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Financial Aid. FACT 70% of college bound students apply for financial aid (submit a FAFSA) 80% of FAFSA filers take advantage of student loan opportunities to help finance their education. Cost of Attendance. Tuition and fees Room and board

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Financial aid l.jpg
Financial Aid


  • 70% of college bound students apply for financial aid (submit a FAFSA)

  • 80% of FAFSA filers take advantage of student loan opportunities to help finance their education

Cost of attendance l.jpg
Cost of Attendance

Tuition and fees

Room and board

Books and supplies, equipment, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses

Loan fees

Other educational expenses

Cost of attendance3 l.jpg
Cost of Attendance


Engineering/Science: $29,940

Aeronautics/Business/Psychology: $27,280


Facilities: $500

Flight Training (flight students only): pay as you go

Room and Board: $8,810 - $10,250

Books (estimate): $1,200

Definition of need l.jpg
Definition of Need

Cost of Attendance (COA)

– Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

= Financial Need

Types of assistance l.jpg
Types of Assistance





Student loans

Parent loans

Work study

3 categories of assistance l.jpg
3 Categories of Assistance

Merit-based (scholarships)

Need-based (grants, loans, work study)

Incentive Awards (grants, scholarships)

Sources of assistance l.jpg
Sources of Assistance

College/University (scholarships, grants)

The state of Florida (scholarships, grants)

The federal government (grants, loans, work study)

Private organizations (scholarships, grants, loans)

Personal funds

Florida tech scholarships l.jpg
Florida Tech Scholarships

  • Florida Tech Merit Scholarships

    • Range from $5,000 to $19,000 annually

    • Based on GPA and SAT or ACT (starting 3.0/GPA, 1100/SAT)

  • Florida Tech Athletic Scholarships (NCAA DIV II)

    • Full cost of attendance or partial

    • Determined at the discretion of the athletic coach

  • Florida Tech Army ROTC Scholarships

    • Army pays 100% of tuition, book stipend, monthly spending money

    • Florida Tech supplements with a grant to cover room and board

  • Florida Tech Transfer Scholarships

Florida tech specialty scholarships l.jpg
Florida Tech Specialty Scholarships

  • International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Scholarships

    • Minimum $12,500 per year guaranteed

    • Awarded by faculty to participants at the INTEL ISEF international fair

    • Mutually exclusive from other merit scholarships

  • FIRST Robotics Scholarships

    • $3,000 per year in addition to any other merit scholarship

    • Must verify participation during their senior year of high school

  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships (Comm. Coll.)

Florida tech grants l.jpg
Florida Tech Grants

Visit Grant - $500

FAFSA Early Filer Grant - $1,000 per year

Alumni Endorsement Grant - $1,000 per year

Legacy Grant - $2,500 per year

“Keep it in the family” Grant - $2,500 per year

Florida Tech need based grant - Varies

Florida state assistance l.jpg
Florida State Assistance

  • Bright Futures PublicPrivate

    • Medallion/Gold Seal Scholars - 75% (CC-100%) ($2,824)

    • Academic Scholars - 100% ($4,138)

  • Florida Resident Access Grant - ($2,837)

  • Florida Student Assistance Grant - $1,500

  • Florida Pre-paid College Plan – Amount based on terms of agreement. (accumulated funds can be applied towards expenses at most private universities)

Federal financial assistance l.jpg
Federal Financial Assistance

  • Grants (need based, EFC < $4,041)

    • PELL – ranges from $100 up to $4,731

    • FSEOG - $1,200

    • ACG (Freshmen/Sophomore) - $750/$1,300

    • SMART (Junior/Senior) - $4,000

  • Student Loans

    • Stafford ($5,500/$6,500/$7,500)

  • Parent Loans – PLUS (up to full cost of college)

  • Work Study - $1,500 per year (spending money)

Federal pell grant program l.jpg
Federal Pell Grant Program

  • Awarded to eligible undergraduates pursuing first baccalaureate or professional degree

  • Portable

  • Actual award amount based on Cost of Attendance, enrollment status, and Expected Family Contribution (EFC) must be less than $4,042

  • Students with EFC less than $4,042 now have four federal programs to help them pay for their education

Federal supplemental educational opportunity grant fseog l.jpg
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

  • Eligible students

    • Undergraduates pursuing first baccalaureate or professional degree

    • Awarded first to students with exceptional financial need (i.e., students with the lowest EFCs at that school)

    • Priority to Federal Pell Grant recipients

  • Annual award amounts

    • $100 minimum

    • $4,000 maximum

Academic competitive grant l.jpg
Academic Competitive Grant

  • 1st and 2nd year Pell Eligible students

  • Must be US citizen

  • Must have completed “rigorous” high school curriculum

  • 1st award is $750

  • 2nd award is $1300 – Must have 3.0 Cumulative GPA to be eligible for 2nd year award

