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Bamboo Countertops

Bamboo Countertops

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Bamboo Countertops

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  1. Bamboo Countertops • For more information, please visit http://countertopsz.com/bamboo-countertops

  2. Hardwoods have been used for building and construction for hundreds of years. Because of its toughness and durability, it has been extensively used to build different structures around the globe. Though the use of cement has become common, wood is still a top choice of many builders today.

  3. However, due to its excessive use for construction, the numbers of trees and wood on our jungles and forests have decreased dramatically. Most of the wood used for construction comes from trees that would normally take up to hundreds of years to grow. These trees grow very slowly.

  4. At this rate, trees that have been cut down on forests become very difficult to replace. We have seen the negative effects of deforestation, so we need to take action before it's too late.

  5. If you are planning on remodeling or replacing your home or kitchen, it is better to use bamboo for your project. Many homeowners and builders have recognized the efficacy of bamboo for home construction. Some say it is even better than most hardwoods such as maple. It can be used to build walls, floors, furniture, cabinets, and even countertops. Today, homeowners who are looking something different prefer bamboo countertops on their kitchen and bathrooms.

  6. Using bamboo for home construction makes you eco-friendly. Unlike most trees, bamboo grows very quickly. Most bamboos grow around 2 feet per day and up to 60 feet tall. They normally replenish themselves so you don't have to worry about decreasing their numbers on the forest. Bamboo is as tough and durable as most hardwoods.

  7. If you want your home to be eco friendly, you can start by building bamboo countertops. Bamboo will give your kitchen a warm and natural appearance. Its natural color is light golden color. If you don't like its natural color, you can steam the bamboo to reveal its dark honey color.

  8. Bamboo countertops are relatively cheaper than other countertops. It just costs around $20 to $35 per square foot excluding installation. Fabricators cut and prepare bamboo for countertops in 3 ways. One type is called horizontal cut that is 5/8-inch wide taken from the face of the pole.

  9. Another is the vertical cut that is ¼-inch wide taken from the side of the split pole. Last type is called end grain, taken from cross sectioning of bamboo poles.

  10. Kitchen countertops made of bamboo require regular sealing and cleaning. You need to clean the surface immediately after food preparation to prevent stains from accumulating. Regular sealing is required to prevent the production of germs and bacteria on its surface. It is important to properly maintain the bamboo to make it last longer.

  11. Bamboo Countertops Byhttp://countertopsz.com/bamboo-countertops

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