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Kenmore Freezers

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Kenmore Freezers

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kenmore freezers
Kenmore Freezers



Whenever comparing fridge freezers you must review them depending on numerous reasons and all these reasons include price...cooling power...the consistency of temperature between fridge and fast and easy the freezer defrosts...and sound levels. Life span of the model also needs to be considered...and the annual cost of operating the fridge freezer is also important.


Quite often the price difference between companies is just tiny but the annual running expense of one is almost 200% more than another. By simply looking at these factors of 1 make to another... you'll discover which make is best suited for your requirements.


Kenmore produce solid refrigerators which guarantees its lasting life...and why is Kenmore a good solution is how the service is extremely good too. It is not too surprising that lots of consumers rate Kenmore fridges before large brands like Electrolux and Samsung.


Kenmore justifies the rave reviews it has received from it's users and it also produces side-by-side fridge freezers along with fridges with top mounted freezers.


The phrase old is gold fits very well for the Kenmore refrigerators. Kenmore is not among those companies which have recently been launched. Its history goes back to 1927 when it started operating as Sears laundry appliance. It did not take them a long time when the company had successfully sold more than one million laundry products.


The company entered the refrigerators market in round about 1977 and started giving license to the companies who were looking for business expansion. One such company was Whirlpool. Sear has the control over the quality department and makes sure that right product is delivered in the market.


There is a large variety available in Kenmore refrigerators as there are more four hundred models available in the market. Thus the customers have a lot of choice to choose from. The Kenmore brand can be categorized in three major segments; Kenmore elite, Kenmore, Kenmore Pro. The price differs as per the category.


Over the product range is between $800 and $3000.The most favorite model of Kenmore refrigerator is French door refrigerators. The best thing about this product is the well designed interior which makes it suitable for an average size family, i.e. four members. Those living in small apartments prefer buying this refrigerator as it serves the purpose very well.


The research study shows that Kenmore has reported low level of sales over part many years but now has shown a great come back in the market with innovative products which are exclusively available in Kenmore product. No doubt there some really unique features available the Kenmore refrigerators that people simply fall for this appliance at first glance.


The first and most important feature is PUR. It is a specially designed water filtration system which is popular for producing water quality water. This quality level has become a symbol for Kenmore now. The users claim that the vegetables remain fresh over a long period of time as compared with other refrigerators.


There is a humidity control system which is responsible for maintain this level of quality. The specialists from different areas have stated that the UltraFresh Cooling System installed in Kenmore is far better than the systems of other brands.


This system has a direct positive impact on the meat storage and well as when storing frozen food and vegetables. This result is achieved by managing the temperature and humidity level of the fridge. Above all other features, it is energy efficient which means that it used 15% less energy and thus there is no need to worry about electricity bill.


Kenmore is another good company that manufactures water filters for home. The bottom freezer and side by side design improves the clarity, odor and flavor, filtering out mercury, lindane, asbestos, atrazine and particulates without reducing fluoride.


This filter reduces lead, cysts and chlorine and it can remove up to seven hundred and fifty gallons before needing a cartridge replacement, so you can expect a year of use per filter cartridge. Costing under ten cents "cost per use" per gallon of water processed compared to double that figure which some other brands use, this is an economical model for everyone.


The Kenmore under sink drinking water system is another good water filter for home use. This comes with a faucet and wrench but is simple to install. The under sink drinking water system reduces the odor and flavor of chlorine and sediment efficiently.

kenmore freezers17
Kenmore Freezers

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