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The Management Consulting Association presents. Intro to Case Interview Frameworks Today!! Tuesday D301 from 12-1pm. The Management Consulting Association. Intro to Case Interview Frameworks. What Case Interviewers are looking for. Analytical ability Poise Creativity

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the management consulting association presents

The Management Consulting Association presents...

Intro to Case Interview


Today!! Tuesday

D301 from 12-1pm

the management consulting association

The Management Consulting Association

Intro to Case Interview


what case interviewers are looking for
What Case Interviewers are looking for
  • Analytical ability
  • Poise
  • Creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Logical thought process
  • Business acumen
what are frameworks
What are frameworks?
  • A structured approach to break down a case problem
  • A way to think about the facets of a business decision
  • A tool to develop case interview proficiency
how to use frameworks
How to use frameworks?
  • During your early practice interviews, use frameworks to develop the discipline for structuring a interview answer
  • Later, depart from the frameworks (avoid mentioning them) to develop a comfort level with structuring a framework on the fly
  • Bottom line: You need to practice to do this right
how not to use frameworks
How not to use frameworks?
  • Saying, “Well, I’ll use the Porter’s 5 forces to break this down...”
  • Worrying about finding the right framework for the case - in every case, several would work fine
  • Becoming panicked if you can’t remember a framework - remember, structure is the most important thing!
structure your response the golden rule
Structure Your Response - The golden rule
  • Listen to question and ask any clarifying questions. Take notes.
  • Tell interviewer the areas you plan to investigate in 2-3 sentences
  • Proceed down line of inquiry in first area you think shows the most promise - “First, I would like to get a better understand of their customer base..”
  • Proceed to next area if deterred in questioning and/or you’ve exhausted a subject. Telegraph your moves - “Next, I would like to assess their competitive environment…”
  • Pull finding together at end of interview and state recommendations (“Initial findings suggest… ; I recommend we do the following….”)
pizarro case question example
Pizarro Case Question Example
  • Question: How did the Spanish Conquistador Pizarro, with only 180 men, manage to defeat the Incan Empire which numbered in the thousands…
  • Framework: “Like business, success in a military campaign is dependent on many factors including training, resources, and leadership. I would want to explore the following..
    • Compare the Pizarro’s leadership with the of the Incan ruler
    • Analyze the training of Pizzaro’s forces
    • Determine if Pizarro’s forces had any technological advantage over the Incas
  • Let’s start with Leadership. “Who was the Inca ruler and how would you characterize his leadership...”
popular frameworks
Popular Frameworks
  • 4 P’s of Marketing
  • Porter’s 5 Forces
  • Internal and External Factors
  • 3 C’s - Company, Competition, Customer
  • Revenues vs Costs
revenues vs costs
Revenues vs. Costs

Useful for determining why a company is losing profitability

  • Revenues
    • have they changed, how?
    • Pricing pressure?, recession?, competition?
  • Costs
    • Fixed Costs - new investments, low capacity?
    • Variable Costs - raw materials costs (supplier power), labor costs
4 p s of marketing
4 P’s of Marketing

Useful for determining in company should enter a new market or product category. Also, may help identify cause of sales slowdown

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Placement
porter s 5 forces
Porter’s 5 Forces

Useful for determining whether a company will be competitive and profitable in the long run

  • Supplier Power
  • Buyer Power
  • Entry Barriers
  • Internal Rivalry
  • Substitutes
internal vs external
Internal Vs External

Useful for nearly all business problems

  • External Factors
    • Market - trends, segments, substitutes
    • Customers - demand, price sensitivity, loyalty
    • Competitors - how many, share, strengths
  • Internal Factors
    • Operations - how cost competitive and inefficient
    • Finance - are resources sufficient, profitability
    • Product - competitive advantage, differentiated
the 3 c s
The 3 C’s

Useful for nearly all business problems

  • Company - marketing, operations, strategy
  • Competition - industry structure (Porter’s 5), competitor positioning (low cost, high quality)
  • Customer - segments, size, growth, price elasticity
  • Learn the frameworks so they become second nature
  • Practice and more practice to become comfortable with the facets of a business problem
  • Develop capacity to structure problem in an appropriate manner to reach a solution