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CEOS-WGISS-Network Subgroup Network Performance Task Team PowerPoint Presentation
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CEOS-WGISS-Network Subgroup Network Performance Task Team

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CEOS-WGISS-Network Subgroup Network Performance Task Team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CEOS-WGISS-Network Subgroup Network Performance Task Team

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  1. CEOS-WGISS-Network SubgroupNetwork Performance Task Team Andrew Germain CEOS WGISS NS-10 Sioux Falls, SD, US May 2001

  2. Daily results now online: Implemented a European test source at UNEP-Norway Connected via Nordunet -- Testing to UNEP sites, US, UK, ESRIN Improved Peering Many European networks upgraded connectivity to US NY, Chicago Abilene and CA*Net3 providing International Transit AMPATH: South and Central Americas Testing Changes: Israel: tested Nov-Dec ‘00 JRC: restarted Feb ‘01 Netherlands (KNMI): tested Sept to Nov '00 Russia: IRS-RAS tested Oct to Dec '00 Thailand: SeaStart stopped Nov ‘00, GISTDA added Oct ‘00 Note: Check Ethernet Auto-negotiation Network Performance Testing Highlights

  3. CA*NET3 ILAN MIRNET SURFnet GPN UUNet MichNet JANET MAE-E Wash DC vBNS+ Teleglobe Qwest Virtual CEOSnet - April 2001 Nairobi Bangkok SJCR Beijing Norway CAO CCRS RBnet Moscow IRE-RAS UNInet Rostelecom Israel MAFF UNEP ESRIN Milan GARR DANTE NorduNet (TEN-155) Chicago DLR DFN NY TransPAC STAR DFN IMNet NYC Geneva TAP (APAN) Swisscom KNMI NASDA EDC MSFC/UAH CONAE (Argentina) WIDE TelintAr Abilene NISN RAL AIT (Thailand) Oxford LaRC MSU START MAX UCL X UMD GISTDA GSFC Commodity ISPs PAO (Philipines) ( X BBNPlanet, Verio, etc.) DC JRC Cable & Sprintlink (Paris) Wireless SFO Miami EUmetsat France Optus Telecom JARING (Malaysia) CMA (China) INPE (Brazil) CSIRO (Australia) ANSP CNES


  5. Argentina (CONAE): Steady since July '00 Thruput about 300 kbps via Telintar (thru NY) Was 200 kbps previously (20 kbps in ‘96) Australia (CSIRO): Testing Resumed June '00 Performance 50-250 kbps until mid August '00, then 100-800 kbps Route via Optus Brazil (INPE - Sao Paolo) : Upgrade to ANSP Jan '01 NASA dedicated 64kbps circuit (IDN) discontinued Jan '01 Via ANSP (HSB): 25-1450 kbps (median 550) Was 10-650 kbps (median 25!) previously via Embratel Canada (CCRS- Ottawa): Improved Jan '01 Peaks now over 5 mbps (was about 4 mbps) -- BHM 3.4 vs. 2.9 But congestion is evident too -- daily worst now 1.7 mbps (was 2.3) Route stable -- direct peering between NISN and CA*Net3 in Chicago Site Updates

  6. China: START Regional Center -- Still down No performance testing since Aug '99 (was 18 kbps)-- resume?? Route via AT&T, satellite -- appears highly congested APAN would be better Germany: DLR (Oberpfaffenhofen): Test host unresponsive since July '99 Route via MAE-E, UUNet to NY, DFN Eumetsat (Darmstadt): Performance testing still not running -- try again? Route via KPNQwest to Darmstadt Israel: Testing resumed Nov-Dec '00: Performance 0.2 - 1.7 mbps (was 1.7 mbps steady) Route via direct peering with ILAN in Chicago Datasink stopped in Dec 00 -- will try to restart again. Site Updates (cont.)

