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Business Process Integration with WebSphere Business Integration - Collaborations PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Process Integration with WebSphere Business Integration - Collaborations

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Business Process Integration with WebSphere Business Integration - Collaborations

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Business Process Integration with WebSphere Business Integration - Collaborations

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  1. Business Process Integration with WebSphere Business Integration - Collaborations

  2. Seminar Outline Introduction – OnDemandTechnicalRoadmap • Integrate Applications and Business Processes to enable On Demand Solutions • BusinessProcessIntegration • An Introduction to Application Integration and Process Integration • Service Oriented Architecture • WebSphere Business Integration for On Demand Process Integration ------------------- MORNING BREAK -------------------------------------------- • Application Integration and Process Integration with WBI Adapters and Collaborations • WBI Adapters, Business Objects and Mappings • Demo – WBI Adapters and Business Objects • WBI Collaborations, Templates, Deployment and Access • Demo – WBI Collaborations ------------------------- LUNCH ------------------------------------------------------ • ApplicationConnectivity - WebSphereBusinessIntegrationEvent & MessageBroker • Multiprotocol Pub/Sub Message Routing • Message Transformation, Augmentation, and Datasource Integration • Demo – WBI Message Broker • B2B and BusinessPartnerIntegration • WBI Connect --------------------- AFTERNOON BREAK -------------------------------------- • WorkflowbasedProcessIntegration • WBI Workflow • BusinessProcessModellingandMonitoring • Process Modelling in WBI Workbench • Monitoring with WBI Monitor • Demo – WBI Workbench Modeller • Summary • Developer Resources

  3. WebSphere Business Integration Reference Architecture Business Modeling and Monitoring WebSphere Business Integration Server WebSphereBusinessIntegrationConnect WebSpherePortal Process Integration Services Business Partner Application Browser User Interaction Services Process Automation Human Activity Partner Services BusinessProtocol BusinessProtocol Presentation ExchangeHubs Cross-Reference StateManagement Transaction /Compensation ProcessChoreography Audit Staff BusinessPartner Personalization CommonBusinessObjectModel WAP Events Application Connectivity Services Routing Pub/Sub Transformation Mediation Transport WebSphere Business Integration Adapters . . . HR Legacy Finance ERP CRM

  4. Agenda WebSphere Business Integration - Collaborations • Collaborations – Process Integration Scenarios • Available WBI Collaborations – Base & Industry Editions • Configuring and Customizing Collaborations • Triggering Collaborations and Client Application Design • Collaborations and Web Services • Long-lived Business Processes • Collaborations and Workflow Processes • Transactions, Compensations and Cross-Referencing • Process Specification Interchange Formats

  5. Sales Order Processing ItemManager Order Status Customer Master Application (PeopleSoft) Product Master Application (SAP) Customer Manager Business Process Integration Example: Sales Order Processing CRM Application (Siebel) Step 1: Sales Order is created in CRM Application Step 2: Adapter detects event & delivers Order BO to Integration Broker Step 3: Order BO is transformed, Xref’d & SOP is triggered Step 7: As order status changes in OM, it is automatically updated in CRM Step 5: SOP validates Product details (via Item Manager) & creates or updates Product as required InterChange Server Order Management Application (SAP) Step 6: Order is created in OM application with “Answer Back” for final XRef Step 4a/5a: XRef tables are accessed / updated for Customer / Product as required Step 4: SOP validates Customer details (via Customer Manager) & creates or updates Customer as required

  6. SCM M&A Account Status Contact Manager Customer Manager Installed Product Invoice Generation Item Manager On-Hand Inventory Sales Order Processing Sales Order Status Service Contract Account Status Contact Manager Customer Manager Department Manager Employee Manager Installed Product Inventory Level Invoice Generation Item Manager Purchase Order Processing Purchase Order Status Sales Order Processing Sales Order Status Vendor Manager Account Receivable Account Status BOM Manager Contact Manager Customer Manager Customer Orders Demand Forecast Demand History Department Manager Employee Manager General Ledger Movement Installed Product Inventory Adjustments Inventory Level Inventory Manager Invoice Generation Item Manager On-Hand Inventory Planned Orders Purchase Order Processing Purchase Order Status Purchase Orders Sales Order Processing Sales Order Status Service Contract Transfer Orders Vendor Manager Work Orders Common Business Areas addressed: · Customer Relationship Management (CRM) · Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) · Supply Chain Management (SCM) · Straight-Through Processing (STP) · Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) · Web Exploitation STP Account Status BOM Manager Customer Manager Customer Orders Demand Forecast Demand History Inventory Adjustments Inventory Level Inventory Manager Invoice Generation Item Manager On-Hand Inventory Planned Orders Purchase Order Processing Purchase Order Status Purchase Orders Sales Order Processing Transfer Orders Vendor Manager Work Orders ERP CRM Account Status Contact Manager Customer Manager Installed Product Inventory Level Invoice Generation Item Manager On-Hand Inventory Purchase Order Processing Purchase Order Status Sales Order Processing Sales Order Status Service Contract Vendor Manager Collaborations are ready-made business processes

