Green & Red/Green

Round Cedar Style Basket Sets:

Natural S/2 :(M, L) $18.00

Red S/2: (M, L) $18.00

Vintage Wall Collection:

All New 2 styles in 3 color options

S/2 Cone Wall Basket: (12 & 11) $6.50

Rect. Envelope Wall Basket: (10.5x14.5) $6.50 ea

Available in Red, Mustard, and Brown

Honey Weave Basket Sets:

6 Styles all S/2 w/handles $7.25 set

Round: (10.5 & 8), Oval (12 & 10), Rect. (12 & 10)

6 Styles all S/2 w/ Double Handles $6.25 set

Round (11 & 8), Oval (13 & 10), Rect. (12 & 10)

Golden Weave Basket Sets:

6 Styles all S/3 w/handles $11.75 set

Assorted Styles (S, M, L)

Large Antique Willow Design Basket Trio’s:

All New 5 Designs Set of 3

Oval Hat Basket Trio w/wood handles: (12, 18, 20) $25.75

Rect. Fireside Trio: (20, 24, 26) $24.00

Oval Fireside Trio: (20, 23, 27) $24.00

Round Trio w/wood handles (13, 14, 17) $44.00

Rect. Trio w/wood handles (13, 17, 20) $44.00


Brown Wood Collection: All New 20 Designs

Red Wood Collection:

21 Designs 12 New


Wooden Wonders

Both fabulous and functional this collection is made with solid wood and is stained in a dark antique finish. Each piece is a Karolyn Howard exclusive design. These designs can stand alone or be used to cross merchandise a wide array of other products. The stools are sturdy and the bowls are generous. The collection is complete with divided trays and boxes to shelves, tables, and functional wall décor. All at exceptional prices that will please both the retailer and the consumer.

Antique Color Collection:

17 Designs 2 New

Green Wood Collection:

17 Designs 2 New


GREAT FINDS: The tin that’s “IN”

For every season and every reason Tin is a great medium for functional decorative accessories

Tin Sign Collection: All New 9 tiered sign designs with primitive distressed edges and chain hangers.

Star Collection: 5 designs, 1 New S/2 Starburst hooks in brown.

Holder Collection: Functional and fashionable,7 designs

Designer Collection: 6 designs, 2New verti green hooks (T172, T171)

Red Tin Collection: All new 5 designs in functional planter, vase and container styles w/Italian inspired embossing

White Wire Baskets: All New 4 designs

Wire Wall Décor: 2 New Star hinged cage and Heart hinged cage


GREAT FINDS: The tin that’s “IN”

Patina Pitchers & H2O Cans: All New 5 designs

The Tin Garden Collection is a complete source for interior and exterior design accents. From wall pockets to rain chains and every thing in between Great Finds is your one stop shop for exceptional designs at “easy on the wallet prices”.

Angela’s Personal Favorite: Patio Torches with fiberglass wicks. Fill with Citronella and good by MN mosquitoes. These designs make Pottery Barn envious. The rail clamp design is perfect for patio’s and apartments and won’t mar the railings.

Totally Tin Container Collection: These darling pitchers, buckets, vase, and pails are multi-tasking treasures. Popular icons include fruits, berries, wildflowers, and sentiments.


GREAT FINDS: Iron Implements

These iron accoutrements have all the right stuff!! From Trivets, to wall plaques, to key keepers and shelf hooks, if you looking for a substantial gift, this selection is sure to please.

Trivets: All New 5 designs remarkably priced at $2.50 - $4.50

Iron Figures: 10 designs 2 New; puppy and crouching squirrel. Can be used as door stops, paper weights, and accent pieces indoors and out.

Doorway Design Collections: Knockers, door stops, door mats, rug holders, and door handles 8 designs total from $2.50 - $14.50

Key Keepers: 5 designs for interior/exterior use.

Shelf Hooks: Great for hanging wreaths, stockings, garlands, and other family heirlooms from the mantle, stair treads, or accent tables. 7 designs total. Hooks & Hangers: With hooks and hangers like these you’ll never lose your keys and you’ll have a stylish stop for your coats & outer wear.

Also Available: Quilt Rack, Bird Feeder/Bath, Wreath Stands, Candle Holders, Sheppard Hooks, Lantern, and Stepping Stone


Rooster & Chicken Collections: These designs are ‘top cock in the hen house”. 2 stunning styles that cross merchandise beautifully. Table top serving accessories as fresh as the morning dew. 25 design options including 3 new rooster collectible pairs and a new Sunrise Farm tin wall plaque.

Apple Collection: 10 design choices including 3 New: Apple pitcher, mail/napkin holder, and paper towel holder $1.50 - $9.00



New Ceramics: Color Collection includes 2 new spoon rests and a condiment cup set. Animal Figurines includes 2 new cats.