National smart grant l.jpg
National SMART Grant

National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant

  • $4,000 for Pell Eligible Juniors and Seniors in certain majors

  • Must be US Citizen

  • Must have Cumulative GPA of 3.0

  • Targeted for most majors at Florida Tech

  • List of eligible majors -

Federal work study l.jpg
Federal Work-Study

  • Undergraduate or graduate students are eligible

  • Employment can be on or off campus

  • Eligible employers

    • School

    • Federal, state, or local public agency

    • Private non-profit organization

    • For-profit organization

    • Community service activities

Federal stafford loans subsidized and unsubsidized l.jpg
Federal Stafford Loans(Subsidized and Unsubsidized)

  • Annual loan limits

    • $3,500 Sub + $2000 Un-sub (freshman)

    • $4,500 + $2000 Un-sub (sophomore)

    • $5,500 + $2000 Un-sub (upper-classman)

    • $8,500 (each year of graduate/professional study)

  • Subsidized Stafford: Must demonstrate “need”

  • Unsubsidized Stafford: Need is not a consideration

Federal plus loan l.jpg
Federal PLUS Loan

  • Borrowers are parents of dependent undergraduate students

  • Annual loan limit; cost of attendance minus other aid

  • Interest rate is now fixed 8.5%

  • 3% Origination fee and 1% default fee;

  • Repayment begins 60 days after disbursement;

  • Deferment provisions; only for principal but interest may be capitalized

Costs of borrowing federal stafford loan l.jpg
Costs of Borrowing Federal Stafford Loan

  • Fixed Interest Rate

    6.0% Sub

    6.8% Un Sub

  • Fees: 1% Origination Fee and 1% Default Fee

  • Repayment begins 6 months after graduation

Sample gift assistance l.jpg
Sample Gift Assistance

Gift Assistance Merit and Incentive(Average): AcademicNon-Florida Resident

Florida Tech Scholarships and Grants (AVG) - $12,500 $12,500

Bright Futures Scholar - $4,138

Florida Resident Access Grant - $2,837 _______

Total -$19,475$12,500

Gift Assistance Need Based (EFC = 0)

FSAG - $1,500

Pell Grant - $4,731 $4,731

FSEOG - $1,200 $1,200

ACG - $750 $750

Total -$8,181 $6,681

Total Gift Aid -$27,656 $19,181

(Medallion $26,342)


Engineering/Science: $29,940

Aeronautics/Business/Psychology: $27,280

Possible assistance packages l.jpg
Possible Assistance Packages


Gift Assistance (example) $27,656 $19,181

Self Help Assistance

Student Loans $5,500 $5,500

Work Study $1,500$1,500

Total -$34,656 $26,181


Engineering/Science: $40,450

Aeronautics/Business/Psychology: $37,790

Role of the financial aid office l.jpg
Role of the Financial Aid Office

  • Determines eligibility for financial aid

  • Packages aid

  • Sends an award notification which details:

    • Student’s cost of attendance

    • Amount of student’s financial “need”

    • Types and amounts of aid offered

    • How and when aid will be disbursed

    • Student employment conditions

    • Terms and conditions of aid offer

General eligibility requirements l.jpg
General Eligibility Requirements

Must be enrolled/accepted in an eligible program of study

Must be pursuing a degree, certificate, or other recognized credential

Must be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen

Must be registered with Selective Service (if male)

Must not have eligibility suspended or terminated due to a drug-related conviction

General eligibility requirements continued l.jpg
General Eligibility Requirements (continued)

Must have a valid Social Security Number

Must not be in default on a federal student loan

Must not owe repayment of a federal grant

Must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the higher education institution

How to apply for financial aid l.jpg
How to Apply for Financial Aid

  • Application for admission

  • Scholarship application (college, private)

  • Bright Futures application

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

    • FAFSA on the Web at:

  • Loan applications (promissory notes)

Where do i go from here l.jpg
Where Do I Go From Here?

Review school’s materials for aid application, deadline information and complete FAFSA

Investigate other sources of aid

University grants/scholarships/loans

State grants/scholarships/loans

Private scholarships

Academic scholarships

Army ROTC Scholarships

Athletic scholarships

Resident Assistant benefits

Tuition remission

Financial aid resources l.jpg
Financial Aid Resources

  • Bright Futures Scholarships -

  • Federal Financial Aid (Grants, Student Loans, Work Study) –

  • Individual College Websites (i.e.

  • FastWeb –

  • College/University Financial Aid Office

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“If you think education is expensive, wait till you see what ignorance costs you.”

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