want to set healthy habits easier faster and more n.
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Elephant - never forget - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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want to set healthy habits easier faster and more

Want To Set Healthy Habits Easier, Faster And More Effectively? Follow

These Tips.

In today’s fast paced world, it gets more difficult day by day to remember to practice all

the healthy habits you want to set in stone. As soon as social media, emails and

screaming kids come along, it’s so easy to throw out best intentions out the window and

our plans to be more mindful or drink more water go out the window. Whether you want

to practice Elephant app, correcting your posture, relaxing or being grateful, there are

a few tips that one can follow to increase your chances of success.

Get Motivated

When it comes to habits, forming a new habit can take quite a bit of time. Leading

researchers have stated that it takes at least twenty one days to form a new habit. In

other words, for a person to form a new habit, the person must be performing that

particular act for at least twenty one days before it lodges in the memory. However, to

sustain your practice, you need to know it’s a habit worth practicing! Don’t just set

habits that you think you SHOULD set in stone… think about habits you genuinely WANT

to set in stone.

Visualize Yourself to Success

Our visual memory is a very powerful tool which is often underused. Want to quickly

create healthy habits? Then visualize yourself succeeding! Most people use visual

memory subconsciously, without even realizing that they are doing so. However, once

you realize that you’re able to use visual memory to your advantage, your mental

capacity increases effectively. For example, imagine that you are at a party and you

meet three people in quick succession. In order to remember their names and faces, you

often choose a very defining behavioral pattern or characteristic for that person. In this

instance, you are utilizing your visual memory without realizing it, and it’s this same skill

that can help you remember to practice healthy new habits.

Use an App

Apps are everywhere in today’s world, and many of them can help us to remember to

practice and perfect our new habits with a lot more efficiency. An app such as Elephant

App takes its name from the property of elephants – they never forget. The app is a

habit reminder app that sends you gentle ‘nudges’ to your smartphone or smartwatch

throughout the day to remind you to practice your new habit. Repetition creates new

behaviours, so use Elephant App to set your habits in stone.

Exercise Daily

lack of physical exercise slows down the body

Lack of physical exercise slows down the body’s metabolism and hormonal balance. This

in turn does a lot of damage to our body. It has been scientifically proven that if a

person is deprived of physical exercise, their mental health deteriorates rapidly. Exercise

leads better sleep, which in turn leads to better brain functioning. So get moving!

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