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What is. ?. History of the company …. Ide efixe , is designed to be the first and most advanced online publication about the cultural products in Turkey. At the end of 1996 was established .

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History of the company
History of thecompany…

  • Ideefixe, is designed to be the first and most advanced online publication about the cultural products in Turkey.

  • At the end of 1996 was established.

  • Database design was completed in the first quarter of 1997andthan started the production of information.

  • Transfered about 35,000 books to the database in two years and was broadcast the trial on March 3, 1999.

History of the company1
History of thecompany…

  • The first stage of the project goal was cataloging all of the books published in our country, and was designated to open Internet users.

  • This target has been expanded according to demands of the members, and from the second half of 1999 added music and video products with their posters in the database.

History of the company2
History of the company…

  • On the one hand necessary arrangements done in the structure of the database.

  • On the other hand continued work on the structure of the appropriate site for new products.

  • By the way,idefix renewed its face with thousands of books, music and video products. Its database was growing every day andrealized of a portion of its claims put forward in January 2000.

History of the company3
History of the company…

  • In 2001, bookstore products was the biggest part of the culture products, but other types of the products like software, games, multimedia and other things adding decision was made, to the shop in Ideefixe.

  • And the new version was planned, this design was convenient to open new stores in ideefixe.

  • The site provides communication between the members,andalsoprovides fast and secure shopping.

  • Ultimately aims to deliver every products which members need.

History of the company4
History of the company…

  • At the end of 2005, there were 300,000 members.

  • Ideefixe, always aims to be affordable, fast, detailed, fun, and respectful.

  • While entering 2000, ideefixe was Turkey's biggest bookstore.

  • While entering 2001, it was Turkey’s biggest cultural products shop.

  • In 2002, began the sale of technology products, but stopped to sale them in 2007.


  • Today, thereare 5 types of shops in ideefixe.

  • Hobby-game

  • Gift

  • Education

  • Software

  • PC & PlaystationGames

  • Ideefixe is stillthebiggestculturalproductstore in Turkey.


  • There are 222 thousand members and over 80 thousand customers in ideefixe.

  • It is the best in the industry with 1500 publishing houses, more than 90 thousandbooks in library, and a database.

  • Totally 42 employees work in ideefixe.

  • Ranging from 6 to 12 people are called the customer representatives. They are trying to solve all kinds of problems of customers with phone, e-mail or fax.


  • The number of daily visitors to the site, varies between 30 and 40 thousand.

  • Shows 12 million pages per month.

Target market

  • 35 percent of its customers are women.

  • 50 percent of orders coming from Istanbul.

  • More than 60 percent of the members are university graduates.

  • 5.4 percent of sales are international order.

  • Most shopper countries Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States.


  • Location;


  • Pricing Strategy;

  • Thereareperiodicalpublishingcompaigns.

  • Accordingtothe market prices, always has appropriateprice.

  • Productvariety;

  • Selling cultural poducts is the main feature that separates ideefixe from the others. It is an archive of Turkey’s cultural treasure.


2. Ranging from 9 to 12 thousand packets out from ideefixe in a month. The average price of a package in the range between 75 to 150 TL. The price density range from 100 to 120 TL. Average of 4 or 5 items in one package.

3. There are 140 thousand different products.Mostlysellsbookand DVD.


Communication strategy,

Business to customer (B2C): The sites which their goods, ordered over the Internet and delivered to the consumer.

Supply-demand relationship is very important.

Store atmospher cs strategy

~There is no music ~Color; blue-whight

Store atmospherics

  • Thewebsitedesignfactorseffecttheperformance of a virtualstore.

  • Usability is important

  • It is easytofindwhat ever youneed.

  • Theyseparateall of thedepartmantslike, books of theweek. Theyarealsolistingbestfilms on theshowcase.

  • You can findallkinds of topicsuch as literature, academic, family, education, musicetc.

Comparison with the competitors

  • İdeefixe is thefirstcompanywhichsells online, culturalproducts of Turkey.

  • Speed, continuous service, service quality, andalsocustomersatisfactionfromtheresults of these, areamongthecriticalsuccessfactor.

  • Quality of customerrelationsanddistirubitonchannelarethestrongside of theideefixe.

  • Ordersaredeliveredwithinthe 3 days.

Pioneer ideefixe
Pioneer Ideefixe…


Turkey s reading festival began all book lovers are invited
"Turkey's Reading Festival began. All book lovers are invited."

  • Ideefixe (2 to 22 October 2004) organized the second Traditional Virtual Book Fair.

  • Atotal of 70 thousand books sold during the fair signedrecord.

  • 150 invited."publishersattended. 40 thousandbookswaspresentedtothereaders, with 25%-50% discount.

C riticism and advice
C invited."riticism and advice…


Comparison with the competitors1
Comparison invited."withthecompetitors

  • Ideefixe has a very comprehensive database.

  • There are about 90 thousand books in ideefixe.

  • Obsolete publication or out of print books can be found in ideefixe. In order to look for history of publishing, many books are being held online and up to date.

  • Journalists and academics which are searching a specific topic, are preferring ideefixe instead of physical world.

THANK YOU FOR invited."


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