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Austria. Where everything coexists in harmony. Table of Contents. History of Austria From Ostmark to Austria Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Castles Skiing and Snowboarding Hotels. History of Austria. Austria was inhabited in the Paleolithic Age(8000 BCE)

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Where everything coexists in harmony

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • History of Austria
  • From Ostmark to Austria
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Castles
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Hotels
history of austria
History of Austria
  • Austria was inhabited in the Paleolithic Age(8000 BCE)
  • Celtic people emigrated to Austria around 400 BCE
  • Romans arrived in 200 BCE and ruled Austria
  • German tribes came and took over Austria
  • In 1918, the Republic of Austria was formed
from ostmark to austria
From Ostmark to Austria
  • In 800 CE Austria was named Ostmark meaning Eastern March
  • In 996 CE Ostmark was referred to as Ostarrichi meaning the land in the East
  • Ostarrichi is the forerunner of the modern german word Osterreich, which is the german name for Austria
  • The name Austria is the latinization of Ostarrichi
wolfgang amadeus mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Born on January 27,1756 in Salzburg Austria
  • One of the most famous composers
  • His birthplace and residence is open to visitors
  • There is a Mozart Week from the end of January to beginning of February during which Mozart’s pieces are played in the Large Hall of Mozarteum by famous orchestras

There are many castles in Austria since it was ruled by a monarchy and went through the medieval times.

The most famous ones you must visit are:

  • Hofburg Palace
  • SchloßSchönbrunn
  • Castle Hohensalzburg
skiing and snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding

Austria, being a country situated in the Alps, is a great location to go skiing and snowboarding.

  • It has:
  • The best ski schools in the world, with lessons available in English
  • Fluffy snow and warmer temperatures than snowy mountains in North America
  • Cheaper Prices than North American Ski Trips

Hotels in Austria vary greatly in their design, prices, and services.

However, at the Austrian Ostrich Hotel, we’ve got everything.

Whether you’re looking for contemporary designed or old fashioned furniture, simplicity or luxury, economical prices or 5 star rooms, we’ve got your prefect room and the best services.

austrian food
Austrian Food


It’s Viennese breaded fried chicken. It dates back to the 18th century when it was served to the upper class.

Salzburg Nockerls

These cakes are lightly baked with icing sugar on to resemble the mountains of Salzburg.

contact us
Contact Us

Austrian Ostrich Travel Agency

Call 111-000-1100 for more information