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Conservation GIS network

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Conservation GIS network. Meeting #1 28 th October 2013 Castle Inn. Key themes that emerged. Collaboration for projects. Learn about each other's organisations. Conservation GIS group. A network of contacts. Mix of technical a nd social activities. Training and learning

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conservation gis network

Conservation GIS network

Meeting #1

28th October 2013

Castle Inn

key themes that emerged
Key themes that emerged...


for projects

Learn about each other's organisations

Conservation GIS group

A network of


Mix of technical



Training and


between us





what do you want for yourself
What do you want for yourself?
  • Make connections with a larger GIS user group
  • Networking/contacts
  • Better insight into the sorts of GIS uses/applications in other organisations
  • Increased awareness of applied GIS activities/innovation
  • How people use GIS and how to use GIS more efficiently
  • GIS training
  • Awareness of developments in open source e.g. FOSS4G
  • Skills in open source GIS and python coding
  • Learn new things
  • To not loose the little I know!
  • Advice
  • Discuss new approaches
  • Ideas for analysis/tools
  • Ideas for projects
  • Collaboration on projects/with other organisations
what do you want for your organisation
What do you want for your organisation?
  • A place to advertise GIS jobs
  • Contacts
  • Updates on development/growth/uses of GIS in different organisations
  • Showcase what organisations do to identify collaborations
  • Ideas for collaboration
  • Ideas for projects
  • Presentations to our students
  • Project ideas for our students
  • Improvement in spatial data quality/management for conservation e.g. like INSPIRE
  • Keep updated in new ways of analysing protected areas success
what do you want for the gis network
What do you want for the GIS network?
  • Entertainment budget
  • CCI/CCF funding
  • Workshop budget e.g. R training
  • Web-based group site (facebook/linkedin...)
  • Get in touch with people facing similar situations
  • Community of practice
  • Have fun and be nerdy!
  • Information exchange
  • Experience exchange
  • Integration with wider conservation network (yet still maintain GIS/RS ties)
  • Collaborative opportunities
  • All GIS platforms – Arc, MapInfo, QGIS
  • All scales – global and local
  • Discussion/info on open source/open data
  • Updates on new projects or data
  • Keep an eye on new tools, data, resources and share as a group
  • Teach more people about the uses (& limitations of GIS)
what activities should the network organise
What activities should the network organise?
  • Introduce challenges in GIS to discuss (same data – what can people come up with)
  • GIS workshops – techniques, policy, demos
  • Expertise sharing presentations – different topic each time
  • Project presentations & feedback sessions
  • Information exchange – coding, tips, tools, methods
  • Training sessions e.g. Python, QGIS, PostGIS
  • Training/mentoring in GIS techniques (for the partly trained)
  • Talks (internal & external)
  • Map swapping event
  • Quizzes
  • Pub nights
  • Each organisation to chair/organise
  • Keep it light & social
  • Regular meetings
any other ideas
Any other ideas?
  • A roadmap/plan to achieve goals e.g. 1 year plan
  • Develop a mission statement for the group outlining our vision
  • Regular get-togethers
  • Could split meetings – 1st half technical, 2nd half social
  • Training courses from group members
  • I’m a beginner
  • Change up the pubs, pubs on the south side!
  • No, the Castle Inn is great!
  • This event was great – more things like this
  • MORE! 