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International Gas Union PowerPoint Presentation
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International Gas Union

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International Gas Union - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Gas Union
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  1. International Gas Union Natural Gas – the bridging fuel towards a low carbon society Erik Gonder Advisor, IGU Secretariat Oslo, Norway 7th Russian Petroleum & Gas Congress/RPGC 2009 25 June 2009, Moscow, Russia

  2. Agenda The International Gas Union The Challenges Natural Gas in a low carbon perspective Conclusions

  3. IGU serves as a spokesman for the gas industry world wide World wide non–profit organisation since 1931 World Gas Conference every third year Promotes technical and economic progress of the gas industry Geopolitics and strategy higher on the agenda

  4. IGU represents around 95% of global gas sales

  5. Pedro Moraleda Spain Jeremy Bending UK Jean Schweitzer Denmark Jorge Doumanian Argentina Seiichi Uchino Japan Mohd. Farid Amin Malaysia Vladimir Yakushev Russia Vladimir Onderka Czech Rep. The organisational structure of IGU President Ernesto Lopez Anadón Argentina Secretary General Vice President Datuk Rahim Hashim Malaysia Torstein Indrebø Norway CC Chairman Roberto Brandt Argentina CC Vice Chairman Ho Sook Wah Malaysia CC Secretary Andres Kidd Argentina WOC 5 Utilisation PGC A Sustainable Development PGC B Strategy, Economics & Regulation PGC C Developing Markets PGC D LNG WOC 1 Exploration & Production WOC 2 Storage WOC 3 Transmission WOC 4 Distribution TF R&D TF Gas Market Integration Marc Florette France Helge Wolf Germany Juan Puertas Spain

  6. Visit us in Oslo! Secretariat of the International Gas Union c/o StatoilHydro

  7. The Climate Challenge 7 Energy related CO2-emisison in the Reference Scenario (Gt) Source : IEA WEO 2008 – Reference Scenario

  8. The European Union climate and energy package • 20% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2020 • 20% of energy consumption from renewables • 20% increase in energy effiency • 30% reduction in GHG emissions if global agreement in place • Climate concerns will impact energy demand

  9. TheEnergy Challenge 9 Demand for primary energiy(Mtoe) 14% Renewable 1.8% p.a. 2006-2030 1.0% p.a. 2006-2030 2.0% p.a. 2006-2030 Source : IEA WEO 2008 – Reference Scenario

  10. Agenda The International Gas Union The Challenges Natural Gas in a low carbon perspective Conclusions

  11. Plus factors of Natural Gas Low carbon dioxide releases Efficient with combined heat and power systems Use in transportation sector benefits city air quality Natural gas complements wind and solar energy Gas – part of the solution in asustainable world of energy Source: With courtesy of E.ON Ruhrgas

  12. in 1000 bcm 53 73 6 North America 8 Europe Russia Middle East Asia Pacific Region Africa 15 15 8 South and Central America Location of world proven gas reserves (180 trillion m³) Source: BP Statistical Review 2008

  13. A global gas trade is evolving

  14. IGU Strategic Statement 2008 • Message of 2008 Strategic Statement is • Gas Market Integration: A cornerstone for sustainable development • The environmental benefits of Natural Gas • The need for a shared understanding across nations and regions • The role of governments

  15. Natural gas – lowest carbon content

  16. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Source:

  17. The contribution of Natural Gas in the Climate policy 17 Power production and direct use In the transport sector Cooperation with renewable, periodical power production

  18. Flexible gas fired power in combination with renewable sources 18

  19. IGU on the Climate scene • Topics:Sustainability and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) • Strategic Statement on Sustainability • Active participation by IGU in Copenhagen • Stand and Side Events

  20. Agenda The International Gas Union The Challenges Natural Gas in a low carbon perspective Conclusions

  21. Conclusions Natural Gas is already contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Further replacement of coal and oil should be targeted. Natural Gas has a huge saving potential in the transport sector. Gas fired power production is vital to secure implementation of reneawable power production.

  22. Climate mitigation And in order to preserve the polar bear and the penguins, we also need to preserve the ice…

  23. Thank you for your attention! See you in Buenos Aires! 24rd World Gas Conference and Exhibition October 5 – 9 2009