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International Gas Union

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International Gas Union

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  1. International Gas Union Update of IGU activities Peter K. Storm Honorary Secretary General of IGU WEC Executive Assembly Mexico City, Mexico7 November 2008

  2. The IGU Secretariat Administrative Assistant Åse Nicolaysen Assistant to the Secretary General Florijana Đedović Advisor to the Secretary General Barbara A. Schmid Advisor & Webmaster Erik Gonder Senior Advisor Hans Riddervold Hosted by Secretary General Torstein Indrebø

  3. Pedro Moraleda Spain Jeremy Bending UK Jean Schweitzer Denmark Jorge Doumanian Argentina Mohd. Farid Amin Malaysia Seiichi Uchino Japan Vladimir Yakushev Russia Vladimir Onderka Czech Rep. Experts from all over the world are represented in the technical team President Ernesto Lopez Anadón Argentina Secretary General Vice President Torstein Indrebø Norway Datuk Rahim Hashim Malaysia CC Chairman Roberto Brandt Argentina CC Vice Chairman Ho Sook Wah Malaysia CC Secretary Andres Kidd Argentina WOC 5 Utilisation PGC A Sustainable Development PGC B Strategy, Economics & Regulation PGC C Developing Markets PGC D LNG WOC 1 Exploration & Production WOC 2 Storage WOC 3 Transmission WOC 4 Distribution TF R&D TF Gas Market Integration Marc Florette France Helge Wolf Germany Juan Puertas Spain

  4. Argentine Triennium 2006-2009 President Ernesto Lopez Anadón Argentina Secretary General Vice President Datuk Rahim Hashim Malaysia Torstein Indrebø Norway CC Chairman Roberto Brandt Argentina Andres Kidd Argentina CC Vice Chairman Ho Sook Wah Malaysia CC Secretary

  5. Malaysian Presidency 2009-2012 Datuk (Dr) A RAHIM b Hj Hashim President Mr HO Sook Wah Chairman Coordination Committee Mr WAN Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin Chairman National Organising Committee Ms LIZA Zahariah Head Directorate Ms UNGKU Ainon Secretary Coordination Committee Conference Services Exhibition

  6. French Presidency 2012-2015

  7. IEF- IGU First Ministerial Gas Forum “The World Gas Market going from Regional to Global” Ministers and Top Executives will participate International organisations: EU, IEA, OPEC, etc.

  8. IGU - spokesman ofthe gas industry World Gas Conferences Buenos Aires 2009 Kuala Lumpur 2012 Paris 2015 IEF- IGU IEF – IGU First Ministerial Gas Forum 2008 Organiser of IGU Research Conferences IGRC in Paris October 2008 IGRC in Korea 2011 Co-Sponsor of LNG Conferences LNG 16 in Algiers 2010 LNG 17 in Houston 2013

  9. Strategic Statement from IGU • Message of 2008 Strategic Statement is Gas Market Integration: A cornerstone for sustainable development -The environmental benefits of gas -The need for a shared understanding across nations and regions -The role of governments

  10. IGU Gas Efficiency Award 2008 40 proposals from all over the world Japanese Project: “An Economical Thermal Network Cogeneration System for Apartment Building (Neighbouring Cogeneration system)” • Author: Mr. Hideki Yamaguchi Residential Energy System Team, Energy Technology Laboratories, Osaka Gas Co. Ltd. • Co-author: Mr. Yoshinori Hisazumi, Senior Engineer Energy Technology Laboratories Osaka Gas Dutch-German Project: “A new generation of gas fired-heat pumps” • Author: Mr. Paul Vloon, Manager of the group Gas-fired heatpumps of Bosch Thermotechnik

  11. Thank you for your attention! See you in Buenos Aires! 24rd World Gas Conference and Exhibition October 5 – 9 2009