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Team-Building Activities

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Team-Building Activities. Olweus Kick-Off Day October 10, 2014. Human Knot Human Words Name that Tune (Smart Board activity) Charades Directions will follow for each activity…. Choose an Activity…….

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team building activities

Team-Building Activities

Olweus Kick-Off Day

October 10, 2014

choose an activity

Human Knot

  • Human Words
  • Name that Tune (Smart Board activity)
  • Charades
  • Directions will follow for each activity…
Choose an Activity……
human knot

Be aware that the activity involves close physical proximity. Divide students into groups of 7 to 10.

  • If there are two groups doing the task simultaneously, have the groups reasonably spaced out.
  • Ask participants to form a circle, shoulder-to-shoulder.  Encouraging participants to all stand closer can be a subtle way of helping to prepare them for what is about to come.
Human Knot
human knot continued

Ask participants to each place a hand in the middle of the circle and to grasp another hand.

  • Ask participants to introduce themselves to the person they are holding hands with.
  • Then ask participants to put their other hand in the middle, grasp a different person's hand, and introduce themselves.
Human Knot (continued)
human knot continued1

Don't let participants let go of hands.

  • Explain to participants that what you'd like them to do is untangle themselves, without letting go of hands, into a circle.
  • Participants may change their grip so as to more comfortable, but they are not to unclasp and re-clasp so as to undo the knot.
  • Stand back and see what happens.
Human Knot (continued)
human words

The objective of human words is to have the students use their bodies to create the word presented. The students will have to communicate with one another to correctly spell the words and ensure that the human letters are reflective to those in the alphabet.

  • Procedure:
  • Divide the students into 2 teams.
    • Explain that they are going to use their bodies to create words. If you want to use the computer to “Google” an image of human words, it may be helpful.
    • The teams will compete for bragging rights. The team who spells the word correctly and looks the clearest wins.
Human Words
name that tune smart board

See file in teacher email or go to Olweus webpage, look on left side for link to game. Directions are in Smart Board file.

Name that Tune - Smart Board

Rules for Playing Charades

  • No words. No pointing at objects in a room. No lip movements.
  • Only "acting out" words or pantomiming similar sounding words.
  • Divide students into two teams. You may keep score if you choose. Decide which team goes first, have that team choose an actor. Teacher will show the actor the name of the /movie/activities/food, etc. they will be acting out. Teacher may announce the category to the team. The team has 3-5 minutes (use your judgment) to figure out what the actor is portraying. If team guesses correctly, they get a point. If not, play goes to the other team. Each team must choose a new actor every time it is their turn.