DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Research and Educational Programs For HBCU/MI Broad Agency Announcement Fiscal Year 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Research and Educational Programs For HBCU/MI Broad Agency Announcement Fiscal Year 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Research and Educational Programs For HBCU/MI Broad Agency Announcement Fiscal Year 2011

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DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Research and Educational Programs For HBCU/MI Broad Agency Announcement Fiscal Year 2011

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  1. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Research and Educational Programs For HBCU/MI Broad Agency Announcement Fiscal Year 2011

  2. BAA Specifics • No: W911NF-11-R-007 • Issued by: U. S. Army Research Office on behalf of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering – Research Directorate/Basic Science • Issued: March 2011 • Proposals Due: March 25, 2011, NLT 4:00 pm EST

  3. Agency Contacts • Policy Questions • Mrs. Evelyn Kent, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, • Program Execution and Administration Questions • Ms. Peggy Lacewell, Army Research Office, • Dr. Kam Ng, Office of Navy Research, (pronounced ‘ing’) • Mr. Edward Lee, Air Force Office of Scientific Research,

  4. Program Goals • Enhance research programs and capabilities in scientific and engineering disciplines critical to the national security functions of DoD • Encourage greater participation in DoD programs and activities • Increase the number of graduates, including underrepresented minorities in STEM • Encourage research and educational collaboration with other colleges and universities

  5. Critical Information • Research Proposals are Solicited: • Technical Areas Relevant to the DoD Mission • Identified on the web sites: • • • • Specifically Areas of Scientific Interest to the Agencies • Army Research Office • Office of Naval Research • Air Force Office of Scientific Research

  6. Army Research Office Access • • Click on “Business” • Select “Broad Agency Announcements” • Select “ARO Core Broad Agency Announcement W911F-07-R-0003-04”

  7. Office of Naval Research Access • • Select “Broad Agency Announcements” • Select “11-001”

  8. Air Force Office of Scientific Research Access • • Select “Research Interest AFOSR-BAA-2011-1”

  9. Critical Information • Agency Web Sites will provide: • Detailed Information about each research topic of interest • Technical Points of Contacts (Program Managers) for each area • We encourage you to STUDY this BAA and consult PMs who are identified to explore areas of MUTUAL interest! • Disregard instructions regarding proposal preparation, content and submission requirements, focus on research topics only!

  10. The Funding Opportunity • Eligible institutions may submit up to four (4) proposals. • Research must be conducted by a single PI working within a traditional single-institution environment or as a collaborative effort with an investigator at another accredited college or university. • Collaborations are not limited to HBCU/MI • However, HBCU/MI must LEAD.

  11. The Funding Opportunity • Sub-awards are allowable • Sub-awards must not exceed 30 percent of the annual budget • Collaborations must be proposed in the proposal • Name and location of collaborating institution • Name and credentials of collaborating Investigator • Explain how the collaborator’s expertise will contribute to the research.

  12. The Funding Opportunity • Collaborating Investigator(s) should describe their support of the project • Include cost sharing, where applicable • Letter to PI should specify cost sharing • Letter must be included in the original proposal • Letter is NOT included in the page count

  13. Innovation is Encouraged! • Explore how the research will enhance the institution’s ability to develop stronger science and engineering programs • Explore how the research will attract and retain good students, expose them to state-of-the-art research • Explore how the research will enable the institution to participate more competitively in defense research programs

  14. Focus on Your Capabilities and Mutual Interest • There is not a prescribed structure for a research project • Proposals should reflect unique needs and capabilities of each institution • Consider uniqueness related to geographic location, research capabilities, facilities and equipment • Encouraged to include qualified undergraduate students, graduate students and post-docs (may compensate)

  15. Anticipated Awards • Approximately $15 in 2011, subject to availability of funds. • Approximately 25 awards anticipated, may range up to $140,000 annually for up to 3 years • Any necessary equipment or instrumentation must be budgeted in the first year; shall not exceed $200,000. • In total, a research proposal with equipment or instrumentation may value up to $620,000. • All proposals will be evaluated on technical and scientific merit as evaluated by scientists and engineers of the Agencies • All awards will be made by ARO as grants • Cost sharing or matching is not required.

  16. Eligibility • Covered institutions: • Title III or Title V of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1051 et seq.) • An accredited postsecondary minority institution • Current copy of minority certification or Title III or Title V certificate and accreditation documents must be included with the proposal. • No person in the U.S. shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination based on race, color or national origin.

  17. Submission Information • Must submit electronically through • Must have a Dun and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number • Must register with the Central Contract Agency (CCR) • Register with (800-518-4726, • Obtain approval for an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) to submit applications on behalf of the institution.

  18. Application Package • Appropriate software packages are required to view, download and complete an application package. • • Applications forms and instructions are available at • Select “Apply for Grants” • Select “Download Application Package” • Enter “CFDA No. 12.630 or the BAA Number”

  19. Additional Requirements • Must complete all mandatory forms and optional forms that are applicable • Follow the instructions on the forms, including pop-in instructions • To activate the instructions, turn on the “Help Mode” • Form must be printed in Adobe Portable Document Form (PDF) unless otherwise specified in the announcement.

