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The impact of marine debris PowerPoint Presentation
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The impact of marine debris

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The impact of marine debris - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The impact of marine debris. Marine Debris. Courtesy to Conservation Science Institute; Altered Ocean; Blue Planet Society.

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Marine Debris

  • Courtesy to Conservation Science Institute; Altered Ocean; Blue Planet Society
"The United Nations has turned its attention to the oceans for World Environment Day, and one of the main evildoers is a familiar one - plastic. Marine trash, mainly plastic, is killing morethan a million seabirds and 100,000 mammalsand sea turtles each year.”

- Kofi Annan,

Secretary-General, United Nations, 2004

plastic trash vortex
Plastic Trash Vortex

There are actually 46,000 pieces of plastic litter floating in every square mile of ocean.



Inside the North Pacific Gyre, there is a massive accumulation of plastic garbage known as “Plastic Soup”, “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, or “The Pacific Trash Vortex”.

- Courtesy toMichael Graham Richard, Gatineau, Canada

About 20 percent of the plastic in the oceans comes from ships or offshore platforms; the rest is blown or washed off the land.


Albatross chick - gut full of plastic!

- 90% of albatross chicks on Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean had plastic in their throats

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In 2007, ICC participants found 237 entangled animals.

  • The percentage of each type of animal entangled :
  • Birds ~ 35 percent
  • Fish ~ 27 percent
  • Invertebrates ~ 20 percent
  • Mammals ~ 13 percent
  • Reptiles ~ 5 percent
  • Amphibians ~ < 1 percent

Freeing Horseshoe crabs from gill nets at

- Mandai, Singapore

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Crabs entangled by fishing nets at

- Lazarus Island, Singapore

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The abrasion from movement of the nets injure/kill the polyps. And injured parts of corals get overgrown with algae/other organisms very fast.

– Lazarus Island, Singapore


Prevent litter!

By not littering and picking up litter you see, you may be saving the life of a marine mammal.

Packaging awareness!

Be aware of the packaging on products you purchase; opt for products with less packaging.