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Unit 15 Destinations New Words. complaint -- complain complain to sb.of / about(doing)sth. 对 … 发牢骚 \ 抱怨 complain that 抱怨 , 控诉 complain of sth. 诉说 ( 病痛 ) 等 make a complaint about\of sth\doing sth 抱怨 , 投诉某事 She often complains that he is dishonest.

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  • complaint -- complain

  • complain to sb.of / about(doing)sth.对…发牢骚\抱怨

  • complain that抱怨,控诉complain of sth. 诉说(病痛)等

  • make a complaint about\of sth\doing sth抱怨,投诉某事

  • She often complains that he is dishonest.

  • Many customers made complaints about the bad service the hotel offered.

  • If you keep making such loud noise at night, we will complain to the police about it.

  • He is always complaining of getting no chance of being promoted.提拔

  • The child complained to the doctor of a pain in her stomach.

  • 办公室人员经常抱怨报酬太少.

  • The office workers often complained that the pay was too low.

  • 我一看见他,他就开始抱怨坏天气.

  • The moment I saw him, he began to complain about the bad weather.

  • What was the weather like on your holiday?

  • I can’t complain.

  • 没说的,要多好有多好.

  • 你没有理由抱怨 promoted..

  • You have no cause\reason to complain\for complaint\make a complaint.

  • 他就噪音问题投诉.

  • He made a complaint about noise.

  • 这个病人说牙痛.

  • The patient complained of toothache.

  • 2. upset vt. promoted.使心烦意乱;使苦恼;使伤心

  • adj. 苦恼的;伤心的;难过的;不高兴的;

  • His strange behavior upset his father.Try not to upset yourself about losing your job

  • The passenger is upset about the poor service.

  • You look upset---- what happens?

  • I was upset to hear the bad news.

  • upset sb.

  • upset oneself about =be upset about sth.

A promoted.

  • 1.Protestors 抗议者___the meeting by singing and shouting.

  • A. upset B. attended C. held D. ignored

  • 2.他朋友的去世使他很伤心

  • His friend’s death upset him very much

  • 3.不要为考试而烦恼

  • Don’t upset yourself about the exam

  • Don’t be upset about the exam

  • 4.你不来我会很伤心的

  • I will be upset if you don’t come

  • 3. look into

  • He looked into the room and found nobody in.

  • The police will look into the matter.

  • 4. get / be tired of promoted.对…感到厌倦

  • be\get bored with\be fed up with厌倦于…对…够了\腻了

  • be bored to death极为厌倦

  • I’m tired of your conversation.

  • get\be tired with / from (doing)sth.由于…感到疲乏,劳累He was tired with / from the heavy work.

  • tire sb. out=wear sb. out 使某人筋疲力尽

  • 每个人都厌倦你的抱怨.

  • Everyone is\gets tired of your complaints.

  • 我厌倦了整天做相同的工作 promoted..

  • I am tired of doing the same work every day.

  • 在乡间走了那么远的路我们都感到累极了.

  • We were all tired with\from the long walk in the countryside.

  • 他的故事我们已经听腻了.

  • We are fed up with listening to his story.

  • Mr .Smith,____of the____speech, started to read a novel.

  • A.tired, boringB.tiring,bored

  • C.tired,boredD.tiring,boring


A promoted.

  • He is tired ___watching football match. He likes playing basketball.

  • A.of B.from C.in D.with

  • He is tired____working on the farm, so he wants to go to sleep earlier.

  • A.of B.from C.in D. at

  • Mr. Smith,___of the____speech, started to read a novel.

  • A.tired,boring B. tiring, bored

  • C. tired, bored D. tiring, boring



Cool off , shall we?

  • He has cooled off a lot towards those people

  • It cooled off after the rain fall last night.

  • Their friendship cooled off when he give up football.

  • Let’s have a drive and get cooled off

  • 5. cool off , shall we?、 cool down冷静,凉快下来

  • lose one’s cool无法自制,失态

  • keep\remain cool保持凉爽,保持冷静

  • cool one’s interest in对失去兴趣

  • Keep a cool mind保持冷静的头脑

  • calm down 镇静

  • 我们在河里游泳好凉快凉快。

  • It took Tom a long time to__________after the argument.平静下来

  • 等茶凉一些再喝。

  • 保持镇静;别失态。

We cooled down by swimming in the river.

cool off\down

Let your tea cool down before you drink it.

Keep\ramain cool;don’t lose your cool.

*guarantee a product , shall we?

*guarantee freedom of speech

7. guarantee vt.保证,确保

*The rain guarantees a good crop this year.

  • *guarantee sth. , shall we?

  • sth to sb (sb sth)

  • to do

  • that

  • sth to be

  • I guarantee the success of the show

  • My watch is guaranteed for one year

    I can’t guarantee you anything\anything to you.

  • Buying a train ticket doesn’t guarantee you a seat.

  • The headmaster guaranteed to meet all your demands.

  • I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with him at first sight.

  • I guarantee the story to be true.

  • The car is of high quality and I can____that it can keep running for at least 10 years.

  • A.sure B.guaranteeC.make sure of

  • In the storm. We must____every family___loss.

  • A. promise, byB.promise, against

  • C. guarantee, fromD.keep, for

  • Who can_____that he will keep his promise?

  • A.guarantee B.declare C.announce D.protect




  • 6. running for at least 10 years.At high altitudes of Tibet it is difficult to breathe.

  • The plane flew at an altitude of 20000 meters.

  • change one’s attitude towards…改变对…的态度

*gather information running for at least 10 years.

