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Sandy Follin, Sr. Account Executive Steve Schrader , Sr. Sales Engineer PowerPoint Presentation
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Sandy Follin, Sr. Account Executive Steve Schrader , Sr. Sales Engineer

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Sandy Follin, Sr. Account Executive Steve Schrader , Sr. Sales Engineer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sandy Follin, Sr. Account Executive Steve Schrader , Sr. Sales Engineer. Traditional BI and Kofax Analytics What is Process Intelligence Value Drivers Value Statements Take Aways Demonstration. Agenda.

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Sandy Follin, Sr. Account Executive Steve Schrader , Sr. Sales Engineer

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Presentation Transcript
Sandy Follin, Sr. Account Executive

Steve Schrader, Sr. Sales Engineer

Traditional BI and Kofax Analytics

What is Process Intelligence

Value Drivers

Value Statements

Take Aways




Traditional BI is based on the concept of extracting data from systems of record and aggregating it into Data Warehouses

Traditional BI products sit on top of data warehouse and data marts and require the creation of OLAP cubes to work

Cube Layer

Basic Dashboards




More ETL or Extract Scripts

Data warehouse data is combined with new data, re-processed and put into data marts

(SQL Databases, MS Access…)




Data is first aggregated into data warehouses (Teradata, Oracle, IBM…)



ETL tools are needed to extract and transform system of record data

(Informatica, IBM…)



Single Platform (Really)

Kofax Analytics offers a truly unified platform built from the ground up on a single metadata model


Analytics Server

Dashboard Server

  • Creates canonical records, including data transformations and aggregation from multiple sources
  • Stores and calculates metrics
  • Optimized for time-dimensioned data
  • Track processes
  • Generates alerts
  • Renders dashboard definition into client specific stream (Silverlight, HTML5)
  • Authenticates client and applies client specific security settings
  • Delivers the data for display components
  • Processes user actions (drilldowns, filters, pop-ups, etc.)
  • Executes report generation and distribution



Any type of data source!

On-Demand Access


Process Intelligence Overview


  • End-To-End View of Actual Process Performance.
  • Filter Analysis by Processes Stage Based on Finished, Ongoing, Perfect, Violations or Missing Steps.
  • Filter Process Timing By Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months and Years.
  • Drill-Down to Process Details.
  • Global Search By Process ID

Process Intelligence


Value Drivers

      • MetricsMart
  • Leverage a single analytics platform to empower insightful decisions by accessing and integrating all data sources with library of reusable metrics.

Process Intelligence

Discover unexpected insights hidden in organizational processes to identify strategic business opportunities or threats.

  • Accelerated Actionable Insight
  • Integration of data and processes within a single platform enables rapid purpose built analytical applications delivering accelerated insight.

Zero Code Self-Service

Code-free analytics deliversaccelerated decision making, while dramatically reducing dependence on IT.


Value Statement

Economies of Scale

Strategic Business Transformation


Process Intelligence

  • Provides single view across all corporate data sources which allows collaboration across all functional areas.
  • Provide access to all business users, scale to handle organizational requirements.
  • Ability to interact direct from Data Sources or through previous investment in Data Warehousing.
  • By providing access to all data sources across the organization rapidly see current stage process performance.
  • Visibility into process performance reduces risk and allows for corrective action.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Higher Business Agility & Scale

Zero Code Self-service

Accelerated Actionable Insight

Value to IT

  • Reduces IT dependence for reports, dashboards and analytic applications.
  • Enable business users to perform data visualization & analysis with minimal IT support.
  • Avoid adding additional IT resources as well as free up existing resources with reusable metrics and analytic components.
  • By having single access point (Metadata model) to data sources and metric management (MetricsMart) allows for analytic application deployment in days versus months.
  • Incorporate your approach to process improvement into actionable guided analysis to improve overall performance and reduction to risk exposure.



Value to the Business


Gartner provides a set of classifications for BI Value. See - Gartner Research Document: ID Number: G00218934Gartner Examples of Defining Business Value for BI and Analytics Initiatives, Bill Hostmann, 26 September 2011

analytics summary
Analytics Summary
  • What Is it?
    • Kofax Analytics for Capture is a tiered product offering based on AltosoftInsight. KofaxAnalytics for Capture is the first tier. It is comprised of a pre-packaged bundle of metrics and reports, combined with the Altosoft Insight Dashboard Designer .
    • Kofax Insight Analytics for Capture is the second tier, providing Altosoft Insight Studio and the contracted right to create new metrics based on the Capture database.
    • Altosoft Insight is the full Enterprise Analytics Solution using more than one Data Source
  • Why Does it Matter?
  • KofaxAnalytics for Capture provides powerful, yet easy to use analytics capabilities to help optimize customer interaction processes. Processes can be changed to perform faster, better meet regulatory and SLA compliance goals, increase end-customer satisfaction and loyalty, while also running more efficiently and controlling costs for Capture customers.

Key Points

Uncover Real Time Trends

Analytics empowers business users to quickly see what is really happening within processes in order to make timely decisions and optimize processes before bottlenecks become major problems.

Improve Compliance

Legislative regulations and SLA agreements are issues for any modern business process. Analytics provides the insight necessary to quickly understand process issues that might put compliance at risk due to slow processes, incorrect steps or other critical process issues.

  • Home grown reports
  • Takes IT resources from critical processes
  • Must have experts on Capture structure to deal with reporting
  • Slower analysis of process issues
  • Slower, more expensive startup time
  • Slower adaption to change
  • 3rd Party business intelligence solution
  • Must bridge technologies from multiple vendors, including separate BI and ETL vendors
  • Slower, more expensive startup time
  • Slower adaption to change
  • Requires knowledge to link 3rd party dashboards to internal Capture data structures
  • Only Altosoft Analytics has Process Intelligence