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Latino Activism

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Latino Activism

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  1. Latino Activism --Why study? --a.) Led to the creation of university and college Programs & Departments such as UWM’s Spanish Speaking Outreach Institute [SSOI], thereafter re-named the Roberto Hernandez Center, RHC.

  2. Latino Activism --Why study? --b.) Led to a generation of university & college scholars that embarked on a variety of academic & research pursuits that currently form the basis for much of what we learn and teach.

  3. Latino Activism --Why study? --c.) Chicano Studies and thereafter, Latino Studies, are rooted on the community activism that led to their creation—therefore community engagement and/or empowerment is central to our understanding of our emerging discipline.

  4. Latino Activism --Goals: --a.) Essentially, to assure the incorporation of the history, contributions, and aspirations of a group of Americans that heretofore had not been part of the `American Experience’--what did the “American Dream” mean to us?.

  5. Latino Activism --Goals: --b.) To contribute to the empowerment of our community: principally through education attainment, political involvement, economic opportunity, artistic expression, and overall community wellbeing.

  6. Latino Activism --Goals: --c.) To engage with our broader community in a manner that allowed for mutual respect, appreciation, understanding, and eventual acceptance, but done under terms that did NOT subjugate one from full expression and fulfillment.

  7. Latino Activism --Today’s Issues: a.) Immigration Reform --DREAM Act --DACA --Secure Communities --Deportations

  8. Latino Activism --Today’s Issues: b.) Education --Quality of K-12, dropouts --Content--Tucson, AZ --Cost of Higher Education --Scale/size of K-12 schools --In-State Tuition --Segregation

  9. Latino Activism --Today’s Issues: c.) Political Engagement --Electing Latino officials --Increasing power --Key electoral states --Becoming citizens

  10. Latino Activism --Today’s Issues: d.) Discrimination/Exclusion --Lack of presence in Pop culture --Language vs. skin color --Intra-Latino conflicts --Not Black/White paradigm --Threat to Affirmative Action

  11. Latino Activism Today’s activism cannot compare to activism of the 60s & 70s, for social status of Latinos is in many ways differenttoday…the role of social media can and is very important for `community organizing’…still, the central `spark’ for activism is that individuals have to have/feel passionate about something in the lives--make our life experience better.