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Bag – O – Bytes Email Organization

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Bag – O – Bytes Email Organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bag – O – Bytes Email Organization. FPB Helpdesk X6322 11/3/04. Questions . Please hold all questions until the end, they may be answered during our lecture Of course, if you need me to repeat something, that is ok . Eudora or Outlook?. Personal choice

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bag o bytes email organization

Bag – O – BytesEmail Organization

FPB Helpdesk



  • Please hold all questions until the end, they may be answered during our lecture
  • Of course, if you need me to repeat something, that is ok 
eudora or outlook
Eudora or Outlook?
  • Personal choice
  • Eudora is simple, less features
  • Outlook is more complex, more features
    • Excellent for on the road!
    • Excellent for shared computers!
    • Not so excellent for storing EVERYTHING
    • Does not import address book
    • Is only a web-mail client, nothing fancy
pop or imap
  • Snap…crackle…POP….IT’S EMAIL!
    • Good if you use email at only ONE computer
  • IMAP
    • Great for those who use email mostly at work, but also from home on webmail or another client.
    • Great for those who use email in various places and who want access to important emails everywhere…
what is pop
What is POP?
  • POP is the “old way” of checking email at case.
  • Your email client contacts the email server and pulls the email from the server to your computer…POP!
  • The email, unless it is set to save on server, is no longer on the server and only available on that specific computer in your email client of choice.
pros of pop
Pros of POP
  • Pulls the email down to your computer, off of the server so that you may read them on or off the net.
  • Keeps emails off of the server so that you never fill your quota.
  • What folks are used to here at case.
cons of pop
Cons of POP
  • Removes email from the server so if you were to check it from home, you would not see the email at work, and vice versa.
    • You can set your email clients to save mail on server. Note, this will only affect seeing items in your inbox. if you want to move the mail into specific folders, you must do so on each computer.
  • You can only see it on one computer.
  • You can use webmail, but you will not see the items that are on your work computer.
  • Save on server gets confusing and sometimes folks lose track.
  • If you are looking for a specific mail that you read at work, from home…you cannot.
what is imap
What is IMAP?
  • The “new” way of using the Case email system.
  • Allows you to create an active tie to your server side mail.
  • Allows you to create mailboxes that will show up at any computer.
  • Treats your mail more like exchange servers do.
  • You can read the same mail on any computer.
pros of imap
Pros of IMAP
  • Ability to read mail at any computer, despite where and when you checked it last.
  • Ability to create folders that will be seen at any computer you check your mail at.
  • Keeps organization on the server level vs. the computer level (IE if you computer completely crashes)
cons of imap
Cons of IMAP
  • When the server is down, you cannot read old mail to pass the time from the IMAP folders
  • You cannot keep EVERYTHING on the server, as you only have 100mb of space..
    • But that is why we create local folders as well…explained further in our lecture
organization imap or not
Organization, IMAP or Not
  • You should never leave all of your mail in your Inbox!
    • Corruption
    • Disorganization
  • You can create many mail folders and mailboxes within your email clients.
  • Both Eudora and Outlook are similar with folders/mailbox creation.



how do i make folders to sort my mail
How Do I Make Folders to Sort My Mail?
  • Locate the header of each section of mail folders
  • Right click on that header (or whichever area you want the new folder/mailbox to appear) and click NEW
  • May or may not ask if you want this to be a new mailbox, folder etc…you get to choose!
  • Same concept in both Outlook and Eudora
  • There are other ways as well, this is just the way with the most control.
can i create folders within folders
Can I Create Folders within Folders?
  • Sure thing!
    • In Eudora (local profile only), they may call it mailboxes within folders…

Eudora Local profile

Eudora IMAP

Profile 

i have tons of mail in my inbox how will i ever sort through it all
I Have TONS of Mail in my Inbox! How will I ever Sort Through it all?
  • Unfortunately, there is no easy way to sort through your mail. It takes time.
  • You can create filters, though running the filter after the items are downloaded does not always work well…
  • You can either right click and MOVE or click and drag messages.
is there a limit to the number of folders and mailboxes i have
Is There a Limit to the Number of Folders and Mailboxes I Have?
  • Not really.
  • IF using IMAP, there a limit to the amount of DATA stored on the server, but not to the amount of folders created.

So, Speaking of IMAP, I Noticed that You have Eudora and Dominant, what does that mean???(or in Outlook you have Personal files and…)

