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Update on Internet-based RMP submissions

Update on Internet-based RMP submissions. U.S. EPA Pacific Southwest Region Emergency Prevention and Preparedness. Robert Lucas EPCRA/RMP Enforcement Coordinator. January 2009. Current system: RMP*Submit. RMP Reporting Center. RMP*Submit. Lots of Processing. RMP Database.

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Update on Internet-based RMP submissions

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  1. Update on Internet-based RMP submissions U.S. EPA Pacific Southwest Region Emergency Prevention and Preparedness Robert Lucas EPCRA/RMP Enforcement Coordinator January 2009

  2. Current system: RMP*Submit RMP Reporting Center RMP*Submit Lots of Processing RMP Database

  3. New system: RMP*eSubmit RMP Submission via the Internet EPA’s Firewall Central Data Exchange (CDX) X What about the certification letter? RMP Database Replaced by a one-time Electronic Signature Agreement

  4. How the Electronic Signature Process Will Work Facility Owner/Operator obtains Login ID & Password 1. CDX 3. Reporting Center connects CDX ID with one or more RMP Facility IDs Fiill out the Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) 2. Mail to Reporting Center RMP Reporting Center

  5. Steps to set up RMP access for a facility • Certifier sets up CDX account • Add Program – choose RMP • Add Role: certifier or preparer • Certifier role is confirmed only after ESA is processed • Preparer role is confirmed when access code is entered • Certifier enters ESA via online form • ESA includes list of facilities belonging to the certifier • Certifier downloads and signs the Electronic Signature Agreement • ESA also signed by witness • Certifier prepares cover letter on company letterhead • Certifier sends ESA to the RMP Reporting Center (RC) • The RC validates the ESA, sets up the database access • RC gives the certifier an access code for a preparer to use • Preparer sets up their own CDX account • Preparers use the access code to enter RMP data for a facility

  6. MyCDX

  7. Risk Management Plan (RMPESUBMIT)

  8.  Required Field Certifying Official or Preparer

  9. Facility ID

  10. How the RMP Submission Process Will Work Preparer 1. RMP Entered 4. Update CDX RMP*eSubmit RMP Database 2. Notification and Copy of Record Certifier 3. Approval and Submission 5. Confirmation

  11. Transition to RMP*eSubmit Can facilities continue to use RMP*Submit? • RMP*Submit will be removed from our website • No assistance in obtaining and using RMP*Submit will be provided • Target date: February 2009 (to coincide with availability of the new system) • Facilities can use the 2004 version if they have it • We will accept those submissions if they are without error • Corrections will have to be made via RMP*eSubmit • Exception: CBI

  12. Schedule • RMP*eSubmit alpha test (in-house) – December 15 2008 • RMP*eSubmit beta test (selected facilities and preparers) – January 15 2009 • RMP*eSubmit production system – February 15 2009 • Accommodate CBI – September 2009 • No longer accept submissions from RMP*Submit – January 2010 • Help Desk: 1-888-890-1995 or click “Contact Us” link at bottom of RMP eSubmit webpage

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