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record management automates human resources processes PowerPoint Presentation
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record management automates human resources processes

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record management automates human resources processes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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View this presentation to learn how human resources record management solutions can be the answer to your human resources questions and can make a difference with your existing employees as well as the employees you hope to hire in the future.

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Record Management Automates Human Resources ProcessesBy Kevin D’ArcyVice President of Sales & Marketing

human resources paperwork
Human Resources Paperwork

There are not many departments within a corporation that experience the overwhelming amount of paperwork in every aspect of their business that the human resources department experiences.

Due to this overwhelming amount of paperwork, human resources teams can find themselves spending more time handling documents than on higher level tasks.

These higher level tasks include managing time-sensitive payroll processes, finding and keeping the best employees and meeting compliance standards.

record management solutions
Record Management Solutions

High quality human resources record management solutions can be the answer to your human resources questions and can make a difference with your existing employees as well as the employees you hope to hire in the future.

It is not possible to eliminate HR paper, but high quality record management solutions can make it easier to control.

From recruiting new employees and onboarding to payroll and documents management, a quality document management system manages the HR documents and processes, so the HR team can focus on the people.

record management solutions4
Record Management Solutions

A quality record management company understands the importance of taking care of your employees and understands that these employees are vital to your organization’s success.

That is why their document management solutions integrate with your most important human resources system, including ERP applications and payroll, allowing you to get the most out of the solution you invested in.

HR processes will never slow due to missing documents or information.

human resources compliance
Human Resources: Compliance

Scanning or importing documents into record management software allows you to auto-file documents into the proper electronic folders.

This software allows for role-based security, which means only the members of the HR team who should be viewing documents are and if anything goes missing, the software will notify your team.

Retention schedules can also be established to ensure records are destroyed automatically according to the rules set by your HR team. Additionally, this software ensures employee files are accurate, complete and up-to-date making compliance easier than ever before.

human resources hiring
Human Resources: Hiring

Record management software allows recruiters and hiring managers to focus on finding talent as opposed to dealing with paperwork.

From sorting and distributing resumes and applications to the proper individuals, to scheduling job interviews, to creating and distributing correspondence, document management software handles the paperwork so your HR department does not have to.

human resources payroll
Human Resources: Payroll

Document management software integrates with your HR department’s payroll software and keeps documents in sync with data. Allowing your HR department to make and track changes easier and more quickly.

Electronic forms keep track of changes and the reason for this change and real-time reports provide fast answers.

All of which ensures your employees are properly paid which makes everyone happy.

record management company
Record Management Company

Whether you are looking to automate payroll processes, improve compliance or allow your HR department to focus on their core business tasks, record management solutions from a high quality document management company can help.

These solutions free your HR department from paperwork so they can focus on finding the best talent, improve information security, allow your HR department to automate record retention and destruction schedules and more.

Contact your local document management company to learn more about record management solutions and how they can bring control and efficiency to business process workflows.

about the author
About the Author

Kevin D'Arcy is VP of Sales and Marketing for MES Hybrid Document Systems, Ontario's leading document scanning and document management supplier. For more information about our record management solutions, visit