When you are IMAP’d, you will have two profiles, or “sets” of mailboxes.
    • Local computer (storage unlimited)
    • Server side (storage limited to 100mb)
  • Your new mail will always go to your server side inbox
  • You can transfer items from server to local (RECOMMENDED for attachments, etc..)
  • You can set filters for incoming mail
    • You can even create a copy filter to copy ALL incoming mail to local as well.
Items under Dominant/ are the items on the SERVER.
  • Items under Eudora/personal folders are the items stored on your LOCAL computer.
how should i organize with imap
How Should I Organize with IMAP?
  • Everyone is different
  • Example:
    • Save all items that I would work on from more than one location currently, in IMAP.
    • Move all items that are personal, or able to be archived to local
    • Move all large attachments FROM THE SERVER to local computer
      • Download and save the attachment to computer, then either move the email to the local computer, or delete it..
this seems like a pain in the doopa why would i wanna imap
This Seems like a Pain in the Doopa…Why would I wanna IMAP??
  • Aside from the reasons given previously:
    • It is MUCH easier to implement SPAM control!!!!
yes case has spam control
Yes, Case has Spam Control
  • Not 100%
  • Yet still very good
  • The USER needs to set it up, not the Mail Admins
  • It is not turned on by default
  • Can be turned on, yet USER must create filters.
enabling spam control
Enabling Spam Control
  • Log into
  • ENABLE spam control.
  • You may add domains ( or addresses to your “whitelist”
    • Items you do not want filtered by spamcontrol
  • You may add domains or addresses to your “blacklist”
    • Items you do want filtered
i have it enabled but i am still getting all of my spam
I Have it Enabled. But I am still Getting all of my Spam!
  • You need to set your filter!
  • Remember you will still get SOME spam even with filters set.
  • Remember to check your filter boxes because some legit mail will get filtered at times.
how to set a filter for spam in pop
How to set a Filter for Spam in POP
  • Eudora
    • Tools/filters
      • Incoming
      • <<any header>>
      • Contains +junkmail
      • Transfer to Junk (or a folder you have created)
how to set spam filter in outlook 2003 on pop
How to set Spam filter in Outlook 2003 on POP
  • Tools/options/junk email
  • Set the junk email filter to HIGH
  • If you use any lower version of Outlook, you can set the rules (filters) to filter out +junkmail in the header and send it to a junk folder that you created.
how to set filter in imap mail case
How to Set Filter in IMAP/
  • Go to
  • Click on 'folders' and then click on 'new‘
  • In the window that pops up, type 'JunkMail' as the name of the folder. Capitalization counts! Click OK.
  • Go to FOLDERS and click the radio button next to JunkMail
  • At the top of the screen, click SHARE
  • In the window that pops up, check 'enable direct delivery of mail to folder' and click OK.
  • You are now configured!
Your new folder will show up in Outlook/Eudora if you are IMAP’d
  • Remember, whichever method you use, to check your junk folder often! Some “real” mail may have gone there by mistake!
how to create a filter in eudora
How to Create a Filter in Eudora
  • First, create a mailbox of folder to where the mail will go
  • Tools/filters
  • You can set filters for specific people, domains, etc
how to create a filter in outlook
How to Create a Filter in Outlook
  • First, create a mailbox of folder to where the mail will go
  • Tools/Rules and Alerts
  • You may use a template or create from scratch

I love IMAP, but would like a copy of anything that comes into my Inbox to go to a local In folder as well, so I may review it offline. How can I do that?

  • You can create a filter for any email with an @ in the address (all emails) to have a copy of that message placed in a local folder.
i have spam control enabled but i am getting tons of spam what should i do
I have Spam Control enabled, but I am getting TONS of spam! What should I do?
  • Make sure that you have your filters set up (POP) or that you have the junkmail folder shared in (IMAP). (refer to slides 23-29)
when i use mail case i cannot compose or reply to mail what is wrong
When I use, I cannot compose or reply to mail. What is wrong?
  • 9 times out of 10, you have a pop up blocker. Trying holding the CTRL key down as you hit compose or reply, to allow the pop up window to appear.
i use eudora should i switch to outlook
I use Eudora..should I switch to Outlook?
  • There is really no concrete reason as to why you should. It is very different in the way that one uses it, and requires a learning curve. Sure, outlook has PIM features (but you all should be using ORACLE for your calendaring anyhow…ahem!) but if those are not something you need or are willing to learn, Eudora is a simple email client that does what one needs for sending and receiving email.
  • The transition also requires folks to manually update their address book mailing lists (it can do one by one addresses just fine)
hey i have outlook are you saying it is bad
Hey! I have Outlook, are you saying it is bad?
  • Not at all. Outlook is great! But for folks who just want a simple email client, it is not really for them.
i cannot see all of my folders from the server under my imap profile in eudora what do i do
I cannot see all of my folders from the server under my IMAP profile in Eudora, what do I do?
  • Resync or refresh the folders by right clicking dominant, and choosing that option. It will usually bring them right back where they belong…

I got a message that says I am 80% full on the mail server/People are telling me that I am over quota and my mail is bouncing back. What do I do?

  • Answer on next slide…
If you are IMAP’d
    • Make sure to trash mail that is no longer needed, as well as emptying your trash! Remember, trash takes up space on the server as well…
    • Make sure to transfer items to your local folders if you want to keep them.
    • Did someone send you something large? Download it to your local computer, and keep it off the server…
    • Check your Junkmail folder!!!! You need to delete those as well, remember, they are located on the server…
  • If you are POP
    • Are you accidentally keeping mail on the server? If so, you must go to and start deleting…
i use mail case and i want to have my trash automatically empty how do i do that
I use, and I want to have my trash automatically empty, how do I do that?
  • Log into, and go to the options, then settings.
  • Set it to move deleted items to trash AND empty trash on logout.
I use IMAP’s Outlook/Eudora and when I click delete, it puts a line through the message/a red x by the message. How do I delete it?
  • Outlook: Go on up to Edit, and Purge deleted messages.
  • Eudora: go to messages, and purge messages. (note, you can configure it so that it sends the deleted message to the trash, BUT then you must remember to empty the server side trash as well)