korean conflict 1950 1953 n.
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Korean Conflict 1950-1953

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Korean Conflict 1950-1953 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Korean Conflict 1950-1953. Players. Peninsula size of Mississippi & Indiana together Altitude from sea level to hills and high mountains Borders China and what was then Soviet Union Sea of Japan separates from Japan Warm water harbors.

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Peninsula size of Mississippi & Indiana togetherAltitude from sea level to hills and high mountainsBorders China and what was then Soviet UnionSea of Japan separates from JapanWarm water harbors


Annexed by Japan in 1910During closing days of WWII Soviets and US divided Korea along 38th parallelUN resolution called for free elections and unification


Instead, war came.1949 after elections in South Korea, US troops left.Two Koreas threatened each other.June, 1950 North crossed 38th with Russian tanks and poured into South

un resolution
UN Resolution
  • That North Korea should retire north of the 38th Parallel
  • If not, UN would authorize member nations to take steps to restore peace to the south
  • Russia boycotted the Security Council during these votes.
  • 19 Member nations contributed to war effort
  • US supplied 4/5s of the troops
  • MacArthur was put in charge.
  • Called “Truman’s War” back in US Congress
beginning of chapter 12 sacrificial lamb of the cold war
Beginning of Chapter 12: Sacrificial Lamb of the Cold War

"Americans are half-ape, half-human and have long thick hair all over their body, yes, even their women grow hair all over their body, just like female dogs. Their body order is unbelievably foul and make you sick. They have huge sex organs about the size of a bang-chi and copulate with anybody, men and women, including their own mother and kids. We should not let these animals in our town and defend Japan to death."

My Japanese school principal, Kapsan, Korea, 1945

By Young Sik Kim

My First American Encounter

As the US 1st Marine Division moved to Hamhung from Wonsan and the ROK I Corps moved out on October 24, 1950, I saw US soldiers for the first time. One day I was playing in the street in front of my house when I spotted two strange looking figures coming over the hilltop. We stopped playing and watched the two strangers with some apprehension. We anticipated some sort of dramatic meeting. Well, to my disappointment, there were no uplifting words, no ruffles and flourishes. Apparently unaware of the peeping eyes focused upon them, those two pulled down their pants, squatted down and relieved themselves. Thus, my very first sight of the Americans was “earthy”.

Up to this moment, my knowledge of America was based on what the Japanese taught


Below, man fixing rigged stovepipe for bunker heater.

Right, troops dropped off and walking to their front line position.

july 1951 peace talks began

July 1951 Peace talks began.

July 1953

Armistice Signed

american losses
American Losses
  • Dead 54,246 (33,629 KIA)
  • Wounded 103,248
  • MIA 8,142
  • Captured 3,746

Total 169,365

Korean Service Ribbon

Korean Service Medal