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Bournemouth University – BA (hons) Multimedia Journalism

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Bournemouth University – BA (hons) Multimedia Journalism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bournemouth University – BA (hons) Multimedia Journalism. Ben Martin Before starting the BA Newspaper Journalism course Ben ran an independent arts and culture magazine at his college. Ben said: “I want to be a journalist to uncover inequality, afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.

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bournemouth university ba hons multimedia journalism
Bournemouth University – BA (hons) Multimedia Journalism

Ben Martin

Before starting the BA Newspaper Journalism course Ben ran an independent arts and culture magazine at his college.

Ben said: “I want to be a journalist to uncover inequality, afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.

“I chose the course I am undertaking because it has an excellent reputation and a good mix of vocational and academic modules.”

Brighton Journalist Works – Certificate in Journalism (Sub-editing)

Al Lyle

Al studied music at Bristol University and has worked as a technician for two years at Wells Cathedral School in Somerset.

He is a pedant for words and language and wanted to uphold traditional standards of grammar. He chose the sub-editing course at Brighton to fulfil his career ambition and to be based in a great city.

brunel university ma journalism
Brunel University – MA Journalism

Jamie Brooks

Jamie completed a degree in English Literature/History at Bath Spa University and did paid freelance work on the central Somerset Gazette. However he found it hard to break into journalism without NCTJ qualifications and has spent the last three years working at Bath University Sport and Oxford University Sport to save for this course.

Jamie said: “I have a passion for writing and a naturally investigative mind. On work placements I have had a number of my articles published with bylines and enjoyed the rewarding feeling this gave me.

My work in sports administration provided me with a number of opportunities to report on sport, which would be a dream job for me.

“Once I realised the importance of the NCTJ I knew I had to study an accredited course. A postgraduate degree seemed the natural progression for me.”

Cardiff University – PgDip in Newspaper Journalism

Ciaran Jones

Ciaran studied a degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Sheffield. He chose the course at Cardiff for its reputation, the quality of tutors and recommendations from journalists and former students.

He has completed work experience at a number of local and national newspapers and magazines including the Northampton Chronicle and Echo, the Telegraph Media Group and the News of the World.

Ciaran’s curiosity means he likes to be the first person to know things so he can then tell others. He loves travelling and aspires to work in foreign news.

cardonald college hnd journalism in journalism studies
Cardonald College – HND Journalism in Journalism Studies

Rosemary Lowne

Rosemary gained a degree in podiatry and then decided to change direction and study journalism.

Rosemary said: “I’ve found my dream career path and can’t wait to enter the world of journalism. Since I was a child I was always creating my own newspapers and have always had a deep passion for writing. I love the fast-paced environment and the fact that you just don’t know what will happen in the newsroom. I’m looking forward to standing up for the community and writing as much as I can.

“After studying at university for four years, I decided I wanted a shorter course to gain NCTJ qualifications. So I found out about Cardonald College’s course, which is only two years. I was also well aware of the college’s reputation for providing some of the best journalists in Scotland.”

City College Brighton & Hove – Fast-track magazine course

city of wolverhampton college academic year newspaper course
City of Wolverhampton College – Academic year Newspaper course

Sarah Hazelwood

Sarah completed a degree in communication and culture and media at Coventry University, before completing work placements at The Coventry Telegraph, ITV Central in Birmingham, and the Wolverhampton Chronicle. She is now on course placement with the Stourbridge News.

Sarah said: “I have wanted to be a journalist for many years as I’ve always had an interest for writing. After university and from being on work placements it was here that I realised this is where my career should be heading.

Working under pressure and as part of a team with regards to both news writing and multimedia, journalism is a job that can’t be predicted and it is for this reason why my passion lies here. The NCTJ is providing me with the perfect route to get where I want to be and I will set my aims high in order to present the skills which I’ve obtained along the way.”

De Montfort University – BA Journalism

Amy Cliff

Amy had no previous experience of journalism before the course but has now completed and passed some of the NCTJ exams.

