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Dickies Cargo Pants

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Dickies Cargo Pants

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dickies cargo pants
Dickies Cargo Pants



Dickies cargo pants were originally designed to accommodate laborers, for this reason they are very durable; containing a large amount of space and providing a number of pockets for tools and equipment.


In recent years Dickies have gone on to be one of the worlds most respected clothing brands. And now their cargo pants are not only a firm favorite among workers, but hold a lot of respect within the fashion industry for their style and versatility.


Cargo pants were originally designed to accommodate outdoor workers. The main difference between them and other forms of pants is that they contain large pockets on the sides and have a looser fit, which makes them perfect for moving around and bending at the knee.


They are usually made of a hard wearing fabric, and are very difficult to tear due to their rugged form of stitching. Most cargo pants also have larger waist loops so they can accommodate wide belts and portable tool kits. Brands such have Dickies have adapted the original design over the years to cater to various other forms of working environment.


Dickies have designed workwear to suit various different job titles, including; auto engineers, painters, cleaners, medical professionals and businessmen. The Dickies industrial cargo pant is usually the preferred option among laborers.


Dickies cargo pants are made from a stain proof and wrinkle resistant fabric that’s very strong. They are not only suitable for working men, but are smart enough to wear to the office or with a formal outfit. This makes them very versatile. Dickies cargo pants are also very light weight, making them the perfect alternative to jeans.


Most forms have six pockets, giving them endless uses and providing a great deal of storage space. The lose fitting nature of the pants allows the freedom for air to circulate; this makes them very comfortable and easy to move in. Belt loops are provided, meaning that they can accommodate various waist sizes.


There are various different forms of Dickies cargo work pants available. The most popular form is the straight leg with the boot cut. These are the standard form and can be worn for a variety of different purposes.


Dickies cargo scrub pants are designed are medical professionals and for casual home-wear. The difference between these pants and the standard form is that they have an elastic waist. This particular model has less sizes, however the elastic can cater to a variety of different waists.


Dickiesripstop cargo pants have the same features as standard work pants, however they are made of a thicker material. These pants have more weight to them and are much stronger than the other forms. Ripstop cargo pants are often used with military clothing as they are able to withstand heavy duty activities.


Women’s cargo pants are also available. Dickies provide various different forms, with the most popular being the elastic women cargo pants. These pants have two scoop pockets and one cargo pocket, however the main difference between them and the standard form is the elastic waist strap.


Women’s relaxed cargo pants are very similar to the men’s cargo pants. They have two scoop pockets, one side pocket and two back pockets, which have closure flaps. They are also straight leg and have a lot of room, making them very comfortable and easily maneuverable.


Dickies cargo pants have a large range of color options to choose from, meaning there is enough choice to suit the needs of everybody.


Dickies black cargo pants are perfect for people that work in a formal setting, and look great when worn with a shirt and tie. Other color options include; grey, beige, brown and navy blue. Men’s camo cargo pants are also available in a variety of different shades.


Dickies are stocked throughout the entire world in a variety of different clothing and walmart stores, however the best deals can certainly be found on the internet. Regardless of where they are purchased, having the Dickies logo alone will guarantee a level of quality that simply cannot be matched by other brands.


Other Brands

Levi cargo pants are a more up-market alternative to Dickies. Levis cargo pants also come in a variety of different styles, such as; boot cut, skinny, regular and straight. Old Navy cargo pants are designed with comfort and practicality in mind. They are very loose fitting, soft and contain reinforced pockets for longer lasting wear.


Like Levis, Wrangler cargo pants are more expensive than Dickies and are often used as golfing trousers. Carhartt cargo pants are created with cotton canvas and feature large pockets, one of which contains a pen slot. Kohls cargo pants are designed for everyday use. The main difference between Kohls and the other brands is that they come equipped with a D-ring belt.


Cargo pants can be a great clothing option for many different occasions, and there are enough types to suit anybody’s specific style and requirements. Dickies cargo pants are perfect for people looking for a clothing that not only looks great, but will be able to stand the test of time.

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Dickies Cargo Pants

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