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All A bout The Martin PowerPoint Presentation
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All A bout The Martin

All A bout The Martin

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All A bout The Martin

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  1. All About The Martin By Chloe Florell & Reighen Gulay

  2. What it looks like Size Body covering and colour The Martin weighs 2-12 pounds and the length is 15-28 inches from tip to tail. The martin is blackish-brownish and light tan-almost blackish brown.

  3. What it looks like Special body part How it breathes The martin has great claws to be able to climb up trees. Their paws have good grip to keep from falling from trees. The martin breathes through its mouth and nose with the lungs getting oxygen.

  4. How it moves How it moves The American Martin runs with its short legs and arms and its great paws.

  5. Food What it eats The American martin eats mice and voles, they taste good and birds, fruits, and berries.

  6. Rest and sleep Rest and sleep The American martin sleeps all day and is awake during the night because it is nocturnal.

  7. Habitat Where it lives The American martin lives in North America on the ground and in trees, Europe, and Asia.

  8. What it does in the winter What it does in the winter The American martin does not hibernate in the winter. It travels under snow to a warmer place.

  9. Family life Life cycle It can be alive 9-17 years in captivity. The female can have 1-6 young after about 8-12 pregnancy. The females give birth in the spring. In about 4 months the cubs are ready to hunt.

  10. Enemies and protection Protection and enemies Picture Their enemies are Humans for killing them for their furs. Also they die mostly by forest fires, raptors kill them , and other carnivores. To escape they climb up trees and run very fast.

  11. Other Information More stuff we know The American martin is a carnivore. It may be active about 60% of the day. It goes the distance by age.

  12. Bibliography The links we used The books we used Wikipedia. National geographic Book Of Mammals.