Amy said: “I find the experience of being on the course amazing. I have a passion for writing, investigating and people. I think journalism is a perfect career as it combines all aspects of things I am good at, as well as being highly interesting and appealing. I always want to know more and know it first.

“I chose the course I am undertaking because of the NCTJ accreditation and the enthusiasm of the course leader Tor Clark which made me believe the course would be worthwhile and benefit me personally. It covers all aspects a journalist would want and need for a career.”


De Montfort University – PgDip Newspaper Journalism

Tom Foster

Tom holds a BA in Philosophy and has completed three work experience placements at newspapers with another lined up. He has also worked on a travel guide to Berlin for six weeks.

Tom said: “I want to be a journalist because I enjoy meeting people and learning new things. Journalism is a perfect way to do this and it gives me a better sense of purpose than, say, a job in a bank would give me.

“I chose the course I am undertaking as the course had a good reputation and the location was suitable for me. I was accepted on to two other courses but this course appeared to have the right level of practical training.”

Glasgow Caledonian University – MA/PgDip Multimedia Journalism

Gemma Mackenzie

Gemma studied MA Italian and English Literature at University of Edinburgh. She has done some work experience at The Scottish Farmer, The Scotsman and the Stornaway Gazette.

Gemma said: “I want to be a journalist because I think it would lead to an exciting and varied career. I enjoy looking for information and get a buzz when writing stories and seeing my byline in print. I’m hoping to specialise in agricultural/environmental journalism, as I’m from a farming family and it is definitely a specialism for development, particularly as recently Farmers have discovered the internet.”

“I chose the MA course at Glasgow because it is accredited by the NCTJ. Also the fact the course is a titled multimedia course was appealing as it seems to be the way forward for journalism.”


Glasgow Caledonian University – BA (hons) Journalism

Paul Coulter

Paul went straight from school into the course and has completed work experience at the Greenock Telegraph, Daily Record, Radio Clyde and Evening Times. Healso helps edit and put together a local magazine.

Paul said: “I want to be a journalist because I am nosey, I like talking to people and I enjoy the thrill of getting a story, interviewing and seeing the final product in print, online, TV or Radio. The feeling of pride and fulfilment is unparalleled – until the editor demands a follow-up.

“I chose the course I am undertaking as it is new and modern and covers everything a modern day journalist needs to know from print to multimedia skills. It is also accredited by the NCTJ which is beneficial when looking for a job.”

Glyndwr University – Certificate of Higher Education in Print Journalism

John Hughes

John gained a degree in Political Studies from Aberystwyth University before deciding to study Print Journalism at Glyndwr University in Wrexham.

John said: “I have since a young age been curious and had an interest in journalism. There seems to be no other career that can make a difference to the world and no one day is ever the same. I like the variety it offers. Also it is a great educator, you learn so much about a plethora of topics.”

“I chose the course I am undertaking as it offers full NCTJ qualifications along with practical newsroom experience all within one year. It is a unique course in partnership with NWN media. There is nothing much like it for able and enthusiastic people.”

harlow college fast track news journalism
Harlow College – Fast-track News Journalism

Harlow College – Fast-track Magazine Journalism

Tahira Khan

Tahira gained a degree in journalism multimedia and since then has been completing voluntary work for charities and businesses and writing features for woman’s magazines.

Tahira said: “It has taken me a while to work out what profession is for me; journalism is for me because it integrates well with my creative, versatile and inquisitive character. I have a passion for people and places and a hunger for knowledge and a desire to express myself through my writing.

“This course will not only give me a recognised professional qualification, it will give me the confidence and hands-on skills that a journalist needs to use in their working life.”

William Lodge

William took a politics degree at Sheffield University before enrolling on the fast-track course at Harlow. Before university he completed a total of seven weeks work experience across four years at the Essex Chronicle.

William said: “I fell into Journalism almost by chance to begin with on my first week-long placement. I really enjoyed the work that I was given, finding both the content and the technical skills very interesting. This prompted me to go back time and time again.

