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Benefits of Smoking Marijuana Vaporizer PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Smoking Marijuana Vaporizer

Benefits of Smoking Marijuana Vaporizer

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Benefits of Smoking Marijuana Vaporizer

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  1. Benefits of Smoking Marijuana Vaporizer Smoke marijuana? Reasons why a vaporizer is a better alternative Marijuana is used for different reasons; medically or for recreational use. Consequently, there are also different ways marijuana is ingested; smoked, eaten or mixed with your favorite beverage.

  2. Smoking is the most common means of using marijuana. It is easy and it gets the user feeling the effect almost immediately. Although, smoking marijuana is easy, using bongs, pipes or just wrapping it up can cause some health hazards. Don’t get me wrong. I do not advocate the use of medical jargon which have not been proven, just to get people dropping their marijuana habits. I just seek means of using marijuana without it being detrimental to the user. Using a vaporizer is a better alternative when smoking marijuana. It might be expensive, but it is worth every penny. It saves you from a lot of health issues and makes the experience a little more pleasurable. There are several reasons why you should use a vaporizer and a few of them are highlighted in this article. The health of your lungs This is the most important reason using a vaporizer. It is healthier than smoking marijuana directly. This has been proven by scientists all over the world and the verdict remains the same every time.

  3. Doctors all over the world have speculated for years now that marijuana can cause lung cancer or other forms of lung damage. Although, this is not as bad as it is for those who smoke tobacco, it is still a health risk. Marijuana when smoked releases a lot of carcinogens and tar, known to cause lung irritations and acute bronchitis. When these researches were carried out, they were conducted on marijuana users who smoked directly rather than using a marijuana vaporizer. Recent researches on vaporizer users have revealed that this technology has been able to overcome and restrict the bad stuff in marijuana from getting to the lungs of the user. Vaporizers heat marijuana at a low temperature instead of combusting it, releasing inhabitable vapor and removing about 95 percent of smoke and releasing the anti-inflammatory agents; terpenoids. This vapor still contains cannabinoids; the major ingredient needed by medical users and gives the pleasurable feeling most users feel. Increased dosage Vaporizers efficiently convert most of the plant material of marijuana into active cannabinoids, increasing the percentage of THC produced.

  4. According to studies, vaporizers produce 46 percent of available THC in marijuana into vapor. Whereas, smoking marijuana directly, produces just 25 percent of THC. This just shows that you will need less amounts of marijuana to get the required amount of THC when using a vaporizer, than what is produced when you smoke marijuana directly. Most vaporizer users have attested to the fact that this method is a more effective method of getting THC into the body system than when smoked directly, eating products laced with marijuana or making tea with it. So when penny hoarders think smoking marijuana directly is cheaper and using a vaporizer is great for those who have nothing more to do with cash, they are very wrong. It is actually cheaper in the long run using a vaporizer than smoking directly. Increased side effect A study carried out on users who smoked marijuana using a vaporizer and those who used marijuana by smoking it directly, revealed that the former group claimed with proof that they had a heightened feeling of the THC component in marijuana than those who used other means to use the product.

  5. It was further researched that using vaporizers got users experiencing a clearer high than others, reason being vaporizer users inhaled the marijuana vapor by taking short, shallow puffs, while those who smoked directly took longer, deeper drags which can be uncomfortable and tasking at the same time. Using vaporizers to smoke marijuana has more benefits than disadvantages; most critics claim they are pricey, which is a wrong assumption in the long run. They are cost effective, beneficial; they are not hazardous to the lungs, they are not as messy as smoking directly which leaves you smelling funny and they give you a better experience. If you are using marijuana for medical reasons or as a product for relaxation, you can go wrong using this amazing product; the marijuana vaporizer. View more