  7. Italy (ESRIN - Frascati): Congestion Increasing BHM from GSFC dropped to 400 kbps (was 970) (55 kbps prev) Typical daily range 100-1500 kbps (was 350-1500 kbps) Route via MAX, Abilene to NY, TEN-155, GARR Also testing from Norway : Thruput 500-1300 kbps via UNInet, Nordunet, TEN-155, GARR Datasink stopped Jan '01 -- will request restart Italy (CEO/JRC - Ispra): Restarted Feb '01 BH Median decreased to about 500 kbps (was 900 Kbps); average daily peak is down to about 650 kbps (was 1700) New Route: AlterNet all the way! Reduced congestion. Malaysia (UKM): Testing stopped June '00 Thruput tested 19-20 Jan '00: 30 kbps Route via, satellite Site Updates (cont.)

  8. Japan (NASDA EOC - Hatoyama): 2 routes NASA-NASDA removed private E1 and installed private 3 mbps ATM service in Feb '00 -- for mission support only. Performance stable - typically 1.6 mbps Now using TransPAC via STAR TAP (Chicago) for Science traffic Performance stable - typically 1.15 Mbps Netherlands (KNMI): testing 12-Sept to 8-Nov '00 Route from GSFC via Abilene to SurfNet in NY Performance initially 0.9-1.8 mbps was 10-18 mbps to SurfNet Core Upgrades planned this summer -- will resume testing Russia (IRE-RAS - Moscow): Testing Oct-Dec ‘00 Current Route is via Internet -- Rostelecom in NY Other possibilities: MIRnet, or NASA dedicated circuit Performance was BHM = 75 kbps, Daily range = 13 - 30 kbps Site Updates (cont.)

  9. Russia (CAO - Moscow): SAGE III Project Route currently via NY to Rostelecom/RBnet -- Congestion increased plan to use NASA dedicated circuit Performance typically 2-76 kbps; median 18 kbps (was 41) Thailand AIT: Testing via 2 routes -- similar performance now: Abilene-TransPac-APAN: 60-204 kbps (BH median 170) Commodity Route: UUNet-Teleglobe: 15-300 kbps (median 150) Was 8-160 kbps (BH median 15) via UUNet-WorldNet: SeaStart : Testing stopped Nov '00 June-Nov 00: Median BH = 20 kbps, Typical daily peak = 100 kbps Route via Commodity Internet -> NY, then Teleglobe via satellite Serious congestion GISTDA (NRCT): Testing started Oct '00 Commodity Route: UUNet-Teleglobe-Inet 75-470 kbps (BH median 160) Site Updates (cont.)

  10. UK From GSFC: via Abilene to JAnet in NY JAnet core (London): now 8-11 Mbps was 16-23 Mbps typ NY peering reconfigured UCL: 3-5 mbps Was 600-1400 kbps via NASA dedicated E1 E1 circuit removed Oxford: 3-5.5 mbps Was 21 kbps - 3.2 mbps via commodity network RAL: 10-15 mbps From UNEP Norway: UNInet to Nordunet to TEN-155 to JAnet 655-1200 kbps Site Updates (cont.)

  11. UNEP: testing to 6 sites Norway: route from GSFC via Teleglobe, Nordunet, UNInet Performance from GSFC improved December '00 Was 25-115 kbps, now 630-2900 kbps! Began testing from Norway to UNEP and other sites Geneva: route from GSFC via BBNplanet, Swisscom, IPplus Performance from GSFC improved April '01 Was 28-435 kbps, now 19-1250 kbps! Still heavily congested From Norway: Double UNEP satellite hop! 52-113 kbps Nairobi, Bejing: via satellite from Norway Beijing: Performance improved March 10 From GSFC: Was 12-110 kbps, now 17-165 Will Start testing from Norway Nairobi: testing stopped 9 '00 -- performance was 75-500 kbps Bangkok via satellite from Geneva From GSFC improved to 15-110 kbps Apr '01 -- was 15-55 From Norway: improved to 30-100 kbps Apr '01 -- was 20-55 Costa Rica: improved to 20-160 kbps Mar '01 -- was 23-110 Site Updates (cont.)

  12. Up to the minute (daily, actually) results online: Up and running! On-line Results