“I enjoy the technical knowledge required to be a competent journalist, such as news writing, but I also find the wide variety of topics hugely interesting.

“I was recommended to the fast track course by staff at the Essex Chronicle as the best way to get industry recognised qualifications.”

highbury college nctj fast track newspapers
Highbury College – NCTJ Fast-track newspapers

Geoff Donohue

Geoff returned to education in 2007 after a seven year gap and trained to be an English teacher.

Geoff said: “I wanted to become a journalist because I like telling stories, news stories shape the public eye and ear. I want to be part of that process.

“I chose the course I am undertaking because it had the best results for college fast-track newspaper journalism in 2007/8 and it is local to where I live. I also prefer working intensively and enjoy the challenge of a fast-paced course.”

Kingston University – MA/PgDip Journalism

Daniel Aspel

Daniel gained a BA in English Literature from Bristol University and after two years working in television he decided to make a move towards print journalism.

Daniel said: “I wanted to be a journalist to report stories that would otherwise be unknown and to follow a career where writing is an everyday activity.

“I chose the course I am undertaking for its comprehensive course structure and the ease of its location. The tutors are also all accomplished, working professionals.”


Lambeth College – Fast-track news journalism

Jeffrey Kuntz

After completing a BA in English, Jeffrey taught English in Brazil and Japan for four years. In Japan he hosted a radio programme and began to consider formal journalistic training.

“During the 2008 US Presidential campaign, I was in Japan teaching and being so far from home I had to rely on the media for all my information about the US. Frankly, I was confused and a bit upset by the coverage.

“Eventually, I felt that I could do it better myself. A year later, after freelancing and volunteering in the US, I was enrolling on the NCTJ-accredited course at Lambeth College and booking a flight to London.”

Lambeth College – FDA Journalism

George Thorpe

George was the chief sports writer at the University of Teeside student publication before deciding to move on to an NCTJ course. He has managed to get a number of work experience placements at various publications including The Times and the Daily Echo.

George said: “Journalism was something I found I excelled at whilst at Teeside and felt it was an exciting and dynamic field of employment to enter. You would not get sent out to cover a parliamentary debate or sporting event working in a bank would you?”

“I chose the course at Lambeth as it had good feedback from past students and the timeframe of the course was suitable for me.”


Liverpool Community College – Academic year Newspaper Journalism

Caroline Stanley

Caroline gained a first degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Liverpool. Currently she is undertaking a work experience placement at the Southport Visitor.

Caroline said: “I am keenly interested in current affairs and how it is reported in all aspects of the media. I thrive in fast-paced and high pressure environments and think I have flair for writing accurately and in an engaging style. I would relish the opportunity to take on such a varied and demanding role.”

“I chose the course I am on so that I could hone my writing skills to that of a succinct and punchy reporter. I also wanted to learn the invaluable skill of shorthand and improve my knowledge of public affairs and law.”

noSWeat Journalism Training – Fast-track Newspaper Journalism

Camilo Clarkson

Camilo studied a degree in international relations. He has taught English in Columbia and self published on a website.

He chose the fast track course at noSWeat as he needed a course in London at short notice.

As a journalist, Camilo would like to communicate to the people in an honest fashion and to see events as they happen.

nottingham trent university ba hons print journalism
Nottingham Trent University – BA (hons) Print Journalism

Mary Pickford

Mary has worked at media advertising and PR companies, and has voluntarily written various articles and reviews. She has worked at a radio station as an intern and has upcoming work placements in the regional press.

Mary said: “Writing is one of my best skills, as well as wanting to know everything about anything that’s going on in people’s lives. Since I was 13 I’ve always want to have a job that combines those two together. Hence journalism.

“I chose this course because it’s the only course out there that I know I would be passionate enough about to learn and excel as a trainee journalist.”

Staffordshire University – MA Journalism

James Montgomery

James completed a BA in English Literature from Lancaster University, and then began an MA in Journalism at Staffordshire University. His experience includes working for three weeks on publication at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, co-hosting his own radio show on 87.7 Bailrigg FM and writing for the university newspaper.

