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Right Way to Design a Custom Home Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Right Way to Design a Custom Home Plan

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Right Way to Design a Custom Home Plan
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Right Way to Design a Custom Home Plan

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  1. Right Way to Design a Custom Home Plan

  2. Custom Home Plan First draw a basic plan yourself to mark out where you'd like the layouts of the rooms to be. From there, you should be able to go to your custom homebuilder and begin the process of working out how exactly your "rough draft" plans will come together to form your personalized home. www.oppidan.com.au

  3. Tips For Custom Home Plan Here are a few of the most common factors you need to consider while designing a custom house plans. • Make a List • Unique Property Location • Room Usage • Control Over Design and Budget • Future Changes • Perfect For The Family www.oppidan.com.au

  4. Overview • Make a List Take your time to decide what exactly you want in your house that suits your needs. There are so many reasons to customize a home. Make a list how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need and any additional room you want in your home. • Unique Property Location Unique property location can lead to construction challenges. Customization can help in building homes on any terrain i.e. a hill side where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. www.oppidan.com.au

  5. Overview • Room Usage If you really think to build your new home than there are some facts which you remember. Firstly determine the space for your furniture. After that, the best placement for your doors, bathroom and a huge space for your children and guests. • Control Over Design and Budget With a custom home design, you will be able to better control all aspects of the design and construction process easily. www.oppidan.com.au

  6. Overview • Future Changes Planning in advance can save money and headache. So when designing a home make sure that you don’t get too specific to your needs today, and do include the needs for the future. Make sure that you have enough guest bedrooms, or even unfinished lower level that can later be finished to extra bedrooms or a playroom. • Perfect for the Family With a custom house plan, you will never experience buyer’s remorse, as your home will be created around your desires. So built a home that is perfect for your whole family. www.oppidan.com.au

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