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AlgGeo II. Mrs. St.Clair Rm# 118. Alg/Geo II (one credit) Grade 10-12 Prerequisite: Alg/Geo I Alg/Geo II builds on the concepts that were introduced in Alg/Geo I. It covers the topics included in the grade 10 Ohio academic content standards for mathematics. Supplies Needed Every Day.

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alggeo ii

AlgGeo II

Mrs. St.Clair

Rm# 118


Alg/Geo II (one credit) Grade 10-12

Prerequisite: Alg/Geo I

Alg/Geo II builds on the concepts that were introduced in

Alg/Geo I.

It covers the topics included in the grade 10 Ohio academic

content standards for mathematics.

supplies needed every day
Supplies Needed Every Day
  • 3 Ring Binder (not a folder)
  • 3 divider pages with tabs that are labeled

Notes, HW, Quiz/Test

  • Writing Utensil – preferably pencil, but please NEVER use red ink in this class
  • Paper that will fit in your notebook
supplies needed occasionally keep in your locker
Supplies Needed Occasionally (Keep in your locker)
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Ruler with inches & centimeters
  • Basic Calculator (Trig keys will help!)

(I have a class set of these items for you to use in class, but you may not remove them from the classroom. i.e.: without them, how do you finish your homework if it is incomplete at the end of class?)

classroom rules
Classroom Rules
  • Use common sense before you say or do anything in this classroom. If you do not believe Mrs. St.Clair will appreciate what you say or do, then please do not say or do it.
  • Please be on time to class.

2 tardies to class = 15 min. detention after school.

Tardy = Distraction

If you must be late – thank you in advance for being quiet, polite and non-disruptive.

you may chew gum in my class as long as
You may chew gum in my class as long as:
  • I do not see it or hear it.
  • It does not end up stuck to anything or anyone in the room.
  • It is disposed of properly in the trash can when not in use.
  • If the above requests are not met, then there will be no gum in this classroom.
  • Feel free to NARC on your peers in order to continue chewing gum. I never reveal my sources.

Progress Book is a phenomenal tool – use it!

I may have pop quizzes to find out if you are using it or not.

I will not print out your grade for you. You have Internet access at the school – do not abuse it – use it wisely. Keep yourself informed of your grade daily or at least weekly.

You may request to use the student computers in my room in order to check your grades on Progress Book at the end of class, time permitting. I will have a sign up sheet on my desk. You will need my permission first, then you will need to sign the log. Please do not abuse this privilege.

Grades are based on the General Scale listed in your Student Handbook.


Homework matters! It accounts for 40% of your grade.

It is your practice for the course and it will be assigned almost every day.

It is usually worth 5-10 points.

You MUST show your work for full credit.

If you copy the problem and show your work on your homework, you have created a perfect study tool to use on your quizzes and tests. Use common sense when deciding whether work is required or not.

homework in class
Homework in Class

Time will be given at the end of each class period to work on homework as long as:

All students cooperate with minimum distractions.

We complete the whole lesson in time.

All students utilize the given time to work on the HW.

Time will not be given at the end of each class period as long as:

All students are not cooperative and we have multiple distractions.

We do not complete the whole lesson in time.

Students abuse the time given by not starting their HW.

homework incentive
Homework Incentive

HW % may replace your lowest test score.

ex: Your lowest test score for the 1st grading period is a 59%. Your Homework grade is an 89%.

I will replace that 59% with the 89%.

notebooks matter
Notebooks Matter
  • Notebooks are your reference tool in place of a textbook.
  • Notebooks are required each day in class.
  • Notebooks should be organized daily.
  • Notebooks will be graded at least 1 time during each grading period.
  • I will check for notebooks within the 1st 4 weeks of school and award bonus points for being prepared and organized.
notebook incentive
Notebook Incentive
  • Notebooks will be worth 25 points at the end of each quarter.
  • Depending on the completeness and organization of your notebook, you may earn 25 points toward your current Quarter grade.
  • Low HW score? Notebook will help.
  • Low Quiz/Test score? Notebook will help.
quizzes test
  • Quizzes & Tests are worth 40% of your grade
  • You must show your work. Use common sense to decide when this is necessary. If you’re not sure – show it. Partial credit can only be earned if you show your work.
  • Absolute quiet during tests. Do not talk or distract or you will earn a zero. You may quietly ask Mrs. St.Clair questions that pertain to the test. Please do not ask to leave the room during an assessment period. Mrs. St.Clair will tell you when you may talk again, but it may not be until the next day. 
high test scores but low homework scores
High Test Scores, but Low Homework Scores?

Many students do well on tests, but fail to complete their daily homework assignments.

Proposal (Provided you PASS the OGT): If you earn a C or higher on your quiz/test scores for one quarter, but your HW percentage is much lower, I will give you 20 bonus points in your Homework category.

Reason: If you score well on the Q/T (remember to show your work!) without doing the homework, then you have proven to me that you understand the material.

Downfall: If you allow your HW score to fall too low, the bonus points will not help you one bit. This is not to be considered as a “get out of doing homework” proposal.

late homework
Late Homework
  • When absent, mark “absent” at the top of your HW and turn it in. You are allowed 1 day late for each day of excused absence.
  • When you are forgetful, lazy, not feeling well, etc. and you do not turn your HW in on time - Please do it and show your work. Write “late” at the top of your HW and turn it in for partial credit. I will accept late work for the current grading period only. Cut off dates for late work will be posted on the chalkboard.
copied hw
Copied HW
  • Do not copy someone else’s HW, this will not prepare you for the Quiz/Test.
  • Do not allow someone to copy your HW, this will not prepare them for the Quiz/Test, you are enabling them to fail.
  • Any violation of the above will result in a zero for both people and a detention after school; peer-tutoring the copied assignment.
projects participation
  • Worth 20% of your grade
  • Projects are usually group work and a group grade as well as an individual grade will be awarded.
  • There is one participation point for each day of the school year.
  • I will not wake you up if you fall asleep in class, however, you will lose your participation point for the day. Progress book with have a notation for your parents to see that you were sleeping, had your head down, not participating, etc.
  • If you choose to misbehave, distract, break classroom rules, earn a detention, have unexcused absences, sleep, not participate, have your head down, etc. you will lose your participation point for the day.
student accountability
Student Accountability
  • Check Progress Book and be aware of your daily, weekly, monthly grade.
  • Know when you are missing HW assignments by checking Progress Book.
  • When you are absent, check on Progress Book to see what you missed and turn it in.
  • Check your student folder before you sit down daily to get information you need for class.
  • Ask me about your student folders…….