Traci’s Embossed Collections: All new 9 designs offers numerous vessels in a great selection of colors, sizes, and prices.

Oriental Collection: This quaint and charming Asian inspired collection is featured in soft butter and wedge wood blue and includes pitchers and tea sets.

Salt & Pepper Shakers: 26 All New DesignsPass the profits please. This collection is a flavorful array of tasty old fashion favorites. Add a little season for any reason.

Seashore Collection: Inspired by the Atlantic Shores this array includes 7 designs that make you feel like a day at the beach anytime any place.


GREAT FINDS: Happy Holidays All Year Long

Valentines Day: Ceramic, Tin, Wire, Wood, and fabric. Sentimental touches that express your heart’s desire. 16 designs: 11 New (heart ceramics in pink /red, Madison throw, Wire heart basket, wood heart and tin heart wall pockets

Easter: 9 design choices, 6 New, Ceramic bunnies in milk chocolate, gold foil, and vintage white, and gold foil Easter eggs. New tin carrot wagon & wire carrot trio.

4th of July: All New 17 designs: Show your patriotism all year long with these classic R W B stars & stripes. Includes fabric textiles, metal, and wood wall décor.


GREAT FINDS: Happy Holidays All Year Long

Halloween: No tricks only treats in this collection of goodies. 27 designs, 19 New including banners, hat, stocking, ceramics, quilted items, plush, treat bags, wood wall décor.

Let’s be Thankful Collection: Thanks for giving us this vast selection of selling opportunities!! 19 designs, 10 New including Harvest wreath, turkey paper towel holder, acorn & oak cream and sugar, turkey centerpiece, pin oak and maple leaf sets, and pilgrim centerpiece collectables.

Harvest Collection: All New 27 Designs The foam pumpkins are sure to please in this hay wagon full of traditional fall favorites.


GREAT FINDS: Christmas Creations

Homesville Santa Collections: 9 Design Choices,

5New. Available in 3 sizes: XL (32”) $54.75, L (24”) $29.75, and M (18”) $19.50. This Santa collection is a true holiday tradition for retailers and consumers alike. New Santa

New Collections

Snow Shoe St. Nick: Red Quilted Coat (H8511-13)

Adirondack Santa: Red Cloth w/ Green trim (H8514-16)

Holiday Jewel Santa: Burgundy and Gold Coat (H8517-19)

American Pride Santa: Red White Blue (H8508-10)

I’ve Been Good Santa: Green Velvet w/list (H8505-8507)

All “Homesville Santa’s” are the exclusive designs of Karolyn & Traci who share the creative talent behind these high quality high design collections. Each is crafted with brushed Sherpa beards, meticulous attention to detail in the craftsmanship ,style and embellished accessories. Each face is detailed and realistic. All Santa’s are fully clothed and sewn, (never glued) and constructed to stand tall and never tumble. All sizes are priced well below comparable quality competitors. Why settle for less when you can have the very best at affordable prices.


GREAT FINDS: Christmas Creations

Christmas Dishes: 8 designs, 6 New (Snowman Tea Set, Snowman and Santa mugs, Sleigh and two reindeer, Top hat and holly leaf paper towel holders, Poinsettia jar w/handle). Also available 22 designs in Cardinal Collection

Holiday Traditions Collection: 47 designs, 35 New.

Tobacco Row: These all new KBH exclusive designs are made from natural Tobacco Leaves and are sure to be “smoking hot” sellers this year. The look is totally new and fresh and give a distinctive alternative for holiday decorating. Available 8 snowmen, 7 Santa’s, 3 Reindeer, and 10 Pine Tree options, well priced from $3.50 - $10.50.

Jingle Bell Tin: 6 New (Ho Ho sign, and 5 holiday icon decorations w/jingle bells)

Christmas Spirit Collection: 17 All New designs.

Vintage old world style figurines are nostalgic and


Bulk Beaded Strands: 6 All New designs. Great for tree trimming, added to packages, wreaths, more. 10ft spools from $3.00 - $7.50


GREAT FINDS: Christmas Creations

Ornament Collections: 38 Total Options

7 All New Heirloom Ornament Assortments: These are a KBH custom design and carefully hand -crafted in stunning shapes and styles in jewel tones and brights.

12 Additional New Designs: Including Tobacco Leaf heart, star, tree, Traditional glass, wood and tin ornaments, hand painted ornaments with trees, and crystal clear glass angels


A heart felt THANK YOU to our entire sales force for their continued partnership with GREAT FINDS and their dedicated focus in 2009!! Karolyn Howard