  7. WebSphere Business Integration Collaborations App A WBI Collaboration for Updating Employee Information From Application “A” to Application “B” App B

  8. WebSphere Business Integration Collaborations Through Template Design From Integration Flow ToImplementation Design Tools • Process Designer to customize existing collaborations and to develop new collaborations • Activity Editor – business object manipulation, process logic, transformations • Sub-diagrams, nested scenarios • Heterogeneous entity support Business Integration process flow templates • Scenarios that orchestrate interactions between applications connected through WBI Adapters • Many pre-built Collaborations available • Complete Java code generation with custom code modifications supported • Multiple event “trigger” support • Synchronous and Async interactions

  9. Configuring and Customizing Collaborations • Activity steps within a Collaboration can also be added for a scenario’s process flow logic • Types of actions that a collaboration might contain: • Get the type, attribute values, or verb of a received business object • Create a new business object, either without values or by cloning an existing business object • Compare an attribute value with a constant or with another attribute value • Compare two business objects to see whether they are equal • Send a business object to a connector or another collaboration to request an operation; process the result of the operation • Get the value of one of the collaboration’s configurable properties • Database query calls/updates • Perform tracing • Generate exceptions (that can be configured to send e-mail alerts) • Log informational, warning, or error messages • Activity Editor Tool used to graphically specify actions

  10. Configuring and Customizing Collaborations • Collaboration objects are created from one of many available collaboration templates • Collaboration templates contain its execution logic, but is not executable • Configuring the collaboration object • bind its ports to adapters or to other collaboration objects • indicate what business objects flow through each bound port • specify configuration properties specific to the collaboration • Binding a Collaboration Port to a Connector adds a subscription entry to that Connector’s Adapter Controller

  11. Triggering Collaborations and Client Applications • WBI Collaborations can be triggered from several sources, both from “inside” of WBI and from external sources (client applications) • Configured WBI Adapter Connections can trigger a collaboration upon arrival of an application event • Another collaboration that is bound to a port can trigger a collabration • Collaborations can be exposed as a Web Service and triggered as a “rpc-style” Web Service via SOAP/WSDL • An activity step in a WBI Workflow Process can trigger a WBI Collaboration, via the WBI Adapter for MQ Workflow • HTML/JSP pages, Java servlets and EJB’s can trigger a collaboration by using the Server Access Interface

  12. Collaborations and Web Services • Event processing: Exposes collaboration as RPC-style Web Service • Wizard generates WSDL for the collaboration exposed as web service • Configures system to receive web service requests using WBI Web Services Adapter • Request processing: Collaboration can invoke a Web Service • Web Services ODA to access the Web Services from WSDL • Visually select the Web Service to invoke from the collaboration • Generates Web Service connector Top Level Object for accessing the Web Service • Generates SOAP request, response and fault business object

  13. WBI Call-Triggered Collaboration From HTTP 1. Order is submitted - access client servlet sends data in XML format. 2. SAI call to initiate a call-triggered flow at Firm B’s WBI Server, passing the XML data and name of collaboration 3. XML data handler converts the serialized data into Firm B’s generic “order” business object 4. WBI Server executes the collaboration “Order_Generation” . 5. Collaboration sends order object via a port to WBI Adapter for SAP, which accesses the SAP application to places the order. The result—order confirmation business object—is generated and passed via the SAP connector back to the access client. 6. Access client uses the XML data handler to parse and converts the result order object into an XML data stream. 7. The result XML stream is sent as a response to the web server site

  14. Long Lived Business Processes WBI • Interruptible flows • Async Outbound and Inbound Collaboration Calls • Configurable timeout capability for Synchronous calls • The flow starts from the last save point • Correlation Set used to specify matching attributes of business object for incoming service calls • User override of waiting flows • Visualization and manual termination of flows • Scalability - efficient thread use • Save, reuse and restore thread context • Fast restart recovery • Roll-forward crash recovery from point of forward progress instead of rollback EIS Long lived Save Save Timeout? Restore Collaboration Connector

