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CDI Community De-Weaponization Program. CDI Summary. SERIOUS EFFORT Community-based Weapons Buyback Program SERIOUS MONEY - Buys out the Iraqi arms market at irresistible prices. SERIOUS GOAL - “De-weaponizes” the public of rockets, missile launchers, heavy weapons & IEDs.

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Cdi community de weaponization program l.jpg

CDICommunity De-Weaponization Program

Cdi summary l.jpg
CDI Summary

  • SERIOUS EFFORT Community-based Weapons Buyback Program

  • SERIOUS MONEY- Buys out the Iraqi arms market at irresistible prices.

  • SERIOUS GOAL - “De-weaponizes” the public of rockets, missile launchers, heavy weapons & IEDs.

  • SERIOUS PLAYERS - Can be key to halting FRL attacks and Terrorist acquisition of weapons

Cdi the market is killing us l.jpg
CDI The Market is Killing Us!

FRL attacks CF/CPA principally with:

  • RPG-7 Anti-tank rockets

  • AK-47 Rifles & Light Machine Guns

  • Hand Grenades

  • 60mm / 81mm Mortars

  • 105mm / 122mm Artillery Round/IEDs

Cdi the cf is taking serious casualties l.jpg
CDI The CF is Taking Serious Casualties!

  • US Force Losses +91 Dead*

  • Wounded +1,200

  • Average 1 KIA & 3-5 WIA per Day

  • Each soldier killed is a priceless loss

  • Avg $350,000 per attack - cost of loss of one HMMWV & one Soldier

    *since major combat opns declared complete

Cdi non cf losses l.jpg
CDI Non-CF Losses

  • UN HQ – 25 Dead

  • Jordanian Embassy -17 Dead

  • NGOs – 5 Dead

  • US Civilian Contractors – 5 Dead

  • IQ Police Attacks - +30 Dead

  • IQ Civilians Bystanders - Numerous Dead

Slide7 l.jpg

  • Millions of pieces of Iraqi military weapons are in the hands of the local populace

    • Actual Quantities are unknown

    • Includes all types of small weapons

  • Weapons are available for sale to anyone with money!

    • FRLs & Indigenous Resistance Orgs

    • Terrorists Al Qaeda / Ansar Al Islam / PKK/ MAK

    • Tribal Groups & Religious Militias

Slide8 l.jpg

CDIThe Arms Market is Killing Us!

RPG-7 Anti-tank Rocket Launchers

  • Public Cost $45-70 (as of 6 Oct 03)

  • Easy to Transport

  • Only Used for FRLs, Terrorists & Tribal Wars

Cdi the arms market is killing us l.jpg
CDIThe Arms Market is Killing Us!

  • Automatic Rifles & Light Machine Guns

    • Ak-47 Rifle - $50-$150

    • RPD LMG - $70

    • PKC LMG - $150-300

    • Dragunov Sniper Rifle - $300

  • Grenades

    • RGD/F-1 - $2

Cdi the arms market is killing us10 l.jpg
CDIThe Arms Market is Killing Us!

  • 60mm 81mm Mortars

    • $500-1000 per tube

    • $5 per round

  • 120mm Mortar

    • $2,000 per tube

Cdi the arms market is killing us11 l.jpg
CDIThe Arms Market is Killing Us!

  • 105mm / 122mm Artillery Rounds

  • Used as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

Cdi the arms market is killing us12 l.jpg
CDIThe Arms Market is Killing Us!

Production Made Explosives

  • Terrorist Large Vehicle Bombs

    • UXO debris

    • Military Explosives

    • Commercial Explosives

  • Human Guided Suicide Bombers

    • Commercial Explosives

    • Military Explosives

Irbil LVBIED Car bombing

Cdi the market is killing us13 l.jpg
CDI The Market is Killing Us!

New York Times 8 Oct 2003

“US unable to locate large number of shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles …”

“American military is pressing the search… offering a reward of $500 for each one. “

“there is a vibrant international black market for the missiles in which an Sa-7 can fetch as much as $5,000 – far more than the United States military is offering.”