James said: “I want to use my writing skills to tell people, in creative and well-researched ways, about what is going on in the world. My generation has grown up in a multimedia environment and I feel that the potential that this presents a journalist is exciting and limitless. I want to help inform, express an opinion and capture a reader’s imagination.”

“I chose the course I am undertaking because of a strong multimedia format and good practising journalists for tutors.”

the sheffield college norton college newspaper journalism
The Sheffield College, Norton College – Newspaper Journalism

Staffordshire University – BA (hons) Journalism

Rachel Butler

Rachel attended a non-accredited journalism course before attending Staffordshire.

Rachel said: “I felt as though I was not prepared for journalism. Since enrolling at Staffordshire my journalism skills are of a much higher standard. I currently do regular work experience at the Daily Telegraph.”

She added: “Becoming a journalist has always been a natural choice for me. I’ve always liked talking to people, including strangers – so I don’t mind doing vox pops, and I like to know what is going on all the time. I take my position of being ‘the eyes and ears of the public’ very seriously. Also, seeing my byline still excites me – I got a front page byline in November and it was fantastic.

“I chose my course at Staffordshire University because it had a good reputation.”

Kathryn Withers

Kathryn studied at the University of Sheffield before enrolling on the NCTJ course. She chose the course at the Sheffield College, Norton for its good reputation in the industry and so she could continue living and working in Sheffield.

Kathryn has been writing for the university publication, had placements on local newspapers and has been producing articles for the British Heart Foundation.

She would like to combine the skills from her BA in modern languages with a career in journalism and enjoys writing about and researching current affairs.

university of brighton ba sports journalism
University of Brighton – BA Sports Journalism

The Sheffield College, Norton College – Academic year photojournalism

Jethro Bradley-Firth

Jethro has worked in the care sector and in television as a writer and researcher. He holds a degree in scriptwriting for film and television from Bournemouth University.

Jethro said: “I want to be a journalist for the challenge of meeting, photographing and reporting on all kinds of people in all sorts of situations – and trying to find a new way to communicate the essence of the story to an audience in pictures and words.

“I chose the course I am undertaking because of its reputation among photographers in the industry and the fact that it is the only accredited course of its kind.”

Daniel Clark

Daniel said: “I am currently studying sport journalism at University of Brighton, now in my third year. I have enjoyed the course as it has provided me with what I was hoping to learn. The NCTJ part of the course has been very useful.

“Ever since I can remember the job which I wished to pursue was a journalist. I believe this was because I have always enjoyed writing, investigating and finding things out and all are skills a journalist needs. I have always had a keen interest in sport and know far more about it than I probably should, so knowledge of these facts also makes me feel I could be a good journalist.

“I chose the course I am undertaking as I always had an interest in doing sport journalism and the course at Brighton is the only NCTJ accredited course in the country, which made it the obvious choice. I had also hear good things about the course and the university and at the open day I was impressed by everything.”


University of Central Lancashire – MA Magazine Journalism

Antonia Charlesworth

Antonia completed an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Photography at UCLan and then freelanced in photography and journalism. She was also an intern at the War Child Charity in 2009.

Antonia said: “I want to be a journalist to work in a fast paced changing environment that will offer diversity and fresh unpredictable challenges.

“I chose the course I am undertaking to hone my existing skills and gain a firm understanding of the magazine industry.”

University of Central Lancashire – BA (hons) Journalism

Emily Davies

Following college Emily went to UCLan and completed work experience at the Shropshire Star, Liverpool Echo, Birmingham Post, Oswestry Advertiser and the Flintshire Evening Leader. I also completed work experience at BBC Radio Shropshire and Llandudno Community Radio.

Emily said: “I want to be a journalist because I want to report what is happening in the world. Also I want to communicate with a wide audience and cover what they think is important.