  20. Format Requirements • 8.5 x 11 inch, white paper, one sided • 1 inch margins • Single spacing • Times New Roman Font, NLT 12 points, excluding mandatory forms • Page Limit: 25 pages • Project Summary/Abstract (1 page) • Project Narrative • Facilities and Other Resources • Equipment

  21. Project Summary • Concise description of proposed project • Objectives • Approaches to be used • Anticipated outcomes • Impact on capabilities of institution(s) • Impact of students • Impact of DoD mission, technical areas relevant to Agencies’ research interests • Identify lead PI, partners and other key personnel

  22. Project Summary • Provide suggested proposal reviewer information • Lead agency to evaluate the proposal (specify agency (ies) • Scientific Division(s) or Directorates (s) • Technical Area(s) • Program Officer(s)

  23. Project Narrative • Describe in detail the research to be conducted • State the objectives and approached to be used • Relationship to knowledge in the field and comparable work • Describe the nature of the anticipated results • Describe how the work will contribute to the DoD mission, specific Agency (ies)

  24. Project Narrative • Describe the facilities available to perform the research • Describe any additional facilities or equipment proposed to acquire • Describe the involvement of students; estimate and number of students directly associated with the research • Attach appropriate bibliography and list of literature citations, if applicable

  25. Equipment or Instrumentation • Provide a rationale for each item , base on quotes from manufacturers/distributors • Describe how each item will contribute to achieving the goals of the proposal • Describe how each item will interface with existing facilities or upgrade current equipment • Describe any special circumstances (installation, training); must be budgeted • Estimate useful life of the equipment • Describe plan for service and maintenance • Source(s) of funds • Required training for optimum use

  26. Budget Justification • Define the period of performance (assume a performance date to begin Dec 19, 2011) • Total cost of project • Source(s) of funding (DoD, current grants or contracts, non-federal funds • Budget must be designed by cost elements each year; a separate form for each year • Cumulative budget form for total costs

  27. Other Costs • Salaries: Labor categories, amount of time dedicated to project – based on current or projected salary and benefits • Equipment • Travel – list proposed destinations, cost estimates (sources); up to $2,500 annually per PI; special approval for foreign travel with $1,800 annually per PI • Student Support – estimate stipends, fees, health insurance, if applicable, and travel

  28. Other Direct Costs • Materials and Supplies – estimate and justify • Publication Costs – publishing and reporting results • Sub-award Costs – Describe work performed and provide detailed budget for each sub-award. • Equipment rental/User fees - estimate and justify • Other – identify and justify

  29. Indirect Costs • Overhead, General and Administrative • Provide most recent rate agreement • Provide dates of negotiations • Provide period to which the rates apply • Identify if proposed rates are provisional or fixed • Include a copy of current Indirect rate agreement

  30. Total Budget • Provide total annual costs • Total direct • Total indirect • Cost sharing or Matching (not required) • Cost summary for the entire proposal

  31. Disclosure of Lobbying Activities • Standard Form LLL , Disclosure of Lobbying Activities • Must be completed, if applicable • Applicable if any funds, other than federal appropriated funds, have been paid or will be paid to any person for influencing or attempting to influence an officer or employee of any agency, a Member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress, or an employee of a Member of Congress in connection with this BAA.

  32. Format Requirements • Form SF 424 Cover Page must be typed • forms, SF 424 Cover Page, research and related senior/key person profile(s), not to exceed 3 pages each) and eligibility page not counted in 25 pages

  33. Notices • Within 24 to 48 hours, the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) will receive a series of 2 emails from, once your proposal is submitted: 1) confirming receipt of the application, 2) validating transmission to the agency or confirming rejection due to errors. (submit early in case of submission problems) • Once the agency has confirmed receipt of the proposal, a third email will be sent. • Tracking: • The proposal is NOT considered properly received until ARO received email # 3.

  34. Evaluation Criteria • Scientific and technical merits of proposed research • Potential contributions to DoD’s mission, particularly to the research interests of the Agency (ies) • Likelihood to develop new research capabilities or enhance existing research capabilities • Broaden the research base in support of national defense • Qualifications, capabilities, experience and research accomplishments of the PI and other key personnel • Secondary Considerations: • Potential to contribute to future scientist and engineers • Impact of past, preset or proposed collaborations • Budget realism and cost effectiveness

  35. Review and Selection • Scientist and Engineers of the Agencies • Most meritorious proposals will be recommended for funding • Authority – Research Director of the ASD(R&E) Research Directorate/Basic Science Office • Awards Announced on/around October 21, 2011 at • Written notification will be emailed to all PI who submitted proposals. • DoD is not obligated to provide any funding until a Government Grants Officer signs the grant award document.

  36. Reporting Requirements • Will be included in the grant award document signed by the Grants Officer • Equipment/Instrumentation vested with the University without further obligation to the government

  37. Points of Emphasis • Outline your proposal based on this specific BAA • Do not “hide” important data! • Use “Red Teams” to review your proposals • May be internal or external • Provides honest, professional feedback • Give yourself plenty of time

  38. Questions/Answers