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Creative Activism Tasks PowerPoint Presentation
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Creative Activism Tasks

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Creative Activism Tasks
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Creative Activism Tasks

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  1. Creative ActivismTasks Laila Khoja

  2. Introduction. In This Course we had to make 7 tasks to pass the module. So I will talk about these tasks and describe what I have done while making them.

  3. Task :1 This task is about create an image about to provokes the people to think about the issue. I tried to describe a problem I face in my country. Make the people can not see, hear, or speak the truth. I show that in a pic of a man wearing a T-shirt for my country’s flag, and standing doing nothing while the hands of the leaders are trying to hide the truth to him

  4. Task: 2 This is the 2nd image that I did for the creative activism. This image is like the female version for the first image. It’s about the Saudi women, and it says that they don't have there own identity, and that’s why I make the woman face in the pic without features. It’s also says that men are controlling women in everything like puppets, and I tried to show that by the man hand in the top of the woman.

  5. Task: 3 I wanted to present my idea for the people who are talk in a bad way, but they pretend that they are good people. Some people show thy are Innocents but the truth they are mean. I think this is a problem everyone can face in this live, so I wanted to show how much is important to say the truth and to talk in a good way.

  6. Task: 4 I’ve done a photo about this task. I thought about MacDonald's and how much it is affecting on us, I wanted to show that this kind of food is hurting us and make us fat. I mixed a photo of a fat man with MacDonald's logo.

  7. Task: 5 I found my friend Alex to make my documentary. He is a student in dancing school, and he is a trainer as well. I meet him on Wednesday to shoot the film. I’ve tried to do it like an interview with him, and I toke some shoots of him dancing and training in the gym. It was exhausting to do it all in one day cuz I didn't have time… but it went good anyway … I started to edit it today and I finish it today as well. I take a pic of Alex while training, and I edit it as well, and this is the pic…

  8. Task: 6 I had an idea a bout a photo that can make an impact on people. It is a poster about the Revolution that happened in Egypt. I wanted to show that the great country that we all used to know is dead after the revolution, it became a disconnected country. The photo is taken and edit by me…

  9. Task: 7 The flash Mob Task…Our group idea was to make a fake celebrity. Half of us were documenting what is happening, the other half were playing the fans role and two of us were playing the celebrates role. We went to the City Center to try to take people attentions, and we did. Some people believed us and they tried to contact us. They were taking pictures and autographs and they don't even know who are these famous guys. It was such a fun and useful experience.


  11. Presented by: Laila Khoja… 260MC