*gather experience

8. gather vt.&vi. 聚集,集合,收集

*Clouds gather before a thunderstorm.

*People gathered round, curious to know what was happening.

He gathered up his courage and told the truth to the teacher.

  • It’s autumn, the time when farmers begin to running for at least 10 years.gather in their crops.

  • The tour guide gathered the visitors in the hall.

  • He has collected many stamps and coins.

  • The mother_____all the children in her room, annoucing that the family would give the youngest daughter a sweet sixteen party.

  • A.collected B. gathered C.selectedD.elected


9. analyse vt. running for at least 10 years.分析

analysis n. analyses

They are analyzing the problem and trying to find a solution to it.


Lets analyse the causes of the strike.

We learn more about English grammar__________________________________通过分析句子成分

by analysing rhe parts of

the sentences

  • 10. running for at least 10 years.chat with sb.about sth.

  • have a chat with sb. about sth.

  • 我和他聊起了科幻小说。

  • I chatted with him about science fiction

出生率 running for at least 10 years.








the birth rate

a tax rate

interest rate

the high unemployment rate

at the rate\speed of

at this\that rate

at any rate

a first-rate performer\actor

  • 11. rate n.价格,费用,速度,比率

at the rate of 60 miles running for at least 10 years.

The room rates

  • The car was going ___________________.(每小时60英里)

  • ________(房价)at this hotel _______________________(从30 到50美元不等)per day.

  • Nowadays many parents do whatever they can to______________________.给孩子一流的教育

  • vt. 评定,认为,估价,值得

  • *I don’t rate this play at all.

  • *Do you rate Tom among your friends?

range from 30dollars to 50 dollars

give their children a first-rate eduation



值得 running for at least 10 years.\deserve\be worthy of


  • That joke doesn’t rate a laugh.

  • This house is rated at 5000 dollars.

  • Most people rate him highly.

  • What I have done doesn’t rate a mention

  • The house price has been shooting up._____,we won’t be able to afford a house large enough for a five-member family with little income.

  • A.In caseB.On condition that

  • C.At any rateD.At this rate


  • 值得一提


C running for at least 10 years.

  • After being trained for a month, I can read at the___of 500 words a minute.

  • A.rare B. race C. rate D. range

12. arrangement n. running for at least 10 years.安排,准备工作,整理

arrange v.安排

*Let’s make arrangements for getting there on time.

*I will arrange for somebody to meet you at the airport.

  • Every now and then running for at least 10 years.常常,不时地

  • Every now and again时而,不时地

  • At times有时,不时,偶尔

  • From time to time有时

  • Occasionally偶尔

  • Once in a while偶尔,有时

  • Once in a way偶尔,只有一次

  • Just now刚才,现在,眼下(for the time being)

  • 他时常来伦敦。

  • He came to London every now and then.

  • 不时会有一架飞机从机场起飞。 running for at least 10 years.

  • (every)Now and then a plane takes off from the airport.

  • 我只是在我有空的时候偶尔去看一下那位老太太。

  • I only visited the old lady occasionally when I was free.

  • 我不是那家店的常客,我只是偶尔到那里买东西。

  • I am not a regular customer to that shop. I shop there once in a while.

  • We get along quite well with each other though there are quarrels between us____.

  • A.now and then B. here and there C. back and forth D.up and down

  • A

  • dip vt.&vi. running for at least 10 years.浸泡,倾斜,下降,蘸

  • n. 浸泡,,洗澡,游泳,倾斜,下降

  • dip…in(to)把…浸入…

  • dip into浏览,翻阅一下,略加探究

  • go for\take\have a dip去游泳

  • She dipped her hand in the sea to find out how cold it was.

  • The road takes a dip round the corner.

  • We are going for a dip in the sea.

  • The price of the grain hasdipped while that of meat has risen.

D running for at least 10 years.

  • I have not read the book carefully. I only____it and found it a very useful one.

  • A.looked into B.turned into

  • C.got into D.dipped into

  • 他将钢笔浸泡到墨水中.

  • He dipped his pen into the ink

  • 当我进来的时候汤姆正在浏览一本书.

  • When I came in Tom was dipping into a book.

  • 鸟上下飞翔.

  • The birds rose and dipped in their flight.

  • Feast running for at least 10 years.

  • The flower exhibition was a feast for the eyes.

  • The classical music is really a feast to the ears.

  • a wedding feast

  • The king made a great feast to his minister

  • The Queen invited them to a feast

  • There are no feasts in the world which do not break up at last.

  • They feasted their guests with delicious dishes.

    8. She feasted her eyes on the beauty of the vally.

5. itch running for at least 10 years.(vi.):发痒;使痒;渴望

The insect bite itched all night.

( 发痒 )

He is itching to go to university.

( 渴望)

The pupils are itching for the lesson to end.

itch for sth./itch to do sth.

itch(n.): 痒;渴望 / 热望 / 欲望

He has been suffering from the itch for several days.

have/get an itch to travel

have an itch for knowledge



Wanderlust n
wanderlust n running for at least 10 years.漫游症

  • wander Vt, Vi 漫游

  • wanderer n. 漫游者, 流浪汉

  • He likes wandering (about/around) the countryside

  • wonder 想知道

  • I wonder if you can help me.

  • 6.stretch vt &vi spread out running for at least 10 years.;make longer/ wider

  • stretch one’s arms\legs\oneself\one’s muscles伸展臂\腿\身体\肌肉

  • stretch one’s legs 散步,走动以伸展身体

  • stretch it a bit伸展一点