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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12. Thevenin, Norton and Maximum Power Transfer Theorems. Thevenin’s Theorem. Why Thevenin’s Theorem is useful. What is Thevenin’s Theorem?.

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chapter 12

Chapter 12

Thevenin, Norton and Maximum Power Transfer Theorems

thevenin s theorem
Thevenin’s Theorem
  • Why Thevenin’s Theorem is useful
what is thevenin s theorem
What is Thevenin’s Theorem?
  • Everything in the original circuit, except the load, maybe replaced by an equivalent circuit. The equivalent circuit consists of a series combination of a voltage source and a resistance.
steps to make a thevenin circuit
Steps to make a Thevenin Circuit

Write these on white board

equivalent thevenin circuit
Equivalent Thevenin Circuit

Now you can place any load in the circuit you want and the calculations are EASY!



using the thevenin theorem
Using the Thevenin Theorem

Determine VTH

Solving for VTH



VTH = VA – VB = 5V

solving for r th
Solving for RTH

What is the resistance from point a to b?




Turning Figure 12.15C into Figure 12.15D





random video of the day
Random Video of the Day
norton s theorem
Norton’s Theorem
  • Everything in the original circuit, except the load may be replaced by an equivalent circuit. The equivalent circuit consists of a parallel combination of a current source and a resistance.
what a norton circuit l ooks like
What a Norton Circuit Looks Like



Norton Current IN


norton shortcut
Norton Shortcut
  • There are a bunch of rules for how to calculate the Norton Current and Norton Resistance. However, a shortcut is to find the Thevenin Equivalent circuit and then convert it to a Norton
other circuit analysis techniques
Other Circuit Analysis Techniques
  • Besides using traditional circuit analysis using Ohm’s Law, or Superposition, Mesh Analysis, Thevenin’s Theorem, and Norton’s Theorem, there are other circuit analysis techniques. A couple include:
    • Nodal Analysis and Millman’s Theorem

Do more hw problems from back of chap 12 (9, 10, 11, or 12) if time

practice problem
Practice Problem
  • In the following circuit solve for VTH, RTH, IN, RN, IL and VL
another practice problem
Another Practice Problem

Solve for VL using traditional Ohm’s Law technique, Mesh Analysis, and Thevenin Analysis

what load resistor would you use for the following circuit to have max power transferred1
What load resistor would you use for the following circuit to have max power transferred?


What circuit analysis technique can we use to solve for this?

Thevenin’s Theorem. RTH = 5kΩ

I’ve checked this technique using Ohm’s law and it works. See following numbers:

5mW @ 5kOhm

4.94mW @ 4kOhm

4.96mW @ 6kOhm