“I chose the course I am undertaking because it holds NCTJ-accreditation and it covers print and broadcast in the first year before deciding what to specialise in.”

university of cumbria ba hons journalism
University of Cumbria – BA (hons) Journalism

University of Central Lancashire – MA Newspaper Journalism

Guy Kilty

Guy gained a BA in economics from the University of Leeds. He then worked in IT for eight years and as an English Language Teacher for 3 years.

Guy said: “I’d like to write for a newspaper for a living. It’s an ambition I’ve held for a long time because I’d like to investigate and report issues that affect everyone. I’m also looking forward to the excitement that a career in journalism will bring.

“I chose the MA at UCLan because if the high reputation of the journalism department and because of its proximity to Manchester where I live.”

Amy Shadbolt

Amy is currently working on the university newspaper along with other publications that the university produce such as word by the water magazine. She was editor of her secondary school newspaper.

Amy said: “Due to past experience in helping to set up the school newspaper, then editing it, I also have a passion for English and writing and I wanted to make a living doing this.

“I chose the course I am undertaking because of its excellent reputation and pass rates. I also chose it because of its experienced tutors.”

university of portsmouth ba journalism combined honours
University of Portsmouth – BA Journalism (combined honours)

University of Kent – BA Journalism and the News Industry

Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca chose the course at Kent for its mix of traditional skills and multimedia and for the knowledge of the lecturers that are specialised in their modules.

Since starting the course, Rebecca has had a local placement at the Kent Messenger Group and launched a university magazine. She is due to start a placement at the Independent in summer.

Rebecca said: “I can’t wait to be part of the multimedia industry in an exciting career where no two days are the same.”

Joe Struggles

Joe has worked on student magazines at the University of Portsmouth and has taken to writing reviews and blogs online.

Joe said: “Opinions and perspectives are one convention that makes us unique. After creating an award-winning magazine at school, I found that conveying my opinions and beliefs through articles and images became not just fun, but something I could see myself doing day in, day out.

“I chose the course I am on, as I heard my university ( University of Portsmouth) is one of the best NCTJ-accredited courses in the south.

Being single honours I learn about the most essential aspects integral in the workplace, whilst having a chance to branch out if necessary.”

university of sheffield ma print journalism

University of Salford – MA Journalism

University of Sheffield – MA Print Journalism

Adam Yare

Adam previously studied a BA (hons) film and media – with practice at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has completed work experience with the Manchester Evening News, TheHalifax Courier, as well as writing for Pulp Magazine, the student newspaper at Manchester Metropolitan University, Student Direct, and hosting and producing a radio show and writing for numerous websites.

Adam said: “The chance to be the voice of the people is what first attracted me to journalism. A journalist is able to give a clear and honest opinion, as well as convey news and about projects people would not normally know or be told about. In a world where news is often saturated or distorted, as a journalist I hope to tell people the ‘truth’ and report the facts.”

“After studying in Manchester and originally coming from West Yorkshire. I decided to stay in the North. Salford University was perfect, as came top four in the NCTJ-accredited journalism courses the country has to offer. It has practicing journalists and ex-editors as tutors who give a great insight into the industry.”

“Finally with the BBC moving much of their operations to Manchester’s media city, it is a brilliant place for any journalist to be located.”

Rebecca Penston

Rebecca completed an LLB Law Degree and has spent one year working in a press office, has completed work experience on local newspapers and has completed a BBC researching course.

Rebecca said: “I love the idea that every day you go to work not knowing what story will come up – it’s very exciting and there a great variety of areas to work on. I like meeting people and this job gives a great opportunity to talk to people from all areas.

“The MA at university of Sheffield is a great course, has a good reputation and I was impressed with the department, it’s facilities and tutors. I’m looking forward to working on my dissertation during the summer – there’s a lot of freedom for looking into something you are interested in and make you get a great story from it.”

university of sunderland ba journalism
University of Sunderland – BA Journalism

University of Strathclyde – Mlitt Journalism

Gillian McGee

Gillian previously completed an undergraduate honours degree in History of Art at Glasgow University. She has completed work experience at the Glasgow Herald and Times, The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald and the Press Association.

