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Team Building Activities. Cultural Activities Macau iPad Discovery Tai-chi Experience Dragon / Lion Dance Workshop Night Owl Heritage Challenge. Outdoor Activities Dragon Boat Race Private Go-Kart Race Biking Experience Beach Olympics (Team Sports). Fun and Entertainment

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Team Building Activities

Cultural Activities

Macau iPad Discovery

Tai-chi Experience

Dragon / Lion Dance Workshop

Night Owl Heritage Challenge

Outdoor Activities

Dragon Boat Race

Private Go-Kart Race

Biking Experience

Beach Olympics (Team Sports)

Fun and Entertainment

Private Party on Chinese Junk

Luxury Motor Yacht Cruise

Wine Lecture & Dinner

Themed Dinners and Gala Dinners

Team Building / Motivation

Without Frontiers Games(Team Spirit)

Portuguese / Macanese Cooking Experience

Dragon Boat Race

This traditional Chinese sport is the perfect team building activity.

Create your own teams and simulate a professional practice session, or have a real competition.Dragon boating is so important in Chinese culture that it is the only sport to be celebrated as a national holiday (since 2007).

How does it work:

Delegates are divided in teams according to the number of rowers and drummers needed per boat. After a briefing on land, done by professional dragon boat racers, teams will go to the lake for the training session, followed by a qualifier race (depending on the number of boats competing, the number of qualifying races will vary). The best qualified teams will run the final race and compete for the wining place…

An energising and really team spirit enhancer experience.

Team benefits: enhance team spirit, fun and joy, risk taking, competition, communication.

Private Go-Kart Race

Team benefits: fun and joy, risk taking, competition, leadership, motivation.

Competitive or easy going.From a Go-Kart ride to a total professionally timed and managed race with your company brand and theme!

How does it work:

The whole track is reserved. For each group of maximum 20 people there’s a leg of 20 min (practice+qualifier). After all the practice plus qualifier legs, the final race will take place. In the final, the three best qualified racers will go to the podium, receive the trophies and celebrate with champagne.

During the race soft drinks and refreshments are available for the participants. The event branding includes helmets, banners and trophies. If your group wonders of an even more real experience, female talents with branded outfits, branded umbrellas and a VIP area will be arranged under request.

A totally fun and full of adrenaline experience…

Biking Experience

A mountain bike ride in the beautiful Coloane island and Cotai District.

This exciting mountain biking activity will pass through some of Coloane’s trails and around the Cotai district, where some of the most famous casinos in the world are.

How does it work:

A briefing, maps and guidelines will be given in the beginning to all delegates.

En route the delegates will cycle, while appreciating all that nature has to offer: mountain, sea, forest and the famous Cotai district…as well as have fun in one of the most beautiful areas of Macau.

Team benefits: fun and joy, risk taking, competition, leadership, motivation.

Beach Olympics – Team Sports

Having the beach has scenario, several beach games will be prepared to make the group enjoy and compete.

How does it work:

The group is divided into teams to perform the different activities prepared.

Several games are arranged for the group, with the main objective of the participants to have fun and enhance team spirit.

For the teams to get the points, all team members should cooperate and give their best on each game. The activities arranged can be beach volley, human football, javelin throw, pipeline game, mine field and many others.

This games will make the group have the most fun at the Beach Olympics.

Team benefits: enhance team spirit,fun and joy, competition, cooperation, motivation.

Macau iPad Discovery

  • The perfect activity for corporate groups to discover the history and culture of Macau – in a fun and competitive way!

  • This activity evokes mystery, wonder and above all else, adventure! Using a combination of relay race and problem solving, a good team effort is crucial to success.

  • But this is no ordinary treasure hunt or amazing race. This discovery is unique because:

  • Technology Flair: Sounds, images, writing,... all captured by the iPad given to each team;

  • History:Our unique and memorable hunt explores locations listed under the “Historic Centre of Macau”, which is inscribed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

  • Experience: Each team will have the opportunity of trying diffrent things such as Macanese food, tea, wine, etc.

  • Done by the most experienced team in Macau.

  • How does it work:

  • The whole group is divided into teams, each team is identified by a colour. After the teams have been divided and a team leader has been chosen, a kit bag inclusive of an iPad and several other items is given to each team. It’s in the iPad that all the maps, missions and clues are saved and described.

  • During the treasure hunt, hosts are strategically positioned in the historic centre to help teams accomplishing their missions.

  • Team benefits: enhance team spirit, fun and joy, motivation, problem solving, communication.

Tai-chi Experience

A perfect connection between mind and body – for all group sizes, indoor or outdoor.

The gentle nature of Tai-chi Chuan makes it suitable for people of all ages and ability. Warm-up and conditioning exercises, basic stepping exercises including Tai-chi Walking and the basics of stance and body-mechanics, complete the overall picture to give a well-rounded and satisfying introduction to Tai-chi.

How does it work:

Aprofessional Tai-chi master will teach the whole group the techniques of this ancient art. This activity can work as a workshop, just for fun, but it can also be made as a competition.

If your group doesn’t have too much time, this workshop is perfect on its own, but it is a very good option to combine with other team building activities.

Team benefits: fun and joy, relax, communication.

