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Nutrition & MyPlate PowerPoint Presentation
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Nutrition & MyPlate

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Nutrition & MyPlate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nutrition & MyPlate. Table of Contents. Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion. Introduction. WE HAVE CHOSEN YOU! Today you start your first day of work as a waiter at the famous Broadway Diner !!

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Nutrition & MyPlate

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Task
  • Process
  • Resources
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusion


Today you start your first day of work as a waiter at the famous Broadway Diner!!

We have selected YOU, out of everybody who applied, to create our menu today!

  • Together with your group of waiters, you will create your very own MENU for our diner! It needs to include 3 meals-Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • You will need to include foods from each of the 5 food groups, calories next to each meal, and the prices of each meal within the menu.
  • Our diner serves healthy meals- no junk food!
  • Make sure your menu is decorative. We want to attract LOTS of customers!


Later on, you will be presenting your work to the class to inform them all about nutrition.



  • First, your group will need to research. Use the links provided under resources to find information on nutrition. Then, find out what the MyPlate looks like from the USDA website and become familiar with the 5 food groups. TAKE NOTES!
  • Discuss with your group what the 5 food groups are. Become familiar with them, take notes and talk about the foods in each of the groups.

3. Print and complete the worksheet provided in resources so you can get some practice in differentiating between the food groups.

4. Now that you’ve learned all about these food groups, decide as a group what meals you would like to put on your menu and what foods from each of the food groups will you use in your delicious meals! (Make sure you use each food group)

process continued
Process continued

5. Write down your meals on your menu. Name the meal, give a description of what foods it consists of and on the side of the menu, give a reasonable price $$$.

6. Go to the resources. Visit the Calorie Chart to find out the amount of calories for each of your meals and include that on your menu.

Phew, you’re doing a great job…almost there!

7. Now to finish off, include a healthy physical activity or healthy eating tip at the end of your menu! Waaaalaaaa you’re menu is complete!

Your group of waiters will now present your completed menu to the class. All group members need to speak while presenting Menu.

Talk about what you learned, what you thought was most interesting, ask the audience to ask questions.

Make sure to hand in your Menu and Worksheets to the Head Waiter!!

  • Calorie Chart
  • USDA website about My plate
  • Exploring Food Groups worksheet
  • Oral Presentation Rubric

YUM! You did such a great job 

That was the most delicious & healthy meal I have ever eaten, thank you healthy 5th graders! I will visit your diner again very soon!

Today, you learned and also shared with the class, all you’ve learned about nutrition. You are now familiar with MyPlate, the 5 food groups and calories of the foods you chose for your meals!

Well done!