Cdi past present programs l.jpg
CDI Past & Present Programs

  • CPA Amnesty Program - Coalition Provisional Authority (May 23 2003) National Order, Subject: Weapons Control

  • Tuwaitha Nuclear Materials Barrel Buyback (2003) - $3 per barrel

  • CJTF-7 MANPADS Buyback program (2003) - MANPADS Weapons Buyback Program, $1.5 Million allocated

    • $500 for a complete system

    • $300 for a partial system

  • SaddamHussein Weapons Amnesty(1991) - Return weapons $50 or be arrested & killed

Cdi past present programs15 l.jpg
CDI Past & Present Programs

Far too Cheap.

Far too Slow.

Far too much emphasis on budgets

CDI is about Results!

Cdi program objectives l.jpg
CDIProgram Objectives

This violence can be stopped remove the arms in the only way iraqis trust and can t resist l.jpg
This Violence Can Be StoppedRemove the Arms in the only Way Iraqis Trust and Can’t Resist!

Cdi mission objective l.jpg
CDI Mission Objective

Buy Out

the Entire Illicit Arms Market

Cdi mission objective19 l.jpg
CDI Mission Objective

Leverages Hard US

Financial Aid Power

to Defeat & Control

Terrorist’s Firepower

Cdi overview l.jpg
CDI Overview

  • DEPRIVES FRLs, Al Qaeda/Ansar Al Islam cells and other transnational terrorists of using Iraq public market as a weapons source.

    • Removes excess SAMs, RPGs & military explosives

  • LOW COST - USAID $2.5 million / DoD $5 million – DoD matches $3 to $1 for additional funding up to $10 million.

    • Physical Structures Available in Basra, Baghdad, Mosul

    • CF supported by removal of weapons & explosives

    • Cheaper than combat sweep operations

  • IMPLEMENTABLE within weeks. Immediate, quantifiable results.

Cdi overview21 l.jpg
CDI Overview

  • SIMPLE rules

    • Straight cash for weapons.

    • Any quantity. No questions.

  • OFFERS complete anonymity

    • No CF action or follow-up after transaction

  • REDUCES anti-CF attacks

  • BUILDS trust and enhances economy

Cdi markets with money l.jpg
CDI Markets With Money

“If You Have Weapons” “We Have Cash.”

Cdi physical operations process l.jpg
CDI Physical Operations Process

  • Establish Warehouse Facility

    • Basra (pilot facility – D-D+ 6 weeks)

    • Baghdad (principle facility – D+8 weeks)

    • Mosul / Tikrit (future)

  • Market on TV & Radio

  • Free movement Pass for Weapons with Rendered-safe Device

    • Render Safe Device – Neon Yellow Cable lock blocks barrels/bolts

    • Will be found at Police Stations & Govt Buildings - Free

Cdi physical operations process24 l.jpg
CDI Physical Operations Process

RPG Conex


“Weapons In”

Rifle Conex

Mortar Conex


Sorting Area


“Money Out”

SAM Conex

UXO Conex

Cdi physical operations process25 l.jpg
CDI Physical Operations Process

“Weapon-in” Window

  • SAMs / RPGs / Military Explosives have Head of Line Privilege

  • Each Weapon is Safe’d & Digitally Tagged

  • Entered into Computer Database

  • Placed in Storage CONEX

  • Seller handed disbursing “Token”

Cdi physical operations process26 l.jpg
CDI Physical Operations Process

“Money-out” Window

  • Seller turns in disbursing tag

  • Tag checked against control list

  • Cash is handed to seller

  • Seller goes away happy

    Weapons serial numbers are kept in central database to reveal pilferage from CF or Iraqi forces.

Cdi physical operations process27 l.jpg
CDI Physical Operations Process

At Close of Business?

