should kids have uniforms n.
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Should kids have uniforms? PowerPoint Presentation
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Should kids have uniforms?

Should kids have uniforms?

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Should kids have uniforms?

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  1. Should kids have uniforms? created by : Kenya Hernandez

  2. My opinion Kids in public schools should wear uniforms, because sometimes kid were inappropriate clothes, some shirts can say swear words or maybe are too short to wear. In my opinion I think that it would feel like wearing a football uniform or a basketball uniform.

  3. eHow • Fashion & Style • Formal Wear & Specialty Clothing • Uniforms for School • The History of School Uniform The History of School Uniform View my portfolio By Chris Carson , eHow Contributor • Print this article Until recent years, the only schools in the United States that required uniforms were private institutions. Yet the debate over the pros and cons of requiring school uniforms and their effect on communities and kids' individuality continues to rage on as people debate whether or not uniforms make a difference. Understand the history of and facts on school uniforms to grasp why they are such a hot topic debate. • Other People Are Reading History of how schools have uniforms • In the 1980s, public schools were often compared unfavorably to Catholic schools. Noting the perceived benefit that uniforms conferred upon Catholic schools, some public schools decided to adopt a school uniform policy. What President Clinton said about uniforms"If it means that teen-agers will stop killing each other over designer jackets," the President said in his serious voice "then our public schools should be able to require their students to require school uniforms." He repeated the theme in a series of appearances throughout the day, expanding on an idea he mentioned in passing in his State of the Union message. The History of School Uniform |

  4. Bullet • Help prevent gangs from forming on campus • Encourage discipline • Help students resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes • Help identify intruders in the school • Diminish economic and social barriers between students • Increase a sense of belonging and school pride

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  7. I think that if we had uniforms our school be better because if not bad gangs would be created by people that don’t care to listen or to get educated.Teachers would not have to worry because people would wear hats or inappropriate clothing. If we had uniforms we would be all a one united gang. Bulling has been happening a lot because of how they look or how you act nobody is PERFECT, not just because of that but because of how they dress. If we were to have uniforms we would all look the same and not worry to pick out your clothes for school we would already know what to wear because we would already know what to wear our uniforms. uniforms

  8. Core democratic value Common Good: Working together for the welfare of the community or the benefit of would prevent gangs to form and stop the bulling. JUST THINK ABOUT IT . I hope this power point changes your mind.