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Process of Data entry in Budget Proformae. Outline. General Instructions Proforma – A:Receipts Proforma – B1:Expenditure Non Plan Proforma – B2:Expenditure Plan Proformae – B3,B4 :Expenditure for New Schemes

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Process of Data entry in



  • General Instructions

  • Proforma – A:Receipts

  • Proforma– B1:Expenditure Non Plan

  • Proforma – B2:Expenditure Plan

  • Proformae– B3,B4 :Expenditure for New Schemes

  • Proforma– C: Furnishing information on Physical Targets and Achievements

  • Proforma – D: FORM D-7,Statement of Assets

  • Proforma – E:FORM D-8, Tax Revenues Raised but not Realized

  • Proforma – F:FORM D-9, Statement of Miscellaneous liabilities:Outstanding

  • Proforma– G: for Furnishing of Budget Estimates for Minor Works and Major Works

General Instructions

  • Fill all amounts in thousands only.

  • Accounts 2012-13 are provided in conformity with A.G Accounts.

  • B.E 2013-14 & R.E 2013-14 values are displayed against each Head of Account.

  • Fill the proposed amounts for B.E 2014-15.

  • Justification shall be given for all estimates.

Proforma – A:Receipts

  • Select your Department’s receipts Head.

  • Estimate actual Receipts of the department.

  • User charges – Proposals under User charges must be as per the specific sanction for respective Department for collecting User Charges

Proforma – B1:Expenditure Non Plan

  • Salary – Shall include normal increment ,additional D.A installments to be sanctioned in year 2012-13 and in 2013-14 and other allowances like HRA,CCA ,encashment of earned leave etc.

  • Non Salary- Observe economy. No increases under Non Salary.

    • 130134-hiring of private vehicles and 300 - Other Contractual services as per sanctions.(Actual Number *rate)

    • 140 – Rents, Rates & Taxes as per actuals

    • 130133 – Water & Electricity charges as per actuals

  • Maintenance – Roads and Irrigation as per 13th F.C norms.

    • Buildings and Other Works may be repeated.

Proforma – B1:Expenditure Non Plan

  • Subsidies &Other Grants – Calculation sheets shall be furnished for any increases proposed in R.E 2013-14 and B.E 2014-15.

    • No Non salary Grants to Urban Local Bodies

  • Interest payments &Loan Repayments – Actual amounts required for payment of interest and principal shall be proposed with details of each loan.

  • Make provisions for 10th schedule Institutions of A.P. Reorganisation Act 2014.

    • 100% provision for Institutions located in AP

    • 58.32% provision for Institutions located in Telangana

Proforma – B2:Expenditure Plan

  • Propose estimates under Plan separately under each Group Subhead I.e. EAP,F.C,RIDF,NSP, Centrally Assisted State Plan and AIBP etc based on the nature of each Plan scheme being implemented by the HOD.

  • Proposals for works shall be based on Administrative Sanctions, Financial Sanctions and Progress of Work.

Proforma – B3 & B4 :Expenditure Non Plan and Plan for New Schemes

  • Don’t add new Schemes to be sanctioned.

  • Ensure for making full provision in the next year’s Budget for the new schemes sanctioned during course of the current Financial year.


  • Furnish information for each scheme and activity being implemented by HOD in terms of specific units.

  • This information shall be in conformity with information to be presented to the House in their respective Departmental out come Budgets.

Proforma AND ACHIEVEMENTS – D, FORM D-7:Statement of Assets

  • Required under FRBM Rules,2006

  • Assets above the threshold value of Rupees two lakh only to be recorded.

  • Reporting year refers to the second year preceding the year for which the annual financial statement and demands for grants are presented.

  • The Statement in respect of physical assets is to be prepared based on asset register maintained by the Government. The value to be indicated would be book-value, i.e.acquisitioncost netted for depreciation/impairment.


  • Required under FRBM Rules,2006.

  • Reporting year refers to the second year preceding the year for which the annual financial statement and demands for grants are presented.

  • Pertain to Major Tax earning Departments.

Proforma – F, FORM D-9, Statement of Miscellaneous Liabilities: Outstanding

  • Required under FRBM Rules,2006.

  • Pertains to Works Departments.

  • The outstanding amount pertains to the end-March position for the year before the current year .

Proforma – G, for Furnishing of Budget Estimates for Minor Works and Major Works

  • Furnish information on Minor Works and Major Works as per Proforma.

  • Pertains to Works Departments.

BUDGET 2014-15 Works and Major Works

User Interface Screens

Instructions for Data Entry Works and Major Works

  • Only HOD Offices needs to enter the data in this portal.

  • All HODs are requested to obtain information from their subordinate offices and submit a consolidated proposal through On-Line Portal in the prescribed format.

  • Data can be saved at any point of time and any number of times.

  • Once data entry is completed by HOD offices, they can send the data to Concerned Secretariat Department by using Final Submission. If any Performa is not applicable please mark as ‘Not Applicable’.

  • Once Final Submission is done, HOD Offices Can not modify the data. Services will be disabled.

Instructions for Data Entry Works and Major Works

  • Printouts in excel and word Can be taken at any time.

  • Secretariat Departments can review the proposals sent by HODs. They can modify the data and submits to Finance Department.

  • Once Final Submission is done by Secretariat Department, data will be freezed and sent to Finance Department for Further process.

  • Secretariat Departments can also take print outs at any time.

THANK YOU Works and Major Works