Dragon / Lion Dance Workshop

An interactive and cultural experience that will enrich all participants knowledge and team spirit.

In Chinese Culture both the Dragon and the Lion Dance are important to achieve blessings and so it’s usual to see this dances in ceremonies. The lion is considered as a vehicle for dispensing all the good blessings of heaven to the whole community, while the dragons are believed to bring good luck to people.

In this workshops participants are taught the art and flow of the dragon dance, the lion dance or even combine the learning of both.

How does it work:

To start the group is briefed by professional dancers about the movements from head to tail and also the theory behind the dances. But that’s not it, the music and instruments used will also be taught because this is what leads lions and dragons to do the right movements.

But, to really learn one has to do it... So, the whole group is divided into teams that will practice with lions and dragons as the ones used in festivities. After practicing, a competition will be held and the dance master will decide the best performance and therefore decide who is the winner.

Team benefits: enhance team spirit, fun and joy, communication motivation, dynamics.

Night Owl Heritage Challenge

The ideal way to discover the best of Macau’s heritage by night, when the crowds are gone and the cool of the evening descends…

How does it work:

Your team will search out the clues amongst the bustling life of the pawnshops and the street side scenes in the neon district.

In this challenge you will be required to race the length and breadth of Macau by whatever means you can - taxi, rickshaw or on foot - to discover the beauty and the secrets of this stunning city by night!

Team benefits: enhance team spirit,competition, leadership, motivation, cooperation, fun and joy.

Without Frontiers Games – Team Spirit

Several activities in one same space. These games are the perfect indoor competition between different teams.

The perfect way to make company members understand corporate values and develop their relation with each other.

How does it work:

All the games have a goal: team work. All team members need to work together, in order to do the best performance they can, by following the game rules.

Some examples of these games are the: the mine field game, the body letter puzzle; the save the world game, the pipeline, and many others team building games, according to the company goals for the event.

Team benefits: enhance team spirit,fun and joy, competition, cooperation, motivation.

Portuguese / Macanese Cooking Experience

Delegates will experience the art and flavour of real Macanese or Portuguese cuisine.

How does it work:

After the briefing and already divided in teams, the program will start with a stroll to the local produce market, where the group will need to select and buy the best and freshest ingredients.

Then, with the chef’s guidance, they will cook the food they purchased in the market just in time for lunch or dinner, where they will fest, evaluate and be evaluated by the taste and presentation of the meal each group has prepared.

Team benefits: fun and joy, relax, competition, motivation, communication.

Private Party on a Chinese Junk

A party on board a traditional Chinese Junk with the Macau skyline as background.

Your skipper and first mate will ensure guests have plenty to eat and drink while enjoying the Macau waterways and the beautiful views. All you have to do is relax!

How does it work:

Departing from the Macau Yacht Club, crossing under the three bridges to reach the islands, this boat trip gives the opportunity of watching the beautiful landscape while enjoying the canapés and free flow of drinks during all route…and to make it even more funnier, music and entertainment can be arranged on board.

Team benefits: fun, joy, relax & communicate.

Luxury Cruise

Take a relaxed cruise out of Macau’s inner harbour and experience the view of Macau as you cruise on this luxury yacht.

How does it work:

The route of this fibre glass motor yacht with 95ft will pass under Macau’s three bridges and will allow you to admire the iconic city skyline. Take the chance to relax and enjoy the view. Drinks and light snacks are included.

Team benefits: fun, joy, relax & communicate.

Wine Lecture & Dinner

An introduction to the delicacies of Portuguese wines… ideal for management level parties.

How does it work:

A wine expert from the Wine Society of Macau conducts the whole experience. He will present Portuguese wines with a brief introduction about how to distinguish flavors and wine types followed by the tasting itself.


The number of wines tasted will vary according to the group size and the types will range from reds, whites and roses.

After the wine introduction it’s time for food in a four course dinner (degustation menu) which will be paired with the wines. For each dish a brief introduction is provided about the characteristics of the wine and the matching of food and wine - wine pairing.

Team benefits: fun and joy, relax, communication.

Roving Dinner

Indulge and learn about the different cuisines in Macau. The perfect way to mix and match various tastes and combinations while experiencing different scenarios.

How does it work:

The group will try the different cuisines of Macau by moving from restaurant to restaurant.

The cocktail will be served in a terrace overlooking the famous Macau landmark – St Paul’s Ruins – which will be followed by the starter at one of the most iconic hotel-casino of Macau. For the main course, and after a short walk, the group will be comfortably seated in an old colonial club tasting their delicacies and sipping wine. For the dessert we’ll move back to the flashing lights of the casinos where the group will end up with an hour of lucky ……

Team benefits: taste, relax, enjoy.

Themed Dinners and Gala Dinners

Everyone dreams of the perfect event in a themed dinner or gala dinner. We focus our efforts on the perfect flow of events.

Our team can arrange all the production you need. Each and every creative detail for you not to worry about anything. Our services range from:

- Venue rental and venue decoration;

- Catering service;

- Lights, sound and video service;

- Entertainment (e.g. music acts, magic performances, mimes, etc);

- Awards and prizes;

- Hosts in the reception and during the event.