financial sustainability in ontario universities n.
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Financial Sustainability in Ontario Universities

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Financial Sustainability in Ontario Universities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial Sustainability in Ontario Universities. Trudy Pound-Curtis CAUBO Conference, Saskatoon SK June 14, 2004. Current Environment in Ontario. No Inflationary Grant Funding. Unfunded student spaces. Tuition freeze. Large growth in capacity due to double cohort.

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financial sustainability in ontario universities

Financial Sustainability in Ontario Universities

Trudy Pound-Curtis

CAUBO Conference, Saskatoon SK

June 14, 2004

current environment in ontario
Current Environment in Ontario
  • No Inflationary Grant Funding.
  • Unfunded student spaces.
  • Tuition freeze.
  • Large growth in capacity due to double cohort.
  • Growth to continue in GTA due to demographics.
current environment in ontario1
Current Environment in Ontario
  • Increasing pressures on Quality and Accountability.
  • No plan for growth in graduate enrolment.
financial sustainability a balancing act

While maintaining a high quality institution.

Financial Sustainability – A Balancing Act

Financial sustainability can only be achieved by:

  • Decreasing base expenditures
  • Increasing base revenues
  • Managing cost pressures
increasing base revenues
Increasing Base Revenues
  • Increase Government Grants
  • Funding Formula Review to ensure Equal and Full Average Funding for all students.
  • Lobby Government for Inflationary Grant Funding to ensure that Quality can be maintained.
  • Work with Government to maintain/grow Capital Funding for New Buildings and Facilities Renewal.
  • Increase in Indirect Cost of Research Funding.
increasing base revenues1
Increasing Base Revenues
  • Tuition – in the face of a tuition freeze?
  • Regulated vs Deregulated.
  • Increase Visa fees, which are not covered by the freeze?
  • Increase offerings of Professional Development or Full Cost Recovery programs?
  • Use the increased fee revenues to cross-subsidize the programs whose fees are frozen.
increasing base revenues2
Increasing Base Revenues
  • Fundraising
  • Undertake a comprehensive fundraising program to offset the increasing cost of scholarships/bursaries, faculty, research, etc.
reducing base expenditures
Reducing Base Expenditures
  • Explore different program delivery methods; i.e. Distance Learning.
  • Adjust program array to reflect the new funding reality.
  • Renegotiate collective agreement clauses that restrict course delivery methodology or that create other inefficiencies.
  • Outsource some non-core services; i.e. Janitorial/Maintenance, Postal, and Food Services.
  • Utilization of Technology – Ontario buys Program.
  • Horizontal vs Vertical cuts.
managing cost pressures
Managing Cost Pressures
  • Normal inflationary increases.
  • Compensation costs.
  • Benefits and pension costs.
  • Impact of poor investment returns and lower projected spending rates on endowments.
  • Proposed elimination of mandatory retirement.
real risks
Real Risks
  • Deterioration of institutional quality.
  • Deterioration of faculty complement.
  • Deferred maintenance.
  • Deterioration of administrative staff complement.
  • Speed of Change in Universities.
  • Gaining Consensus in a Collegial Environment.
  • Creating Attitudinal Change.
  • Strength of Collective Agreements.
  • In order to be sustainable, Universities must:
  • Get a commitment from the government on sustained full funding for all students.
  • Negotiate Capital Funding in order to sustain and renew facilities.
  • Reduce expenditures through changing the way that courses are offered and reducing the array of programs to reflect the funding environment.
  • Renegotiate collective agreements to gain the flexibility required to create efficiencies through outsourcing or other means.