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Effective Presentation

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Effective Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Effective Presentation. Presentation as a Communication Tool. Important thing for an excecutive To give a report of certain activity To show our ability in a certain field. Presentation with PowerPoint. As a skill that be needed by everyone. Why Using Powerpoint ??.

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Effective Presentation

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Effective Presentation

    2. Presentation as a Communication Tool Important thing for an excecutive To give a report of certain activity To show our ability in a certain field

    3. Presentation with PowerPoint As a skill that be needed by everyone

    4. Why Using Powerpoint?? • Presentation and information can be designed more interactive, using graphics, animation and pictures • Can choose and use many kinds of word to make the message clearer • Time length of each slide can be managed • Stressing of words, can be done by using color arrangement

    5. Type of Presentation • Persuasive • Campaign • Product marketing • Informative • Classing • Seminar • Training • Entertaining

    6. Preparation for a Presentation • Material • Media/tools • Time • Way of presentation

    7. Steps in Making Material for Presentation Step 1 Make list of the presentation purpose Why do this presentation?? Step 2 Identify and focusonthelistener’sneeds

    8. Steps.. Continue,, Step 3 Determine the messages Don’t get out of the topic Connect between topic and sub-topic Step 4 Organize the information Step 5 Make interesting design in every slide Create a visualization in the slide

    9. KISS Keep It Short n Simple,,,

    10. Presentation • Preparation before presentation • Know well the material and notes needed • Know the audience • Rehears • Come to the place before it (To make more comfortable)

    11. SPAM

    12. Continue.. • Organize your presentation • Explain the topic clearly • Tell the objective in the beginning • Give the outline

    13. Continue.. • Focus on style, voice, behavior and attitude • Style is how you share your information (Clear and appropriate) • Voice, is using intonation and tones, have to be natural • Minimize your worries Be confident

    14. Session of Question-Answer • Listen and understand • No Interruption • Be honest • End it up with saying “Have I answer your question?”

    15. 7 Tips of Success Presentation To convince the listener, don’t use unconventional ways Overall informed idea must be understood by the listener Review the main point at the end of the presentation Use demonstration Pay attention on the given schedule Rehears Check the media/tools before the presentation

    16. 3 Biggest Mistakes ini Making Presentation’s Slide 1st mistake Moving word to powerpoint 2nd mistake USING BIG CAPS IN EVERY WORD 3rd mistake Using pictures with bad arrangement and inappropriate

    17. Don’t do it when presentation talk to the blackboard/screen apologize all the time read your talk (unless it is a speech) sit down while talking talk in a monotone have a poor attitude say “um” repetitively discuss things you don’t understand

    18. 6 Important Elements in Effective Presentation Preparation Give yourself Relax Pay attention on detail Use gesture and body languange Use humor

    19. Tips for the audience • It’s OK to question • It’s OK to comment and • It’s OK to disagree with the speaker…… ….Politely • Not to make fun of the speaker • Not to show your superiority…….. …….This is uncivilized Ask a question only to understand the speaker better!