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Why Do Businesses Trust Our Business Continuity Plan Templat PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Do Businesses Trust Our Business Continuity Plan Templat

Why Do Businesses Trust Our Business Continuity Plan Templat

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Why Do Businesses Trust Our Business Continuity Plan Templat

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  2. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Why Do Thousands of Businesses Trust Our Business Continuity Plan Template

  3. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 • Have your Business Continuity Plan ready to go in hours without spending thousands even tens of thousands of dollars. Create a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan without all the hard work. • Everything you need (fully customizable to your business) to meet audit requirements (ISO 22301:2012, Sarbanes-Oxley, ITIL, HIPAA, BS25999,ISO 17799/27001, NCUA/FFIEC, and more) all in one place.

  4. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 It’s simple and easy to follow. • You’ll be delighted at the step by step instructions. It’s easy to understand. • This step-by-step ‘fill in the blanks’ business continuity plan template is guaranteed to save you time and thousands of dollars in consultancy fees.

  5. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Just some of the benefits of using our template to create your business continuity plan • An easy to use Microsoft Word® template – no training necessary! • Logical and simple to follow • Plenty of sample plan information, diagrams, flowcharts and checklists! • Available for instant download – get started on your BCP today • Easy to understand instructions – no experience required! Continued…

  6. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 • Free and unlimited support from expert business continuity consultants • No wasted time learning a complicated software package • Plenty of ‘Tips & Tricks’ provided to help you complete your plan quickly • Meets compliance requirements • No surprise ongoing fees or support charges • Fully customizable Save thousands of dollars in consultancy fees • The first and only template created by a Certified Business Continuity Vendor (DRII) • Zero Risk – 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!

  7. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 For a very limited time, when you purchase Express BCP we will give you the following templates as a FREE bonus • Table-Top exercise template • Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire • Threat and Risk Assessment template • Test and Exercise Project Plan template (Microsoft Project format) • Pandemic Plan template • Business Continuity Management Policy and Guidelines template

  8. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Suitable for all industries • Banks and Credit Unions • Pharmaceutical Industry • Managed Service Providers • Transport and Logistics Services • Legal Practices • Professional Consultants • Local, State & Federal Government • Debt Collection Continued…

  9. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 • Security providers and Services • Contact & Call Centres • Schools & Education Facilities • Health Sector • IT&T Service Providers • Franchises • Consulting Practices • Media production • Industrial & Manufacturing • Professional Services • Non-Profit • Insurance Providers • Retail & More

  10. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Save time with the pre-formatted template; fill-in the blanks and you’re ready to print! • Is your business one of the many that know they need a business continuity plan, but have never had the resources or expertise to create one? • Do you already have a business continuity plan? Perhaps it’s out of date and you’re not sure it contains the right information?

  11. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 • Our template is your answer – step by careful step, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, and page by page, our template empowers you to plan for any crisis that your business suffers. • You will enjoy that our plan is designed in a logical and flowing manner, with the plan containing Six parts that provide easy navigation, making it simple to update and maintain as your business and business continuity requirements change over time.

  12. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Detailed text, samples, diagrams, flowcharts, checklists and handy help information! Here’s an overview of the Business Continuity Plan Template:

  13. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Part One: • Make Sure You Get A Good Captain: Can you imagine a ship surviving a severe thunderstorm without a captain? Of course not. And it’s no different when your business is hit with a disaster. • That’s why this section is focused on defining roles so you know exactly who has the authority to invoke the plan. (and who is second and third in command if that person is unavailable). • This gets rid of all the little decisions and ensures all the key people are clear on their roles and responsibilities in the event of a disaster.

  14. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Part Two: • Be prepared by understanding exactly what the plan is designed to do. What is included and what is excluded. What are the vulnerabilities of the plan, if any? • This section ensures the critical functions of the business continuity process are prioritized. Part Three: • Management Structure: Clearly identify what everyones role is in the event of an emergency in a detailed organizational chart.

  15. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Part Four: • Immunize your business against chaos by clearly outlining what the essential and specific items are that everyone needs to do. • For example, the IT manager may need to send the back up tapes to the recovery site. The CEO may be in charge of dealing with the media, someone else may be in charge of securing the disaster site, etc

  16. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Part Five: • Automatically keep everyone focused and calm with precise process maps which walk you through the end to end process and the decision steps that need to be taken into consideration.

  17. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Part Six: • Project Plan Every Minute Step-By-Step: Who needs to redirect the phone lines? Deal with the telecommunications centre? Manage the media? Transfer the fax lines? Co-ordinate the command center (back up offices)? Who will make sure there are plenty of computers, phones, desks, etc? • Can you see what sort of problems it would cause if you had no plan?

  18. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Part Seven: Step By Step Checklists including: • Contact List: So you have the contact details and phone numbers of everyone you need. • Backup Data: Ensuring your backup data is available and how to retrieve it quickly. • Alternative Office Setup: This ensures you can quickly get up and running in an alternative office so you don’t lose thousands of dollars in wasted wages, lost customers and down time. It also ensures you have all the resources you need. • Media Crisis Management: Exactly how to manage the media and beat them at their own game, so they don’t embarrass your company and ruin your reputation.

  19. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Appendices: • Contact Details • Critical System Recovery • Retrieve Offsite Information and Data • Command Center Operations • Detailed IT Recovery Procedures • Detailed Telephony Recovery/Redirection Procedures • Media & Communication Management • Regulatory Compliance • Business Impact Analysis Process • Event Logs

  20. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 For more detail Contact Us New York: • 20 West 20th Street, 2nd FloorNew York, NY 10011, USA • Phone: +1 888 747-5593 • Phone: +1 (212) 547-7985 • Fax: +1 (212) 547-7983 • Sydney: • Suite 5, Sea Bridge House377 Kent StreetSydney, NSW 2000, Australia • Phone: +61 2 9636-9331 • Fax: +61 2 9863-8455