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Charlie Cavanaugh Being A leader. I am and Charlie Cavanaugh and I am a leader. . Who has Prepared me to be a Leader.

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Charlie cavanaugh being a leader

Charlie Cavanaugh

Being A leader

I am and Charlie Cavanaugh and I am a leader.

Who has prepared me to be a leader
Who has Prepared me to be a Leader

The people that has influenced me the most to be leader has probably been my mom and dad. They are always telling me I can do better and I have potential to do anything. But that’s a parents job, my teachers and peers also say this about me. They are the ones who made my leadership qualities.

What has prepared me to be a leader
What has prepared me to be a Leader

The thing that has prepared me the most to be a leader is probably school. School is where you have you first encounters with a variety of different people and you kind of see where you fall. Jobs have also opened my eyes to my leadership qualities. All the different people I have worked for I have the same qualities.

My leadership position
My Leadership Position

The leadership position I see myself in now is a leader among my peers of some sort. And in the future I will be a boss or management of some sort.

My future as a leader
My Future as a Leader

I believe that going to college and getting a better education will better my chances to become a leader in the future. I'm hoping that the education I obtain from college will give me the abilities to become a well trained leader.

My strengths to be a leader
My Strengths to be a Leader

My strengths would probably be, hard working, determined, and very hard headed. These qualities will help me try and reach my leadership goals.

Hard working
Hard Working

To be a leader, its not just handed to you, you have to work hard and earn it. Nothing in life is just handed to you and if you want to be a leader and stay in a position that you are a leader you have to work hard to save your spot.


You can’t always just give up, staying determined and focused on your goals is very important. If you want to reach your goals it may take awhile so giving up is not an option, you have to stay determined and keep your mind on the prize.

Hard headed
Hard Headed

I am very hard headed and I like things to go my way and no other way, being a leader sometimes you have to be commanding. People don’t usually like bossy individuals but sometimes that is what it takes to be a leader. You have to set your standards and others have to abide by them.

My weakness
My weakness

My weakness is when I have a project to do I get really stress and mad very easily. Usually when I get made I end up messing something up. To over come that I will have to take my time with things and keep myself from getting angry so easily.

I am a leader
I am a Leader

I have what it takes to be a leader and nothing will stand in my way from me reaching the goals I have set for my self.