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What is Liquid marijuana PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Liquid marijuana

What is Liquid marijuana

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What is Liquid marijuana

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  1. What is liquid marijuana What exactly is liquid marijuana? As the world keeps evolving, we try to find ways to enjoy what we love to indulge in and liquid marijuana is one of those ways to enjoy marijuana in a whole new level without compromising on quality.

  2. Although liquid marijuana as been around for ages, used traditionally in herbal medicine, global attention just shifted to it, after it was discovered to be an alternative to smoking marijuana and it offered more in a very fun way. Liquid marijuana, also known by its street names; green dragon, tincture of marijuana, tink,mayzack, is simply a tincture made by soaking the marijuana plant; stems and leaves mostly, in very strong alcohol. This is left for a few days to get the flavor and other important chemicals mainly, THC; which is the main psychochemical ingredient in marijuana that gives you that good feeling, seep into the alcohol. The resulting mixture is very concentrated tincture offering you the best of both worlds; alcohol and marijuana. Just a few drops or at most a teaspoon are enough to give you as much as you will get if you smoked a full wrap of marijuana. The high side is you avoid the smell attributed to smoking marijuana, you are clean. How is liquid marijuana prepared? If you were of the opinion that it is really difficult to have home-made marijuana made, you are totally wrong. Dabbling in making liquid marijuana is as easy as ABC; you do not need any form of scientific knowledge to make some for your enjoyment. Basically, you need are the ingredients as earlier stated; marijuana plants and very strong alcohol or spirit; vodka could easily suffice. There are two methods of making liquid marijuana. These are:

  3. Cold Method This is a very popular method as it is the simpler of both and less hazardous. All you just need is to soak the marijuana plant (ensure it is very clean to avoid contamination) in alcohol. Also ensure the container used has a cover and is very clean. A clean tincture of marijuana is very important because usage is by ingestion and not inhalation. This is one reason it is advisable to know how and where your tincture is made to be sure you are taking in liquid marijuana made in the cleanest environment. All you need to do after soaking and sealing properly is to shake the mixture every day for a few minutes and after a few weeks the THC cannabinoid have been absorbed by the alcohol. Note that, the longer you soak, you get a stronger tincture. After this is done, you can proceed to filtering. 2. Hot Method Although I said the process of making liquid marijuana is pretty easy, the hot method is a little more technical and hazardous. This is also the fastest method of the two. You need liquid marijuana in a few hours and not weeks when using the cold method, the hot method is for you.

  4. The hot method, also known as the ‘dragon method’, probably due to the various steps involved in production. As the name implies, heat is involved, a stove will work best. A huge downside of this process is messing up the composition due to excessive heating and also fire hazard issues associated with heating alcohol. Heating takes a few hours and voila, you have a highly concentrated liquid marijuana in your hands. It is advisable that those using this for medical purposes, contact accredited centers to get high grade marijuana and also get help in making your own tincture. What does liquid marijuana look like? As the name implies, liquid marijuana is a liquid mixture or ‘tincture’ as it is called and it usually assumes the color of marijuana, which is a deep green mixture. It is usually packed for sale in a spray bottle or a dropper, easy to carry around discretely. The process of producing liquid marijuana, doesn’t take away the taste and feel, it just has a bite to it; a burning taste when put directly on the tongue and this is due to throe alcohol it contains. It tastes, smells and feels totally like marijuana with a little punch to it.

  5. This product is amazing no doubt, but the ease of having an overdose due to its concentration is quite worrying. Control is needed if you must use liquid marijuana. If you ever find yourself in a situation you feel overdose has occurred which could becharacterized by severe psychotic activity, hallucination, slurred speech and so on, get to a hospital as soon as you can. The liquid marijuana is fantastic and a new way to experience marijuana’s thrill without worrying about a compromised quality, but, this should be done wisely to avoid dangerous situations.