  15. Process Integration Services Process Integration Services Process Automation Human Activity Cross-Reference StateManagement Transaction /Compensation ProcessChoreography Staff Audit

  16. WBI Collaborations - Transaction and Compensation Multiple Levels • None • Minimal (Compensation steps) • Best Effort (Isolation Checking) • Stringent (Isolation assurance) Multiple Types • Scenario • Cascading • Distributed Patented Compensation • Automatic and/or Programmatic Failure Recovery • Built-in Log/Trace • Automatic and/or Manual Process Choreography Transaction Update Sales Credit Check Create Order Update Inventory Compensation Undo Sales Delete Order Undo Inventory Application Connectivity Services Routing Pub/Sub Transformation Transport App 1 App 2 App 3

  17. Collaboration Template Formats – BPEL+ and UML ARInvoiceSync Collaboration as BPEL+ in Process Designer ARInvoiceSync Collaboration as UML in Rational Rose State Machine State Diagram Basic text slide

  18. WBI Server/Collaboration 3 Inventory Adapter Adapter Sync(Timeout) 2 1 Place Order Order Warehouse Internet Adapter 4 No Yes Timeout? 6 5 Cancel Order and Notify customer Send Order confirmation to customer ASync(Out) Email Email Server Wait for shipping notification 7 ASync(In) Send Shipping confirmation to customer ASync(Out) 8 Collaboration Scenario – Submitting an Order Adapter Service Call Request

  19. Model Integrate Connect Monitor Manage WBI for Industries drives business value through Industry Accelerators Business Process Models Industry Business ProcessTemplates WebSphere Business Integration for: Industry Business Event Dashboards • Telecom • Financial Markets • Financial Networks • Retail • Consumer Goods • Insurance • HIPAA • Electronics • Automotive • Banking • Healthcare • Energy & Utilities • Government • Chemical & Petroleum • Pharmaceuticals WebSphere Business Integration Pre-defined Monitors Industry Specific Adapters

  20. Admission Discharge & Transfer Order Management Finance Admin Risk Management RegulatoryCompliance WebSphere Business Integration for Healthcare using IBM’s Leading Integration Platform Staffing Scheduling Primary Business Processes Improve Clinical Effectiveness Reduce Incidence of Medical Errors Improve Operational Efficiency Facilitate Compliance Reporting Improve Operational Effectiveness WBI - Primary Healthcare Value Propositions CDA, Cerner, McKesson, IDX,Siemens, GE Medical Systems, SMS, Eclipsys, SMS, HL7, ANSI X12 HIPAA,Datagate, Cloverleaf, Lawson, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Epic Applications/Infrastructures Integration Architecture

  21. WebSphere Business Integration for Banking offers five value propositions Marketing/ Relationship Management Retail Transactions Risk Management Key Processes Regulatory Compliance Lending Payments Reduce Time and Cost for Loan Origination Manage Payments for Improved Profit Basel II Capital Accord Compliance Increase cross-selling and customer service across all retail channels Patriot Act Compliance WBI Value Propositions Hogan Fiserv Alltel Sanchez Temenos SAP SAS Searchspace Algorithmics Bankers Systems Fair Isaacs Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Centerprise Systar Misys IntraNet Swift Bottomline Eontec Argo S1 Siebel PeopleSoft Target ISVs/ Partners Integration Architecture

  22. Operate Market Manage business Service Customer Manage and Maintain Assets Enable Customer Choice RegulatoryCompliance Targeted Applications/Infrastructures WBI for Energy & Utilities Primary Business Processes Reduce cost of settlement dispute resolution Improve visibility to EPS and enterprise risk drivers Reduce recovery time from outage Improve customer service request fulfillment Reduce cost of customer switching WBI - Primary E&U Value Propositions • Pervasive sensors can provide outage notification • Publish to all parties electronically • Field service productivity increases • Replace manual processes with automated processes and integrated systems • Provides audit trail • Enhance C level executive’s visibility to drivers • Reduce the cost and time involved in providing customer services • Provide flexible systems that can quickly be built, modified and supported WBI Benefits Integration Architecture

