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How to grow marijuana outdoors PowerPoint Presentation
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How to grow marijuana outdoors

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How to grow marijuana outdoors
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How to grow marijuana outdoors

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  1. How to grow marijuana outdoors How to grow marijuana outdoors; factors for optimal yield Over the years, as a marijuana expert, I have gotten a lot of questions about marijuana. The one question I get a lot after asking how to grow marijuana is ‘how do I grow marijuana outdoors?’

  2. Although growing marijuana indoors has been mastered by a lot of growers using different techniques to ensure high quality marijuana plants are grown, one cannot deny the fact that growing marijuana outdoors can be incredibly rewarding. It is a known fact the marijuana grown in an outdoor environment gives better yields than those grown indoors; no matter the technique involved, it is never the same. It is more flavorful and no doubt more natural. In this article I will be focusing on the factors that need to be considered to ensure optimal yield, if you want to grow marijuana outdoors. These factors are very important as they can make or break your outdoor marijuana growing success. They include: Location Although most people have a preconceived notion that marijuana grows best in tropical environments, it is not entirely true! If we look back into history, marijuana originated from Asia, though most of that area is tropical, it could be really cold and very harsh.

  3. Accurately knowing the correct temperature for your location will make your outdoor marijuana cultivation as it informs the choice of marijuana strains. All you really need after sorting out how your location can affect your outdoor marijuana cultivation experience, is to do proper planning and care you can successfully grow marijuana in whatever weather you find yourself. 2. Proper site selection There is way to overemphasize the importance of choosing the best site for your marijuana farm. It is the key to the success of your marijuana cultivation. When selecting a marijuana farm site, you need to make sure all the other requirements for a successful farm are available. If you find yourself in places marijuana cultivation is prohibited and you want to plant outdoors, you need to ensure they can be well hidden and camouflaged. Does the site have a good soil? Is water available? And can you get enough sunlight to reach the plant? These are very important questions you need a positive answer to if you need to make a success of planting marijuana outdoors.

  4. 3.Stealth It is no news that if marijuana must be grown in areas where prohibition of marijuana cultivation is enforced, you must stealth your plans as keeping them in plain sight could cause more harm than good. It is also important to consider the distinct odor that is given off by the plants. So keeping it out of sight is not the only issue to contend with, the odor should be dealt with as well. You really don’t want nosy neighbors calling the law enforcement agency on you and also you don’t want someone helping himself to your ripe plants after stumbling on them. It is advisable to plant crops that grow as fast as marijuana to help cover up the existence of your marijuana plants. One plant that comes to mind is the tomato plant. It is perfect for such purposes. If you want to plant marijuana in the wood, avoid areas with high human, animal and vehicular traffic

  5. 4. Good weather conditions Putting into consideration what your marijuana plants need is very important. How much sunshine, water and humidity do they need? What kind of soil is appropriate and how to remedy conditions that are not very pleasant for marijuana plants to thrive in. Calculate how much sunlight the area of cultivation gets per day; look out for huge trees or plants that could block the sun from reaching your plants. If you have a body of water close by or your area gets adequate rainfall, then you have no problem with water supply. If you are not so lucky, you will need to get a tank and also use an appropriate irrigation system. Check out the soil around your cultivation area. If it doesn’t look right try to fix the soil before you venture into planting the marijuana seeds or clones. Finally, always look out for weather forecasts. They will guide you on how to treat your plants a few days before the weather changes adversely.

  6. 5. Seeds or clones Even after doing all that has been suggested above and you get the wrong seed or clones, you will fail woefully. If you choose to use seeds get the best seeds that would provide healthy plants. Carefully consider other factors and use them to make good decisions. Clones are a better choice as they have good genetic traits for optimal growth. Ensure while planting them you adhere strictly to instructions given to you so as to get the best from them. Planting marijuana outdoors has its risks. You need to put in more efforts to make a success of it. But if you do things right, the end results are very thrilling you get a very natural plant with all of nature’s goodness infused into it.