Gillian said: “I enjoy writing and engaging with people and wanted to be part of a worthwhile profession. Journalism is an important cultural and social element to society and I would feel privileged to contribute.

“I chose the course I was undertaking because I wanted to achieve a recognised qualification to help me in the industry. It also looked like fun.”

Ewan Palmer

Ewan is currently the arts editor for University of Sunderland news website. He also published in the bi-annual student run newspaper the wear, and will soon embark on a work placement at the Frontline Club in London.

Ewan said: “The chance to discover the most exciting and diverse stories and tell them in a variety of ways is what drives me to become a journalist. I chose journalism at Sunderland as it offers full NCTJ accredited courses in all areas. I thought the choice available to me was excellent.”

university of teesside ba in multimedia journalism
University of Teesside – BA in multimedia journalism

University of Sunderland – MA Journalism

India Adams

India studied as an undergraduate at Edinburgh University before graduating from the Newcastle University with BA English Literature.

Her experience of working in journalism includes working at the Shields Gazette, in both print and multimedia platforms.

India said: “I love a good story and the best stories are told by real people; real characters in real life situations. I want to be a journalist to get out there and meet these people. If I have the right skills and training, I can tell their story as part of the wider picture of society. If I can provide a public service by doing this and maybe help to make a change, then I will feel I've achieved something.

“I chose the course I am on because it was post-graduate course and most importantly it was NCTJ accredited which is what I need to get onto the path of a journalism career.”

Anna Gutridge

Anna is returning to education after working in mental health services for 10 years. I decided to make a drastic career change and have never looked back.

Anna said: “I’m aiming to be a journalist as I can’t think of a more interesting and exciting job which is challenging and fulfilling. Time spent in newsrooms on work experience confirms this and I can’t wait to get out there.

“I chose the course I am on as I wanted a degree as well as an NCTJ qualification.”

up to speed journalism fast track newspaper journalism
Up to Speed Journalism – Fast-track Newspaper Journalism

University of Ulster – MA Journalism

Peter Davidson

In the past Peter has sat a BA (hons) in English/Theatre Studies and a City and Guilds in TV and Video Production. He worked as a documentary cameraman filming series for BBC NI and has contributed a weekly column to The Derry Journal.

Peter said: “I have a strong interest in arts correspondence and have experience as an entertainment correspondent for BBC Radio Foyle and Ulster. I find Journalism combines by love of writing, supporting local arts and multimedia tinkering.”

“I chose the course I am currently on as I heard great things about the course and the high regard it was held in. I was also attracted by the focus on multimedia as well as print broadcasting.”

Asha Lakhani

Asha read Sociology and Journalism, Film and Media at Cardiff University. She wrote a couple of articles for a website and realised she wanted to see her name on paper.

She then went to Mexico to work for a local paper called Vallarta Today. To gain experience in other areas, Asha started to write for the John Lewis in-house magazine and is still writing for them.

Asha said: “I want to be a journalist because I think I can be. It’s one of those careers I thought I could never get into, because it was too ‘exclusive’. Being bi-lingual, I thought my standard of English was not good enough. However, now I know that many people can write if they want to.

“I don’t really know anyone who would refuse a job as a journalist – it’s an exciting job. I love writing and I enjoy learning. Journalists build up lots of knowledge because they get to stick their noses into everything.”


Warwickshire College – NCTJ Newspaper Journalism

Jason Pritchard

Jason graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in History and Journalism. He has published a student magazine and is currently drafting a second publication at Warwickshire College.

After university, Jason needed shorthand and chose Warwickshire College to study the NCTJ exams.

Jason’s placement at the Banbury Guardian allows him to write local news which really appeals to him.

Jason said: “As a responsible part of society, being a journalist is an attractive career I want to be part of. I like the fact that everyday brings something new and seeing my stories read by hundreds of people is rewarding.”