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Home Plumbing Safety Tips You Should Never Forget

It is safer to rely on professionals when it comes to plumbing repairs and installations. However, there are just some tasks that you would want to do on your own. Just take note of these plumbing safety tips from your West Palm Beach plumber to avoid accidents.

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Home Plumbing Safety Tips You Should Never Forget

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  1. Douglas Orr Plumbing Home Plumbing Safety Tips You Should Never Forget • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  2. Douglas Orr Plumbing It is always safer to rely on professionals when it comes to plumbing installations and repairs. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  3. Douglas Orr Plumbing However, we know that there are going to be instances when you’ll choose to handle tasks on your own. With that being said, let us share plumbing safety tips with you to prevent accidents and thwart the onset of other problems. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  4. Douglas Orr Plumbing Ensure that you’ll follow your local plumbing and building codes when taking on a DIY project. Don’t forget to acquire a permit for installations and repairs that would require one. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  5. Douglas Orr Plumbing Always shut off the water supply or gas valve before working to prevent fire-related accidents and flooding. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  6. Douglas Orr Plumbing If you ever smell gas while working, call your gas provider right away to locate and fix the leak. Don’t handle this job on your own. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  7. Douglas Orr Plumbing • Never put sharp tools inside your pocket so you won’t hurt yourself. It is better to use a tool box or belt for storage to prevent injuries. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  8. Douglas Orr Plumbing • When using power tools such as drills, motorized plumbing snakes and the like, it is best to read the user’s manual first. Follow the instructions and remember to hold the tools securely with both hands so you won’t drop them and injure yourself. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  9. Douglas Orr Plumbing Never use damaged tools and equipment. Don’t use them if they’re not in good condition or if they’re not properly maintained. Otherwise, accidents may happen. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  10. Douglas Orr Plumbing • Guarantee that you’ll read labels and follow manufacturer instructions when using repair kits, drain cleaners and other chemicals. This way, you’ll know what to do in case they get in contact with your skin, your eyes or in case of other emergencies that result from improper use. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  11. Always wear a mask when using materials that produce noxious fumes or when you’re involved in a project that requires sanding or sawing. Doing so will protect your lungs and avoid the inhalation of small particles that may harm your respiratory system. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  12. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses or goggles. This is a must especially when you’re using a drill, a saw, a hammer or even a plumbing snake. You just can’t tell when small particles or sharp tools will fly right into your eyes so it’s better to be prepared than sorry. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  13. Give your hands protection, too. Wearing rubber gloves will prevent your hands from hurting when using tools and equipment. The gloves will also protect you from contaminants and bacteria found in drains, sewers and toilets. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  14. Douglas Orr Plumbing • When soldering pipes, make sure that you’re properly geared. Don’t forget to wear your eyeglasses and rubber gloves. Also be careful when working on areas near the wall (wooden walls) and insulation. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  15. Douglas Orr Plumbing • Never ever work when you’re sick, sleepy or under the influence of alcohol. Only work when you’re alert and focused to avoid accidents. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  16. Douglas Orr Plumbing • Work with another person to accomplish tasks easier and safer. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  17. Douglas Orr Plumbing We hope that you’ll take these plumbing safety tips to heart when taking on DIY projects. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  18. Douglas Orr Plumbing If you need help from professionals, just hire a licensed West Palm Beach plumber. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  19. Douglas Orr Plumbing Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional yet affordable plumbing services in all of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. If you need professional plumbing help, don’t hesitate to ring us at 1-800-DOUG-ORR! • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

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