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Live-action / animation. DIRECTORS. The directors who went from animation to live action. ANDREW STANTON. Andrew Stanton is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and voice actor based at Pixar Animation Studios.

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Presentation Transcript
andrew stanton
  • Andrew Stanton is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and voice actor based at Pixar Animation Studios.
  • His film work includes writing and directing Pixar's A Bug’s Life (as co-director), Finding Nemo and Wall-E, and his first live-action film, John Carter.
  • He also co-wrote every film of the Toy Story Franchise and Monsters Inc..
  • Finding Nemo and WALL-E earned him two Academy Awards for best animated feature.
  • He is currently attached to direct the sequel to Finding Nemo, entitled Finding Dory, planned for 2015.
brad bird
  • Phillip Bradley "Brad" Bird is an American director, screenwriter, animator, producer and actor.
  • Bird worked as an animator for Disney and wrote the screenplay for *batteries not included (1987). Bird served as a creative consultant on The Simpsons during its first eight seasons, where he helped develop the show's animation style.
  • Afterwards, Bird left to direct his first animated feature, Warner Bros.'s The Iron Giant (1999), which fared poorly at the box office but came to be regarded as a modern animated classic.
  • He rejoined at Pixar in 2000, where he would develop his second picture, The Incredibles (2004), and third, Ratatouille (2007). Both films place among Pixar's highest-grossing features and gave Bird Academy award for best animated feature.
  • In 2011, Bird transitioned to live-action filmmaking with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which became the highest-grossing of its franchise. He is currently directing Tomorrowland.
rob minkoff
  • Robert R. "Rob" Minkoff is an American filmmaker.He is known for directing the Academy Award–winning animated feature The Lion King.
  • Rob Minkoff now has a more extensive career in live action than animation, yet it's in the former where he scored his big hit.
  • After helming a couple of Roger Rabbit shorts, he was co-director of The Lion King for Disney, which, to this date, is the biggest hand-drawn animated film of all time at the box office.
  • From there, Minkoff mixed live action with some animated work in the first two Stuart Little movies.
  • Effects played a big part in his next project, but the quality disappeared, as he brought The Haunted Mansion to the screen, with Eddie Murphy starring.
  • Minkoff made arguably his most satisfying live action feature, The Forbidden Kingdom.
andrew adamson
  • Andrew Ralph Adamson, is a New Zealand film director, producer and screenwriter
  • He made the blockbuster animation films of the Shrek Franchise
  • He also worked on the movies Batman Forever, Batman and Robin as visual effects supervisor.
  • Adamson had two Shrek movies under his belt when he made the live action jump, although it's fair to say that they were both better than the pair of Narnia films he subsequently helmed.
vicky jenson
  • Victoria "Vicky" Jenson is an animation director at Dreamworks Animation and Disney most notable for having co-directed Shrek.
  • She started as a background at Hanna-Barbera in 1977, became a storyboard artist for Warner Bros., Marvel and Disney Television, and variously worked as a production designer, art director and co-producer".
  • She began working for DreamWorks as a production designer and story and co-directed Shrek and Shark Tale
  • In 2009, she finished her first comedy live-action directorial work, Post Grad
kevin lima
  • Kevin Lima is an American Film Director who has directed a number of Disney films including his debut film A Goofy Movie in 1995,Tarzan,102 Dalmatians, and Enchanted.
  • Co-director of The Price of Egypt and Brave.
  • Lima, however, stayed close to Disney, directing the decent enough 102 Dalmatians live action sequel for the studio. Yet, he blended the traditions of Disney with a live action movie arguably better than anyone else to date with the terrific Enchanted.
  • Lima worked at Disney as character animator on the film Oliver & Company, as a character designer on The Little MERMAID AND Beauty and the Beast and as a story editor for Aladdin.
  • Since directing Enchanted, Lima has been set to direct several projects including a live-action feature adaptation of the classic tale of Tom Thumb entitled Thumb, a film based on the popular Candy Land board game
points of interest
Points of Interest
  • Steven Spielberg— who has produced animated features in the past — is the director of The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, a motion-capture December release with Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings) producing.
  • Meanwhile, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (Blade II,Pan's Labyrinth) is an adviser for DreamWorks and has an executive producer credit on this year's Kung Fu Panda 2 and Puss in Boots.
  • Director/writer Tom McCarthy (Win Win) shared an Oscar nomination for the script of Up, and cinematographer Roger Deakins (True Grit) did lighting work for How to Train Your Dragon and consulted on WALL-E.
  • Conversely, Disney will release the live-action film, John Carter of Mars, directed by Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, WALL-E) in 2012.
  • "Animation is the ultimate playbox for a live-action director," says cartoon historian Jerry Beck, citing the ease of making changes and additions. "They are bringing a different vision, something fresh and new."
  • Take Rango. "Verbinski introduced darker, edgier content and references more associated with live-action genres," says Bill Desowitz, senior editor of Animation World Network. "Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas' visual-effects powerhouse, added a dirty photographic sensibility." This blending of talent, he says, "is broadening the appeal and demographic for animation."