Factors affecting food choices
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Factors Affecting Food Choices. Unit 4 HUM-FNW-3: Analyze factors that influence food choices and quality of diet. Psychology is how your thoughts and feeling affect your behavior. How you feel and think about food affects your choices.

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Factors affecting food choices

Factors Affecting Food Choices

Unit 4

HUM-FNW-3: Analyze factors that influence food choices and quality of diet.

Psychological factors

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors cont

  • Odors and events can affect your food choices as well. behavior.

  • Odor is a key part of flavor.

  • Odors trigger more memories than any other of the senses.

  • Odors can trigger good and bad memories and affect your like and dislikes of certain foods.

  • Food can appeal to the senses and still meet nutritional requirements.

Psychological Factors CONT.

Emotional factors

  • Have you ever been an emotional eater? behavior.

    • When Your Sad

    • Celebrating or Happy

  • Most people eat partly because they enjoy eating.

  • Underweight- may not eat because they are sad or lonely

  • Overweight – may eat to much because they find comfort in foods they like

Emotional factors

Physical factors

  • Energy from food is needed for you to move your muscles.

    • Ex: Walking & Climbing

  • Substances from food helps to build and repair tissue in our body.

  • Physical Factors

    Physical factors cont

    • Food meets maintain vital function. two basic physical needs

      • Eases Hunger

        2. It can affect the overall state of your health

        EX: Eating processes foods instead of natural foods.

    Physical Factors CONT

    Agriculture and environmental factors

    • Environment maintain vital function. refers to the interrelated factors as air, water, soil, mineral resources, plants and animals that ultimately affect the survival of life on earth.

    • Agriculture use of knowledge and skills to tend soil, grow crops, and raise livestock.

    Agriculture and Environmental Factors

    Agriculture and environmental factors1

    • Sustainability maintain vital function. – practices that are productive and profitable while still caring for the environment.

    • In the US regional agriculture doesn’t affect the availability like it does the cost.

      • The less miles it has to travel the less it cost us.

      • Severe weather like floods, droughts and damage of crops can also in affect the cost of foods.

    Agriculture and Environmental Factors

    Agriculture and environmental factors2

    • In regions of the world foods choices are limited due to their location

    • It might cost to much have foods that are not in the region transported to the area.

    • The people may be limited to only foods and livestock grown in that area due to lack of resources (money, economic development).

    Agriculture and Environmental Factors

    Economic factors

    • Basic economic concept is their locationsupply and demand.

      • Consumers are willing to pay for a product and producers will provide it.

    • In some countries people may not have enough food to feed themselves but have rare commodity items (coffee, sugar & cacoa bean)and so the land is used to grow these items instead of needed food for the area. The money then goes to wealthy landowners.

      • The poor farmers who raise the crops don’t have enough money to get themselves out of poverty.

    Economic Factors

    Economic factors cont

    • Low income families can’t afford to by good seed to grow needed nutritious foods.

    • Can’t afford fertilizers and pesticides that will increase the crops yield.

    • Don’t own modern farm equipment.

    • Limited education can affect the yield of their crops as well.

      • May be using outdated methods that reduce yields.

    Economic Factors CONT.