  23. Pre-Trade and Trade Related Communications Post TradeMatching & Netting Risk Management RegulatoryCompliance Clearing & Settlement Exception Handling FIX, OMGEO, SWIFT, DTCC, Thomson, SunGard, Euroclear, Clearstream, Jasdec, CLS, GLTrade, CharlesRiver, MacGregor, etc. Applications/Infrastructures WBI for Securities Industry Primary Business Processes Reduce Costs of Electronic Trading Speed Resolution of Failed Trades Reduce Costs Of Clearing And Settlement Maximize Leverage Of Capital Reserves Reduce Risk In Corporate Actions Handling WBI - Primary FM Value Propositions • Rapid addition and improved management of counterparties through standardized electronic trading infrastructure • Detect, manage, and resolve problem trades through trade flow automation and integration with matching utilities • Reduce costs of connecting to multiple financial network infrastructures consolidation of connectivity to a single hub • Increase efficiency of capital by enabling real-time reconciliation of securities and cash activities • Automate the processing of complex corporate actions data streams and reduce likelihood of mishandled events WBI Benefits Integration Architecture

  24. CRP LPS WBI for Retail Distribution Promotion Synchronization Targeted Promotion Mgmt Multi-Channel Mgmt Price Synchronization Item Synchronization Business Processes Attract and retain high value customers Generate higher ROI from promotions Automate synchronization processes Reduce time to initiate promotions Accelerate product-to-retail shelf cycles Value Propositions Applications/ Infrastructures Integration Architecture

  25. Model Integrate Connect Monitor Manage WBI for Manufacturing Inventory Control, Sourcing, Supply Chain visibility Direct and Indirect Procurement WIP tracking, Sequencing, Order Management Dealer Integration, Warranty Claims MGMT Collaborative Engineering Procurement Processes Design Engineering Supplier Integration Manufacturing Integration CRM Value Propositions Cost Control Integration Architecture Ascendant One Castek Solcorp Selectra Chordiant DWL Chordiant DWL PeopleSoft Sieble ACORD XML (interchange) SAP Castek Fiserv TIG Selectra Applications

  26. Supply Chain, Procurement, Inventory Key Processes Marketing & Sales After-Market Support Design Engineering Build Improve Reporting & Reduce Warranty Costs Accelerate Time to Market Enhance Dealer Support Reduce Inventory Reduce Manufacturing Costs WBI Value Propositions A2i Engima Siebel Reynolds & Reynolds Manugistics QAD, Aribia JD Edwards SAP I2 Rockwell Automation Invensys MRO/Maximo SAS ADP Reynolds Others TBD Dassault (Enovia Smarteam, Delmia) MatrixOne SDRC ISVs/ Partners Integration Architecture IBM BCS WBI for Automotive

  27. Direct and Indirect Procurement, Collaborative forecasting and replenishment WBI for Electronics Supplier Relationship Management, Contract Manufacturing Integration, JIT Vendor Managed Replenishment & Customer Demand Management Collaborative Engineering Post Sales Support Processes Optimize Outsourced Supply Chain Visibility Improve Order Fulfillment Decrease Inventory Costs Accelerate Time to Market Improve Customer Service Value Propositions Electronics Value Chain Management • Dassault • Matrix One • Cadence • PTC • SDRC • Agile • Syncra Systems • Adexa • Manugistics • i2 • EXE • Invensys (Baan) • Ariba • Camstar • Oracle • JD Edwards • QAD • SAP • Adexa • Syncra Systems • Manugistics • i2 • EXE • Ariba • Oracle • JD Edwards • QAD • SAP • Adexa • Manugistics • i2 • EXE • Ariba • Oracle • JD Edwards • Syncra Systems • SAP • PeopleSoft • Siebel Systems • SAP ISV Requirements Integration Architecture

  28. WBI for Telecom Value Added Service Activation Value Added Service Activation Integrated Customer Care & Billing DSL Provisioning Wireless Provisioning Inventory Management Service Assurance Processes Streamline Provisioning/ Reducing Lag Times & Costs Improve Quality of Service Enhance Customer Experience Asset Usage Optimization Rapidly Introduce New Services Value Propositions Applications Integration Architecture

  29. Claims Mgmt. Underwriting Channel Mgmt. Policy Admin ERM CRM Business Processes Integration Architecture WBI for Insurance Regulatory Compliance HIPAA, Privacy, Tort Reform, Solvency requirements Increase Underwriting Effectiveness Streamline Policy Administration Reduce Cost of Claims Processing Agent/ Broker Optimization Value Propositions • Increase underwriting capacity and productivity through automated workflow, integrated view of customer and third party integration. • Reduce cost of policy administration through process/policy system integration and monitoring. • Reduce process time, fraud detection and improve claim adjuster productivity through workflow enablement and integration of key claim information. • Provide integrated information to agents allowing for productivity improvements. • Provide integration capabilities to implement regulator changes. WBI Benefits Target ISVs/ Applications/Infrastructures

  30. Questions Anyquestions on: Business Process Integration with WebSphere Business Integration Collaborations …… Demo

  31. Break 15 Minute Break