pan africanism pan arabism n.
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Pan-Africanism & Pan-Arabism

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Pan-Africanism & Pan-Arabism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pan-Africanism & Pan-Arabism. By: Matt Berklan and Matt Pierson. Purpose and Meaning of Pan-Africanism. Represents the ideas and goals of Africans Goals change based on situation at hand Believe in a common destiny Also wanted to reunite all africans Want to keep tradition.

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pan africanism pan arabism

Pan-Africanism & Pan-Arabism

By: Matt Berklan and Matt Pierson

purpose and meaning of pan africanism
Purpose and Meaning of Pan-Africanism
  • Represents the ideas and goals of Africans
  • Goals change based on situation at hand
  • Believe in a common destiny
  • Also wanted to reunite all africans
  • Want to keep tradition
origins of pan africanism
Origins of Pan-Africanism
  • First signs of Pan-Africanism came in the 1780’s
  • Organizations started to being in the early 1900’s
organizations representing the pan africanism
Organizations representing the Pan-Africanism
  • In 1914 Marcus Garvey founded Universal Negro Improvement and Conservation Association(UNIA)
  • In 1963 a group called the organization of African Unity(OAU)
  • The African Union(AU) became the successor organization of the OAU
marcus garvey
Marcus Garvey
  • Originally a Jamaica politician
  • Helped the Pan-Africanism throughout the world
  • Wanted to unite all of African diaspora
  • Wanted to have a separate country with an absolute government
marcus garvey continued
Marcus Garvey Continued
  • Inspired Rastafarian movements and nation of Islam
  • Coined the term Garveyism which means that all countries and civilizations of the right to grow and be successful
  • Even after his death he greatly affected civil right movements in America
accomplishments of oau and au
Accomplishments of OAU and AU
  • Wanted to unify Africa and eliminate colonialism and foreign powers
  • OAU Watched over border disputes, separatist movements, and the downfall of other member states
  • Major accomplish was the end of apartheid and brought majority rule to South Africa
pan africanism today
Pan-Africanism Today
  • Many people believe that it is still alive today
  • Many are still fighting because African leaders are corrupt and have personal agendas
  • People believe if governments start working together for a common goal they will achieve African unity
pan arabism
  • The movement for political and cultural unification of Arab countries.
  • Reason for this is because they all share the same language, history, and culture.
  • Wanted to get land back from their enemy’s
  • They wanted a sense of unity that they had under the Ottomans.
  • Sati' al-Husri

Studied European nationalism.

Brought some of the ideas to Arabs

Jurji Zaydan

Arab writer

23 books on uniting Arabs

Sayyid Hussein bin Ali

Started revolt with the Ottomans

break from ottomans
Break from Ottomans
  • Revolts start during World War I
  • British aid revolts
  • Britain and France take over the land
  • Land doesn’t return to the Arabs until 1940s
failed attempts
Failed Attempts
  • Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser created the United Arab Republic to make sure Arabs don’t fall to Communism or Fascism
    • Couldn’t expand and renamed the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Arab Federation created in Jordan and Iraq
    • Collapsed after six months
  • Muammar Gaddafi created The Federation of Arab Republics and the Arab Islam Republic
    • Both fail
disposing of enemies
Disposing of Enemies
  • Saddam Hussein started a genocide on the Kurds.
  • Kurds are nomadic herds living in the mountains of Iraq.
  • They wanted their own state because they had their own language.
  • 65,000-70,000 killed.