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Hailey! (:

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Hailey! (:

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  1. Hailey! (: ME

  2. i was born October 27th 1997

  3. I always go to places with my family. (For family reunions) I have been to Minessota, South Dakota, Colorado(below), Iowa, ect...

  4. I have two sisters and no brothers. My dad and my mom are devorced and my dad lives in the country just outside of bennet and my mom lives right down the street from the school. While i have countless cousins on my dad's side i only have two cousins on my mom's side, Anna and Sammy. A couple times a year my grandma will have a girls weekend. Even though it is called girl's weekend a couple boys tag along.  I love my family even though they can be... well, family, but i couldn't ask for a better one. Me and my family

  5.     I love sports. I have played volleyball, basketball, softball, and I have also been in swimming. My dad also loves to play sports. He has been on two softball teams and also goes to the Bennet gym with some friends to play basketball. My dad also coaches my softball team. Me, my dad, and sports

  6. Traveling Every year i have a family reunion. One year it will be my Grandma's side, then the next will be my Grandpa's side. Also, every year i will do something with my parents. Last year, i went to Kentucky with my mom, Billy, Tori, and Jeremy. I went to Mexico to visit Ronda, Mike, and Jimmy with my dad, Stacy, Paige, Michael, and Tori. I love going places with my family but i also miss my friends when I'm gone.

  7. My favorite color is purple.  My favorite sport is softball. I love to hang out with my friends. When i am a senior i want to be on the Honor's Roll. I love to travel. The things that i like

  8. Palmyra! I can't wait to go to Palmyra Jr. High. My biggest worries are getting lost or mot knowingwhere the classses are.

  9. When i grow up i either want to be a veteranarian or a photographer. I want to be a veteranarian because i love animals, but i want to be a photographer because my Aunt Heather is a photographer, and i think she takes the best pictures ever. When i grow up...