Weapons Turned Over to CF

CF can redistribute to ICDC

UXO, Unstable Explosives Demo’d on site

Cdi comparison of purchase prices l.jpg
CDI Comparison of Purchase Prices

Weapon 10/03 CDI Buyout Market Price

Ak-47, Kalashnikov, Full stock $75 $300

Ak-47, Kalashnikov, Folding stock $150 $400

PM-12, 9mm SMG $200 $500

Mk-2 Sterling, 9mm SMG $250 $700

MP-5, 9mm SMG $500 $1,000

Uzi, 9mm SMG $700 $1,000

RPG-7, with gunnery sight $65 $1,000

RPG-7, without gunnery sight $45 $900

RPD, 7.62mm light MG $80 $500

PKC, 7.62mm light MG $150 $1,000

DShka, 14.5mm HMG $1000 $2,000

Dragunov Sniper Rifle $300 $700

Cdi comparison of purchase prices29 l.jpg
CDI Comparison of Purchase Prices

Weapon 10/03 Market price CDI Buyout price

60mm mortar tube $1,000 $3,000

82mm mortar tube $2,000 $5,000

120mm mortar Tube $1,000 $7,000

SA-7/14/16 Anti-aircraft missile $4000-5000 $10,000

Cdi comparison of purchase prices30 l.jpg
CDI Comparison of Purchase Prices

Weapon 10/03 CDI Buyout price

Market price

Explosives & Ammunition

Hand Grenade $1-2 $5

RPG-7 rockets $20 $25

C-4 / military TNT block 1kg $50 $200

60mm mortar $10 $20

82mm mortar $20 $50

107mm rocket $200 $400

122mm Artillery Shell $100 $750

155mm+ Artillery Shell $200 $1000

Specialty Items

Night Vision Devices $300 $500

RPG-7 Scopes $10 $30

Cdi sample purchase impact 2 million l.jpg
CDI Sample Purchase Impact ($2 million)

Weapon Budget Allocation Potential to Buy

RPG-7 Launchers $500,000 500 launchers

AK-47 Kalashnikov $400,000 1,000 various rifles

60mm Mortars $300,000 100 tubes

82mm Mortars $300,000 50 tubes

SAMs $500,000 50 launchers

Artillery Shells / IED $100,000 100 155mm rounds

Cdi replaces expensive dangerous intrusive tactics l.jpg
CDIReplaces Expensive, Dangerous & Intrusive Tactics

  • Body Searches

  • House Searches

  • VCPs / Vehicle Searches

  • Arms Raids

  • Surveillance of Arms markets

CDI’s Peaceful Buyout is Better Suited to Community Disarmament Than Combat Operations

Slide33 l.jpg

Immediate Benefits to CPA

Cdi benefits bullets l.jpg
CDI Benefits Bullets

  • Immediate Reduction in Attacks

  • Economically Efficient

  • Publicly Acceptable

  • Media Friendly

Slide35 l.jpg

  • Immediate Results!

    • Will Draw down FRL stocks

    • FRL Attacks will be seen as a waste of cash

  • Economically Efficient

    • Cheaper than CF Losses

    • Close to market prices for New IA/ICDC weapons

    • Controlled by Budgeting

  • Media Friendly

    • Easy to Comprehend

    • Video Friendly Images of success sales

Slide36 l.jpg

  • Publicly Acceptable

    • May be the Only Acceptable Form of Interaction w/ CPA/CF

    • Enhances Family Health & Welfare

    • Reduces Crime & Random gunfire

    • Format ($$) Easily Understandable by All

    • Forces people to choose between REAL money & supporting FRLs

  • Straight Quid Pro Quo

    • No Rewards Needed

    • Completely Transparent

    • Something for Something

Slide37 l.jpg


Publicly Acceptable Past Program Distrust

Real Results Will Await Proof

Impacts the Enemy


Real impact on Community FRLs may attack if successful

Shows Commitment to stop attacks Arms from Syria/Iran

Decrease Combat Applications Recycling of Govt. Arms

Community de weaponsization initiative l.jpg
Community De-Weaponsization Initiative

Considering the Alternative …

There is Very Little Risk