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A Homeowner’s DIY Guide On How To Fix Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are a common occurrence in homes. At one point, you’ll find that your sink trap is dripping or discover a stagnant pool of water in your basement. This presentation features the causes as well as tried and tested ways to fix leaking pipes. Visit: http://www.OrrPlumbing.com

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A Homeowner’s DIY Guide On How To Fix Leaking Pipes

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  1. Douglas Orr Plumbing How To Effectively Fix A Clogged Bathroom Sink • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  2. Douglas Orr Plumbing Your bathroom sink is prone to clogging as much as your kitchen sink is. So we created this presentation to help you get rid of blockages fast and easy. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  3. Douglas Orr Plumbing But first things, first. What are the causes of bathroom sink clogs? • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  4. Douglas Orr Plumbing Clogs in your bath washbasin are caused by hair, soap and toothpaste scum, wrong pipe size, incorrect plumbing installation and poor venting. So how do you eradicate nasty blockages? Follow our tips to learn how to use them properly. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  5. Douglas Orr Plumbing • Boil some water in a kettle. Pour the water generously into the sink drain. This usually flushes down sticky substances that cling onto the walls of the drainpipes. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  6. Douglas Orr Plumbing • Pour a cup of baking soda into the sink hole followed by a cup of vinegar. Cover the hole with a rag and let the two ingredients create a fizzing effect. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  7. Still clogged? Use your plunger. Position it right on the sink hole. Make sure that the rubber part is soaked in water. Start plunging up and down in a consistent pace to flush the clog. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  8. Douglas Orr Plumbing If you have a nasty build-up in the pipe, use your plumbing snake. Insert the wire into the hole and rotate the crank to break through the solid material. Repeat until the pipe is clear. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  9. If the said methods don’t solve the problem, remove the trap and use your plumbing snake to hook out the clog from there. Make sure you have a bucket to hold the excess water in the pipe. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  10. Want more tips? You may have heard about enzymatic drain cleaners. You can use them for simple clogs. Simply pour them into the drain and let them work their magic. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  11. Use Alka Seltzer tablets as a substitute for baking soda. Drop three to four tablets in the sink drain and pour a cup of vinegar. Let the two create a chemical reaction. After 10 minutes, pour hot water. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  12. Don’t use drain cleaners that have strong chemical content. They may get rid of the clog but they’ll also damage your pipes over time. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  13. When your bathroom sink pipe is always getting blocked up, you have to check its plumbing installation. Maybe the pipe is too small? Maybe it’s not set up correctly? Or maybe, you have a problem with your venting. Douglas Orr Plumbing • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  14. Douglas Orr Plumbing We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to effectively fix a clogged bathroom sink. Should DIY repairs fail, seek the help of a licensed Miami plumber. • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

  15. Douglas Orr Plumbing Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional yet affordable plumbing services in all of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. If you need professional plumbing help, don’t hesitate to ring us at 1-800-DOUG-ORR! • (305) 887-1687 www.OrrPlumbing.com

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